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Dec 1, 2013

TopTeamComps - Strong/Fun Team Champion Picks for 5 Man Teams


Hey guys, just noticed that the Top Team Comp section is starting to get a bulky, so rather than making you guys scroll through all the pages to get to the one you want, I spent some time creating this index page instead!

I'll also start updating a page with "ideal" blind pick team comps for you tryhards that want to stomp some other premade 5s teams.

If you prefer the old way of browsing the team comps, it's still available at this location.

Top Team Comps Index

Season 9 Team Comps:
#106: Tankslayer Comp (Jan 15, 2018): Vayne, Malzahar, Brand, Amumu, Teemo

Season 8 Team Comps:
#105: Smoke and Mirrors Comp (Dec 18, 2018): Kai'Sa, Neeko, Pyke, Shaco, Akali
#104: Speed Gates Comp (Nov 20, 2018): Lucian, Anivia, Bard, Udyr, Sion
#103: Back to Your Roots Comp (Nov 5, 2018): Jhin, Lux, Morgana, Maokai, Illaoi
#102: Caged Missile Launch Comp (Oct 23, 2018): Miss Fortune, Ziggs, Veigar, Jarvan, Yorick
#101: Massive Proxy Comp (Oct 2, 2018): Ezreal, Kassadin, Tahm Kench, Rammus, Singed
#100: Quadruple Wombo Combo + Jinx (Sep 25, 2018): Jinx, Malphite, Morgana, Jarvan IV, Kennen
#99: Unstoppable Juggernaut (Sep 18, 2018): Kai'Sa, Lulu, Karma, Rammus, Darius
#98: Million Miles Away Sniper Comp (Sep 11, 2018): Jhin, Lux, Xerath, Nidalee, Gangplank
#97: Dark Lightning Strike Comp (Sep 4, 2018): Kai'Sa, Galio, Taric, Nocturne, Kled
#96: In Yo Face Comp (Apr 17, 2018): Kai'Sa, Zed, Alistar, Kayn, Malphite
#95: Unstoppable Run Down (Mar 20, 2018): Xayah, Vladimir, Sion, Olaf, Irelia
#94: AOE Kite Comp (Mar 13, 2018): Varus, Aurelion Sol, Brand, Nunu, Singed
#93: Tanks for the Win! (Mar 7, 2018): Vayne, Vladimir, Alistar, Nunu, Urgot
#92: Protect the Kog'Maw (Jan 30, 2018): Kog'Maw, Lulu, Janna, Nunu, Shen
#91: Roaming Gank Comp (Jan 23, 2018): Ezreal, Aurelion Sol, Alistar, Evelynn, Sion
#90: Massive Mixed Damage Comp (Jan 16, 2018): Twitch, Orianna, Alistar, Evelynn, Illaoi
#89: Aggressive Crowd-Control Unkillable Comp (Jan 9, 2018): Varus, Taliyah, Taric, Sejuani, Kled
#88: Shooting Range Turtle Comp (Jan 2, 2018): Jhin, Anivia, Xerath, Shaco, Heimerdinger
#87: Kleptofever (Nov 14, 2017): Ezreal, Gangplank, Sona, Maokai, Yasuo

Season 7 Team Comps:
#86: Optimal Kayle + Master Yi Comp (July 11, 2017): Jinx, Anivia, Soraka, Master Yi, Kayle
#85: Patch 7.10 Powerhouse Comp (May 30, 2017): Caitlyn, Orianna, Rakan, Zac, Riven
#84: Map Control Kite Comp (May 16, 2017): Xayah, Kassadin, Maokai, Shaco, Jayce
#83: Jump On It (Apr 25, 2017): Tristana, Yasuo, Rakan, Galio, Malphite
#82: Summoned Power Comp (Feb 28, 2017): Caitlyn, Annie, Shaco, Ivern, Mordekaiser
#81: Season 7 Speed Boost Comp (Feb 21, 2017): Sivir, Karma, Blitzcrank, Warwick, Kled
#80: BOOM Outta Nowhere Comp (Feb 8, 2017): Jhin, Twisted Fate, Sion, Nocturne, Shen

