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Jul 22, 2012

Top Team Comps #6: Alternative AOE Comp


PLAYING the same overpowered heroes time and time again can get a little boring. Kennen's battle cry starts sounding more and more like a squeaky mouse, Morgana's sigh isn't sexy anymore, and Amumu gets a little whiny.

You love a good instapentakill with AOE though, so what do you do? It's time to switch it up a bit with a new lineup!

Top: Jarvan
Mid: Galio
Jungle: Malphite
Support: Nunu
AD Carry: Graves

May switch top and jungle if need be.

This team composition focuses around powerful initiation and strong AOEs. You've got knockups, slows, taunts, and arenas, which means that many of your CCs are impossible to use quicksilver sash to break out of. It also features a lot of potential for some "wombo combos" with Jarvan and Nunu. Simply permaslow someone with Nunu, and as soon as Jarvan throws his ultimate up, start channeling your ult as you watch them struggle in vain to survive the deadly frost.

This team composition also features very powerful initiation with Malphite and Galio, and of course  the Demacian powerhouse we know as Jarvan.

Each component of the team is also very powerful in lane, and offers the ability to counter enemy champions, especially in blind-pick. There are few things worse than entering blind pick with your favorite AP champion only to realize Galio is mid with too much MR to touch.

Another great feature of this team composition is its peeling ability, even if you aren't using all your CCs to initiate, each of these heroes has great peeling ability to keep your Graves alive. (Even Graves, because he's OP)

This team composition is a little prone to CC breakers such as Udyr in bear stance, which will immediately make Galio and Nunu very sad puppies.

Its damage may also be a little on the lower side if Graves dies, but that's what all the CC is for!

This team composition also requires a bit of coordination to use effectively. Stacking your CCs diminishes the power of this team composition tremendously, so it would be beneficial to be on teamspeak or Skype.

This theam composition is essentially the new FOTM version of the Morgana Kennen combo (although that combo is still very strong). However, it requires some more skill to use just because of the aiming requirement. It's also more prone to CC taking the fun out, but at the same time the team is much tankier and can survive despite not having the perfect stun lock in place.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. I'd change graves for varus :P

  2. Kennen mid vladimir top nunu bot fiddle jungle and graves bot is better

  3. why not amumu jungle? his aoe stun is the range of gallio and nunu as well as making it easier for them to get their ults off


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