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Aug 13, 2012

Top Team Comps #8: The Support Comp


SUPPORTS are supports because of the utility they offer, usually in the form of sustains and shields. They make otherwise straightforward kills deceptively impossible. More and more supports are becoming "viable" picks in different positions simply because of the fact that people are realizing how strong they are.

Top: Soraka
Mid: Janna
Jungle: Alistar
Support: Blitzcrank
AD Carry: Lulu

For this one team comp, I put "suggested lineup" since there are a TON of ways you can work with an all support comp. This is just a baseline for you to start out.

Taric, Sona, and Nunu are also perfectly viable in a bunch of different positions.

If for some reason all the other supports aren't available, Karma *is* also available.

The one position that will give you the most trouble is the AD carry position. Lulu is probably the best, but Sona is a good second option with her power chord cancelling. Janna is also a possibility.

No matter which supports you decide to use on your team, you'll definitely have a HUGE amount of CCs and various utility spells at your disposal. This means that you'll have a large variety of options when it comes to teamfighting, and with good coordination, can lock down an entire team indefinitely.

If you go with mostly healing based supports, you'll also have insane sustain and decent poke with Janna + Lulu.

Obviously, with this much utility at your disposal, your damage may seem lower in comparison with other heroes, especially late game. However, with a team like this you'll almost certainly see some amazing "clutch saves" since...everyone on the team has the potential to do it!

On the other hand, an important thing with this team is to not stack your clutch saves or you'll end up stumbling over each other.

This team is severely annoying to play against just because of the amount of CC and healing power at their disposal. It's not quite as radical as it might have been a year ago, but it's still fun to run once in a while in a 5 man pre-made blind pick and laughing at the results.

In a competitive environment it's limiting though, mostly because of the fact that your AD carry won't be as strong as the enemy's AD carry late game.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. Why not top taric and mid soraka? taric get no love from you =[ is it the pink fuzzy boots?

  2. adc thresh? adc thresh


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