Season 6 Team Comps:
#79: Bush Masters Unite! (Oct 12, 2016): Caitlyn, Teemo, Ivern, Nidalee, Rengar
#78: Massive Army Comp (Jul 5, 2016): Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Zyra, Malzahar, Illaoi
#77: Season 6 Wall Slam Comp (Jun 14, 2016): Vayne, Anivia, Taliyah, Jarvan IV, Gnar
#76: Sight Denial Comp (Feb 23, 2016): Graves, Lux, Tahm Kench, Nocturne, Quinn
#75: Anti-AD Comp (Feb 3, 2015): Ezreal, Quinn, Taric, Rammus, Malphite

Season 5 Team Comps:

#74: Disengage Isolation Comp (Dec 15, 2015): Urgot, Anivia, Janna, Gragas, Poppy
#73: Super Mega Heal Comp (Dec 2, 2015): Varus, Sona, Soraka, Nidalee, Dr. Mundo
#72: In & Out Comp (Nov 11, 2015): Kalista, Leblanc, Lee Sin, Ekko, Zed
#71: Season 5 Manly Dive Comp (Oct 21, 2015): Mordekaiser, Pantheon, Braum, Gragas, Jarvan IV
#70: Lane Swap Speed Push Comp (Oct 7, 2015): Sion, Tristana, Janna, Jarvan IV, Heimerdinger
#69: Death Denying Protect-the-Vayne (Sept 30, 2015): Vayne, Lulu, Soraka, Warwick, Darius
#68: Zone Control Comp (Sept 22, 2015): Jinx, Veigar, Thresh, Nunu, Gangplank
#67: Juggernaut Comp (Sept 2, 2015): Mordekaiser, Cho'Gath, Nautilus, Skarner, Garen
#66: Terrain Altering Comp (Aug 25, 2015): Ashe, Azir, Anivia, Jarvan IV, Trundle
#65: Late Game Comp (Aug 12, 2015): Vayne, Veigar, Thresh, Mordekaiser, Nasus
#64: Underdog Jungle Invade Comp (Aug 5, 2015): Twitch, Pantheon, Nunu, Elise, Shyvana
#63: Wall Slam Comp (July 29, 2015): Vayne, Anivia, Nautilus, Jarvan IV, Gnar
#62: Egotistical Bully Overload (July 21, 2015): Draven, Azir, Alistar, Vi, Dr. Mundo
#61: Nasus Dream Team (July 15, 2015): Sivir, Lulu, Morgana, Jarvan IV, Nasus
#60: Ladies Night Out (July 8, 2015): Ashe, Lux, Morgana, Nidalee, Riven
#59: We R So Pro - Season 5 (June 30, 2015): Lucian, Azir, Thresh, Lee Sin, Ekko
#58: Explosive Camp Bait Comp (June 24, 2015): Teemo, Nidalee, Zyra, Shaco, Heimerdinger
#57: Kha'splat Comp (June 16, 2015): Graves, Orianna, Vel'Koz, Kha'Zix, Malphite
#56: Time Warp Composition (June 10, 2015): Sivir, Zilean, Bard, Hecarim, Ekko
#55: Season 5: Pure Damage Comp: (June 3, 2015): Graves, Talon, Brand, Evelynn, Akali
#54: Season 5 Knockup Comp: (May 26, 2015): Kalista, Yasuo, Braum, Vi, Malphite
#53: Damage Amplification Comp: (May 19, 2015): Corki, Karthus, Taric, Amumu, Vladimir
#52: Season 5 Dunkmaster Comp: (May 12, 2015): Kalista, Orianna, Alistar, Garen, Darius
#51: Damage Over Time Comp (May 5, 2015): Twitch, Malzahar, Brand, Nautilus, Swain
#50: Announced Ambush Comp (Apr 28, 2015): Twitch, Twisted Fate, Sion, Nocturne, Rek'Sai
#49: Tankslayer Comp (Apr 21, 2015): Vayne, Kog'Maw, Brand, Amumu, Poppy
#48: Meatsack Comp (Apr 14, 2015): Urgot, Swain, Nautilus, Volibear, Maokai
#47: Season 5: Global Team Comp (Apr. 7, 2015): Ashe, Twisted Fate, Pantheon, Nocturne, Sion
#46: Season 5: Plants and Zombies Comp (Mar. 31, 2015): Kog'Maw, Karthus, Zyra, Zac, Sion
#45: Season 5 Chokepoint Comp (Mar. 24, 2015): Jinx, Viktor, Braum, Sejuani, Rumble
#44: Hit and Run (Run and Hit?) (Mar. 17, 2015): Lucian, Leblanc, Karma, Amumu, Hecarim
#43: Season 5 Initiation Comp (Mar 10, 2015): Sivir, Ahri, Annie, Hecarim, Kennen
#42: Invulnerability Comp (Mar. 3, 2015): Kalista, Lissandra, Kayle, Poppy, Vladimir
#41: Anti-Dive Damage Comp (Feb 24, 2015): Jinx, Heimerdinger, Zyra, Wukong, Fiora

Season 4 Team Comps
#40: Sniper Comp v2 (Nov 28, 2014): Jayce, Xerath, Fiddlesticks, Caitlyn, Vel'koz
#39: The Pain Train (Oct 17, 2014): Gnar, Orianna, Sion, Sivir, Vel'koz
#38: Zhonyas Misdirect Comp (Aug 17, 2014): Rumble, Swain, Fiddlesticks, Miss Fortune, Morgana
#37: Yasuo's Fantasy Comp (Feb 1, 2014): Wukong, Yasuo, Vi, Draven, Alistar
#36: Season 4 Permaslow Comp (Dec 17, 2013): Dr. Mundo, Karma, Olaf, Jinx, Leona
#35: Ideal Preseason 4 Blind Pick 5 Man Team (Dec 1, 2013): Shyvana, Swain, Jarvan IV, Sivir, Taric
#34: Flashy Big Play Comp (Nov 29, 2013): Riven, Ahri, Lee Sin, Ezreal, Leona
#33: Invisible Explosion Comp (Nov 19, 2013): Jarvan IV, Orianna, Shaco, Sivir, Lulu

Season 3 Team Comps
#32: Dive Comp Version 2.0 (Sep 25, 2013): Aatrox, Ahri, Zac, Tristana, Leona
#31: Turnaround Comp (Aug 3, 2013): Fiora, Cassiopeia, Fiddlesticks, Varus, Sona
#30: Balanced Poke/Initiation Comp (Jun 24, 2013): Jayce, Kassadin, Nautilus, Ezreal Janna
#29: A Song of Fire and Ice (May 16, 2013): Wukong, Zyra, Sejuani, Ezreal, Sona
#28: Undead Zombie Comp (Apr 16, 2013): Yorick, Karthus, Zac, Kog'Maw, Zyra
#27: Hidden ADC Snowball Comp (Feb 16, 2013): Jax, Katarina, Nocturne, Twitch, Sona
#26: League of Bearded Men (Jan 20, 2012): Olaf, Gragas, Maokai, Graves, Gangplank
#25: Balanced Kite and Engagement Comp (Jan 12, 2013): Singed, Lux, Amumu, Ashe, Janna
#24: I Get the Reset?! (Dec 31, 2012): Darius, Katarina, Kha'Zix, Tristana, Alistar
#23: Gotta Go Fast! (Dec 30, 2012): Jayce, Orianna, Hecarim, Sivir, Nunu
#22: Chokepoint Comp (Dec 25, 2012): Jarvan IV, Lux, Cho'Gath, Ezreal, Leona
#21: CC Lock Comp (Dec 22, 2012): Malphite, Zyra, Amumu, Ashe, Leona
#20: The Unstoppable Team (Dec 19, 2012): Yorick, Mordekaiser, Olaf, Sivir, Alistar
#19: Black Cleaver Comp (Dec 14, 2012): Riven, Talon, Pantheon, Corki, Taric
#18: Geometrical Limiting Displacement Comp (Dec 7, 2012): Karthus, Anivia, Trundle, Ezreal, Jarvan
#17: You've Actived My Trap Card! (Dec 5, 2012): Teemo, Nidalee, Shaco, Caitlyn, Zyra
#16: Tower Diving Man-Mode Comp (Dec 3, 2012): Pantheon, Diana, Shyvana, Tristana, Blitzcrank
#15: Hot Potato Comp (Nov 29, 2012): Singed, Gragas, Vayne,. Alistar, Volibear
#14 Invisible Nonsense Comp (Nov 28, 2012): Rengar, Akali, Twitch, Alistar, Evelynn
#13: Sniper Comp (Nov 27, 2012): Jayce, Lux, Caitlyn, Taric, Lee Sin
#12: Split Push Comp (Nov 26, 2012): Nidalee, Twisted Fate, Graves, Soraka, Shen
#11: The Dunking Comp (Nov 23, 2012): Darius, Master Yi, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Jarvan IV

Season 2 Team Comps
#10: The Shield Comp (Oct 27, 2012): Riven, Orianna, Lee Sin, Janna, Sivir
#9: The ASPD Debuff Comp (Aug 28, 2012): Malphite, Gragas, Lee Sin, Nunu, Ezreal
#8: The Support Comp (Aug 13, 2012): Soraka, Janna, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Lulu
#7: The Chase Comp July 24, 2012: Riven, Kassadin, Lee Sin, Blitzcrank, Ezreal
#6: Alternative AOE Comp (July 22, 2012): Jarvan, Galio, Malphite, Nunu, Graves
#5: The Vayne Comp (July 19, 2012): Yorick, Zilean, Nunu, Janna, Vayne
#4: The Global Comp (July 18, 2012): Shen, Twisted Fate, Nocturne, Janna, Ashe
#3: Poke Comp (Jul 17, 2012): Karthus, Nidalee, Malphite, Kog'maw, Soraka
#2: 20 Minute Win or Bust (Jan 25, 2012): Leblanc, Pantheon, Leona, Jarvan, Shaco
#1: Balanced AOE Comp (Jan 18/12): Morgana, Gangplank, Sivir, Sona, Malphite

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  1. I'd like to see a Knock Back team comp… Syndra, Alistar, Lee Sin Tristana Jayce

  2. The "Cant Touch This" Team comp.
    Fizz Mid lane, Elise in the Jungle, Sivir Adc, Kayle support and for top lane we can throw in a Jax because dodge is funny.

  3. SpiffySpacemanApril 09, 2014

    I want more team comps and i wish you would post more in general because all your stuff is so awesome thanks for having a great site

  4. TheMasterofRavens .April 25, 2014

    Poke Comp Season 4:
    Nida mid, jinx adc, morg supp, xin jgl, mundo top.

  5. We need more!! xD

  6. SSJSuntasticMay 03, 2014

    Okay okay let me think...

  7. Azerax53May 03, 2014

    the "UNKILLABLE" team
    Top lane - Zac Jungle - Aatrox mid - Anivia ADC - Kog'maw Support - Zilean all with guardian angels will destroy everyone

  8. Dan DankertJune 01, 2014

    New AOE comp. Top: Wukong Mid: Orianna Jungle: Shyvanna Support: Leona Adc: Ezreal.

    Chain reaction of ults does too much damage with too much cc.

  9. Blaz3Blu3June 06, 2014

    Wukong top, Jarvan jungle, Ziggs mid, Varus adc and Zyra supp.
    they all ult at the same time then the other team is good as dead

  10. mirkkuffsJune 09, 2014

    The "Spinning Top" team comp.
    Katarina mid, Garen top, Janna support, wukong jungle, twitch adc. All of these champions spin (atleast) 360°

  11. AOE comp

  12. Freezing Comp : Trunde (top), Lissandra (mid), Sejuani (jungle), Ashe (adc), Braum (supp).

  13. Pedro Takato GarcĂ­aJune 25, 2014

    more like Freljord Comp :D

  14. switch out ezreal with miss fortune for better results ;)

  15. Bryan GoggJuly 09, 2014

    Yasuo's dream comp doesn't have Malphite?

  16. Unkillable Shield comp: Kayle (top), Morgana (mid), Braum (support), Jarvan IV (Jung), Graves (ADC) I played this with a xin jung and a siv adc omg its op, 1 for 5 trades at the worst lol.

  17. Hi,

    Any update about this Team Comp? I found it very helpful not only in the team match 5vs5 but even in the solo/duo queue

    For example now we are playing with this setting (with some change if needed during the team selection)

    Amumu (jung)
    Kog'Maw (adc)
    Braum (sup)
    Ziggs (mid)
    Pantheon (top)

    With this setting we have tank (Amumu and Braum). CC with Amumu, Braum and Pantheon, damage and map control with Ziggs and Pantheon Ulti.

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    Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Cheers

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  19. dinglemandAugust 14, 2014

    Will you please keep making top team comps :)

  20. Xin GravesAugust 25, 2014

    One of my favourite comps that I "arranged" (as, I'm certain someone's done it, by now) is called 3 Queens. Top-Trundle (alt. Tryn, Nunu) Jungle-Sejuani, Mid-Lissandra, ADC-Ashe, Support-Braum (alt Nunu).
    A primarily team fighting comp, 3 Queens focusses on stalling out the laning phase until all members are 6, then forcing objectives and, consequentially, team fights. That's where they REALLY shine. Sejuani is key. While Lissandra claws her way to the back line for the enemy carry, Sejuani freezes the front line with Glacial Prison. If Nunu is Support, this is when he starts his ult. If Braum is Support, he holds his ult to disengage or reengage as needed while Ashe and Sejuani tear into the front line and Lissandra attacks the back. Trundle actually has two different roles depending on the enemy's strength. He can either join the team and help peel for Ashe while weakening the enemy tank or, during team fights, he can be split pushing. Thoughts?

  21. Had an Idea for an AoE Armor shred team comp.

    Top Lane- Yasou; normally not thought of as a top laner but with his armor penetration from his ult he does well against top lane tanks and bruisers, he can sustain well and has very strong dueling potential. Yasou should be picked first, one to ensure the enemy team doesnt, and two because they will assume he will be the mid laner and will attempt to counter pick him in the mid lane.

    Mid Lane- Talon; With his build involving so much armor shred and penetration tanks and bruisers mean nothing to him, he has strong AoE damage and can duel well on his own as well as having few common picked counters. Talon should not be picked until the enemy team first picks their mid laner so as not to get counter picked

    Marksman- Miss Fortune; Miss fortune brings her huge AoE bullet time, an ult that can apply all five stacks of black cleaver to the entire enemy team at once, leaving yasou and talon with even more damage allowing them to deal almost true damage with their abilities.

    Support- Annie; the one AP champion on the team, built with ROA and Rylais to give her some health while increasing her damage substantially. Even after her nerfs her tibbers stun engage is a huge threat, especially with a team that can capitalize so well on a well placed tibbers. In lane a charged stun means the opponants will play more passively allowing MF to gain easy farm.

    Jungle- Wukong; The champion that brings all the rest together. The wombo combo between Wukong and Yasou is legendary, but add in the AoE armor shred from his black cleaver ult for talon and MF as well as the huge lockdown to force them to stay inside MFs ult for the for duration

    With this team you have a total AoE knock-up/stun duration of 3.75 seconds with MFs ult only lasting for 2 seconds of that. This gives talon a huge amount of time to safely wreak havoc on a priority target and ensure that they do not survive the wombo combo. The comp has huge burst damage with Talon, Yasou, and Annie, great sustained damage with MF, Yasou, and Wukong, great mobility on all the champions but Annie and great amounts of peal for the ADC.

    The counter to this team would be life after death champions, Karthus mid, who can continue to deal damage even after dying, Aatrox top who will be able to come back after the initial burst and most abilities are still on CD, Tank Zac jungle who could not only possibly life through the wombo combo but get back up after dying, Zyra, who can put down her ult and interrupt the combo and enter zhonyas for safety, and caitlyn/ trist adc who can stay far enough away from the fight to be outside the AoE.

  22. perma stun. just to mess with other team

  23. Twitch? And "atleast" isn't a word. It's "at least."

  24. Mundo isn't as strong a poker as say, Jayce. Also, Jinx isn't a stronger poker than Ezreal or Caitlyn. Xin isn't a poker, but I guess he can be used as a disengager.

  25. Anthony TyreOctober 02, 2014

    How about Shaco Jungle, Heimer mid, Zyra Support, Jinx ADC, Pantheon Top
    Turrets, Jack-in-the-Box, Plants, Grenades, ULT = Hell

  26. Chuck FlorrisOctober 10, 2014

    replace panth with teemo

  27. Chuck FlorrisOctober 10, 2014

    More comps ftw

  28. Here's one:

    Aahtrox top
    Orianna mid
    Wukong jungle
    Leona support
    Jinx adc

    Once aahtrox dives on lets say 3 team members, each one of them instantly ult making it an unsurvivable 3 for 0 situation. Also, they do have quite strong lanes and really high sustain, aswell as enormous burst dmg

  29. you need a blitzcrank to pull them into the trap, ap shaco blitzcrank botlane no adc. its makable and more a troll comp but with enough ward clear you can win this.

  30. Nathaniel LeungNovember 01, 2014

    Blitzcrank, Teemo, Shaco, Heimer, Zyra. Blitz pulls. FUCK I HIT A SHROOM FUCK IM FEARED FUCK IM DEAD <3

  31. Josh ThurlowNovember 03, 2014

    Why are there so many comps that include Sivir?

  32. Josh ThurlowNovember 03, 2014

    imo Jarvan or Xin Zhao would fit better top. Probably Jarvan. His Q shreds armor, Cleaver is almost a must on him, and he brings another front liner in.

  33. Duncan StackonisNovember 24, 2014

    Team Comps do rely on more than just useful abilities.. But If used properly, these comps can be awful to go against. Here is another, Twitch adc, Teemo Top, Singed support, Brand Mid, and Cassopiea mid. Thats a "very toxic" comp, especially with Lians Torment.

  34. thats a super annoying team right there.

  35. 2 mid seriously?

  36. sivir is one of the few adc who can engage a team fight and also when you have a movementspeed orientated team sivir fits in prefectly

  37. Elshan AslanovJanuary 03, 2015

    How about this? I call it the BOP Comp:

    Malphite Top
    Wuking Jungle
    Orianna Mid
    Jinx Adc
    Braum Support

    5 aoe ults, 4 ways to engage. Good luck surviving a team fight against this team :3

  38. Naughty NautilusJanuary 21, 2015

    True damage comp?
    Ahri, Vayne, Irelia, and Yi.
    Played a game with that comp except we had Udyr jungle instead of Yi, but we pretty much melted their Mundo.

  39. GOTTAGOFAST Teamcomp:
    Rammus Jungle
    Janna/Sona Support
    Sivir Adc
    Karma Mid
    Reksai Top

    The most mobile teamcomp ever.

  40. True leaguerFebruary 07, 2015

    Do they have Mf,Amumu,sona,katarina, and wukong

  41. A better version of movement speed oriented comp:

    JUNGLE: Hecarim
    SUPPORT: Sona/Zilean
    ADC: Sivir
    MID: Karma
    TOP: Shen

  42. You should def have a yasuo mid instead of ori.

  43. Top - Malphite
    Mid - Orianna
    Jungle - Amumu
    ADC - Kalista
    Support - Leona

    One of the hardest and most aggressive teams I have fought in a long time. With their multiple ways to engage a fight it became almost nstantly clear from the get go that we would have to play passive as one team fight in the mid to late game always turned into an objective. Ontop of that they had constant ward and team fight pressure which turned everything into a reactionary play. We only ended up winning because of a misplay by the enemy Orianna. However, for Season 5 I'd have to say this was the most challenging team I've seen so far. And considering how they had so many different engagement options after level 6 and the suffocating feeling it gave us before every team fight, I think a good name for this team comp would be called, "Open Game." A referral to chess where many different variations, attacks and positions can be employed at different moments of the game.

  44. I suppose that could work, but personally feel having Ori would be better as she adds pressure even before the teamfight has begun.
    I have tried this comp and I played mid as Ori and I managed to engage myself rather than waiting for Wu or Malph to do it at times, they just make it harder to live ;)
    Yasuo would be a back-up I suppose, it's all personal interest.

  45. Jesus RamirezMarch 01, 2015

    I've got a team comp that is snowballer OP, as the AoE and the CC it has its incredibly high, it's this:

    Rumble-Top (CC with his E and his Equalizer is a great disengage, AoE, plus he can be APtanky)
    Amumu-Jungle (CC and AoE, plus tanky he can be ad or ap, np)
    Lissandra-Mid (this is a secure choice, banning the ap gods on mid: annie and leblanc, plus the ad assasain are really popular now on, is a real wise and secure choice, her W has cc and her ulti on a mid or carry is an instakill on teamfights)
    Ashe-Adc ´(with all the adcs being nerfed she is a wise choice now with a good support plus her ult with this CC team comp can be an instakiller)
    And here is the discussion:
    *Morgana-Sup(her Q and ult gives this team too much cc that can be unkillable, despite of having a leona on bot she can counter any other support)
    *Janna-Sup( she is incredibly useful to disengage in case of the team cc doesnt work and they can reengage any time plus her heal, a LOT of sustain in tf, i love her)

    I use this team comp and its unbeateable is my elobooster and y has gotten me ouf of silver
    if you wanna go hostile pick the morgana, if you wanna go defensive pick the janna... PIECE OF CAKE!!

  46. Jesus RamirezMarch 01, 2015

    As janna sup you can easy disengage this teamcom, I guess an Amumu would be more usefull on the team comp cause he has an AoE stun

  47. Jesus RamirezMarch 01, 2015

    ahri kiss casio, amumu comes from jungle, rumble from top, instakill plus dragon, red and blue, GGeasy Brand and Cassio staying back.. very countereable

  48. Defiance of Nature

    TOP: Rumble
    MID: Anivia(/Karthus)
    JUNGLE: Amumu/Wukong/Nautilus/Cho'Gath (/Jarvan IV)
    ADC: Varus/Kalista/Ashe
    SUPPORT: Braum/Leona/Zyra/Morgana

    This team is weak to early invades and loses most pre-3 trades in all lanes. Soon, though, all three lanes will start to bully, and any ganked lane should be able to nab a kill and snowball due to high CC.

    Late game, the team has great picks as long as two teammates are present. But this team really shines in large fights. First, they can either engage directly with the help of the jungler or support, or they can bait a fight with a strategic pick. Then, AoE CC is applied consecutively, with Anivia placing her ice wall at the enemy's back and her ult just in front of it. Rumble should ult in the same place, or just in front of the wall, and peel off any enemy who tries to jump on the carries. The rest of the team is variable and should focus un hitting as many of the enemies as possible (ADC with Runaan's, Braum/Nautilus with Righteous Glory, etc).

    Alternatively, the mid laner could be Karthus and the jungler Jarvan. The team will function similarly, except Karthus needs to wind up in the middle of Jarvan's Cataclysm during teamfights with his MR-shredding wall and Rumble's The Equalizer on top of him.

    This team comp requires someone to build an Abyssal Scepter. Threats to this comp are champions with high mobility, such as Riven, Nidalee, Akali, and Kassadin. These champs need to be locked down first, so a Cho'Gath with Feral Scream might come in handy.

  49. Camilo LizarazoMay 01, 2015

    sokka :3

  50. Aikawa KosukeMay 10, 2015

    I wouldn't say most mobile =/ 80% of the team can't move through jungle walls without burning flash...

  51. I have a really good team comp not sure if you have this one but is the, "Wait till late game comp". Champions such as vayne an nasus who have their insane late game, stuff like that.
    For example-
    Top- Nasus- +6 +6 +6 and at one point one shot.
    Mid laner- kassadin even tho he got nerfed he still f***'s bitches late game.
    Jungle- Either Master Yi aka master yeet or Vi just cause their insane damage and split push.
    Adc- We all know this... VAYNE. Her three autos and a q kill with another OP auto can kill mid laner so quick.
    For a weird support i would say veigar he stuns you die but for a real support i say Morgana or thresh.
    I am not sure if there is a comp like this but if their is nto use this one :))

  52. AscendantKingMay 23, 2015

    1v5 Penta Team Composition

    Top Lane: Riven

    Jungle: Master Yi

    Mid: Katarina

    Support: Annie

    Marksman: Jinx/Vayne

  53. what about a wall stun comp
    anivia mid
    jarvan jungle
    poppy top
    vayne adc
    allistar sup

  54. What about the tank destroying comp?

    Top: Cho'gath (Ult)
    Mid: Brand (cuz of aoe burn and low health damage)
    Jng: Trundle (Ulti and slows)
    Sup: Naut (cc and DoT)
    ADC: Vayne (tank deleter)

  55. Peter PanJune 19, 2015

    Early destroy team.
    Top: Lee Sin
    Jungle: Shaco
    Mid: Maybe Kata?
    Sup: Karma
    ADC: Graves or Urgot

  56. I am GrootJune 28, 2015

    Beyblade comp :3
    Top: Darius/Garen
    Jg: Wukong
    Mid: Katarina
    Adc: Draven?
    Support: Janna

    Fire comp
    Top: Shyvana
    Jg: Firefang Warwick
    Mid: Brand

    Supp: Annie

    Stealth comp
    Top: Teemo/Rengar
    Jg: Shaco/Evelynn/Kha'zix
    Mid: Akali
    Adc: Vayne/Twitch

    Top: Malphite/ Cho'Gath
    Jg: Jarvan IV
    Mid: Leblanc
    Adc: Thresh (ADC) <-- Works
    Supp: Morgana/ Blitzcrank

  57. Wombo Compo
    Orianna - mid
    Yasuo - top
    Malphite - jungle
    Miss Fortune/Jinx - adc
    Leona - support

    in teamfights: Orianna ult, malphite ult, then leona and adc ult if there are any survivors
    plus, it looks really fucking cool

  58. SmoothliteJuly 06, 2015

    Troll Comp :
    Top : Teemo
    Jungle : Shaco
    Mid : Heimerdinger
    Bot : Blitzcrank and Tresh

  59. Really Good Teamfight Comp we beat higher elo's
    Master Yi-Jung
    malphite engages easly annie burst down targets and kayle protects master, and master and lucian provides dps

  60. MappleSirupJuly 17, 2015

    Infinite Scaling Comp :
    TOP : Nasus
    JUNGLE : Sion
    MID : Veigar
    ADC : Jinx
    SUPPORT : Thresh

  61. Trash HologramJuly 21, 2015

    Super Frustrating Rage-quit Highlander team comp:

    TOP: Aatrox
    JUNGLER; Zac
    MID: Anivia
    ADC: Sivir
    SUPPORT: Zilean

    TIPS: everybody needs to by a Guardian Angel.
    OTHER: Kayle (jungler) and Tryndamere (Top) if you want more immortality.

  62. Trash HologramJuly 21, 2015

    Trap Team for Trap Users:

    TOP: Teemo
    JUNGLER: Shaco
    MID: Nidalee
    ADC: Caitlyn
    SUPPORT: Zyra

    All the bush are yours now. GG.

  63. Petetaa ManspergerJuly 22, 2015

    All your bush are belong to us.

  64. SamuraiJack360July 23, 2015

    Full tank team comp:

    Top: Rumble/ Maokai (Engage, Great Teamfighting, Have both dmg and Tankiness)
    Jungle: Gragas (Good Ganks, 12 % Max hp dmg on W, Good Clear)
    Mid: Chogath (Strong ap scaling, Can build Tanky Ap, With peel = Almost impossible to kill late game)
    Adc: Urgot (Strong Mid Game, W sheild is really strong, Long Range Damage)
    Sup: Thresh (Good Roams, Hook Support = Good for Urgot, Initiate teamfights/ Peel for team)

    Early game: Play safe and get to power spikes. Get early objectives such as dragon, scuttle control, and towers if you can. At around 20-25 min mark each champion will get his power spike (Rumble finish zhonya's, Sorcs, Liandrys, Gragas Cinderhulk, Merc, Righteous, Chogath Morello, Merc, Zhonya/ Abyssal, Urgot Manamune, Mercs, Cleaver) and you should begin to group up for towers and dragons.

    Mid game: Play for teamfights and take objectives as a team. If you get to the mid game without falling behind you will become unstoppable. Your team will do so much damage and never take any damage from the enemy team. The later the game goes the more unstoppable your team becomes.

    Late Game: Your team will pretty much be an unstoppable group of tanks that cannot be killed because they will tank everything and anything. You have insane seige power and cc with Cho, The zoning power of a rumble ulti, the single target priority of Urgot's e + q, The cc and teamfight potential of Gragas, and the peel of thresh. Pretty much an unstoppable team composition from mid - late game if you do not fall behind.


Feel free to comment or leave a message :)