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May 12, 2015

Top Team Comps #52: Season 5 Dunkmaster Comp

With the sudden influx in Jungle Garen lately, this seems like an excellent time to revisit the Dunk Comp with some new faces to the group. Replacing Dunkmaster Yi is Orianna as another set-up artist, and with Season 5's ever so popular Kalista, the dunk comp now has an AD carry to work with as well.

Team Composition Score Card
AOE Damage: B
Crowd Control: B
Difficulty (1-5, 5 is hardest): 4
Diving Power: A
Dueling Power: A
Initiation: A
Poke Power: B
Pushing Power: B
Sustain: A
Synergy: S
Waveclear: B

Early Game: S
Mid Game: A
Late Game: B

S = Amazing!, A = Good, B = Average, C = Below Average, F = Bad


With the sudden influx in Jungle Garen lately, this seems like an excellent time to revisit the Dunk Comp with some new faces to the group. Replacing Dunkmaster Yi is Orianna as another set-up artist, and with Season 5's ever so popular Kalista, the dunk comp now has an AD carry to work with as well.


Kalista [Marksman] - With her strong sustained damage, she synergizes well with Alistar for perfect double knock-up set-ups mid game and also carries extremely hard early to mid game with strong trading power and excellent mobility. Late game this team is a bit lacking in peel, so her above average sustain build and dodging power work well with the rest of the team.

Orianna [AP Mid] - Utilizing Alistar as her personal ball delivery system, Orianna can easily execute wombo combos onto the team combined with Kalista's knockup. As an added bonus, her speed boost also synergizes very well with Garen, who will want some extra oomph to close the gap late game.

Alistar [Support] - The perfect balance of sustain and initiation, Alistar's major weakness has always been the difficulty in landing his combo and allowing his team to follow up. However, when combined with Kalista's ultimate, he no longer needs to rely on his headbutt and/or flash pulverize combo to get into the middle of the fight and dish out the pain.

Garen [Jungler] - A somewhat flavor of the month jungler right now, Garen jungle is actually fairly balanced, especially with the new introduction of the revised Black Cleaver. His ganks may not have the same type of CC that other laners have, but he has no problems closing the gap early game and can definitely be an effective ganker by way of pure damage.

Darius [Top Laner] - Dunkmaster Darius is the keystone of the Dunkmaster comp, and definitely needs the Dunkmaster skin in order to complete the team. With the amount of set-up that this team has, Darius (and Garen) can easily pick up kills and in Darius' case, resets for the quadradunk (we all know Garen's going to steal at least one).

Key Concepts

  • This team relies heavily on the CC combo that Alistar and Orianna provides, whereas the rest of the team will focus on simply providing damage.
  • Garen can build tank with Black Cleaver, whereas Darius can focus on more damage, especially Hydra.
  • Most of this team is composed of KS masters, so pentakills are unlikely unless your team really plans for it.


To counter this team, a well balanced team with plenty of range and death denying abilities works well to avoid getting picked off too quickily while CCed.

Here's an example team that may succeed:
  • Lulu [Mid] - Excellent poke and death deny, Lulu also performs well versus Orianna.
  • Gragas [Jungle] - Using his strong damage reduction skills and powerful ultimate, he can survive through the initial burst and make sure the dangerous enemy carries can't follow up during the initial CC.
  • Kennen [Top] - Sporting high range and poke, Kennen is a hard counter for Darius, and also sports enough melee ranged CC to keep Garen and Darius from doing any heavy follow up.
  • Sona [Support] - In order to beat Alistar's powerful sustain in lane,few champions do better than Sona. Her ranged abilities and strong AOE CC can also help prevent that all powerful wombo combo from landing.
  • Vayne [ADC] - As a champion with decent self-peel and the ability to take down this team's tanks (especially during Alistar ultimate), Vayne is an excellent ADC to bring to this team composition, especially with the amount of protection she has around her.

What do you think about this team composition? Got ways to improve on it? Better ways to beat it? Comment below!

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  1. "Pow-Pow"May 12, 2015

    Even if Garen is a new niche jungler, Vi is still the "dunk" jungler IMO. she even tells Jayce to get dunked when she ults him.

  2. Dazed and DeadMay 12, 2015

    J4 as well. :\

  3. Bronzie753May 12, 2015

    Garen flavor of the month ? Never thought I'd live to see this ! Gotta go and try it !

  4. MellowthreatMay 13, 2015

    Just go play dunk-squad from youtube...

  5. MellowthreatMay 13, 2015

    Anyone who's ever watched "Dunk Squad" knows the real comp...

  6. Allen GeorgeMay 13, 2015

    Lost 98 LP in S5 tonight every game had two or more lanes feed at least 5 kills by 10 minutes. Then lost a 6th and 7th game in unranked even though I got S and S- in those games as ADC. I need some help from someone with learning how to win when every team feeds that you play on from pre 2 mins.

  7. Burned SenpaiMay 13, 2015

    On which server do you play?

  8. MrVoyeurMay 13, 2015

    Just play champions that can easily carry. Tanks in particular in this meta but not necessarily. ADC is very bad role to carry with in silver ( i learned the hard way ). The best in my opinion is a good mage or a tank.

  9. Even in Gold and lower Plat ADC is not the role to carry with. Right now, toplane and jungle are most capable of carrying a game, either by being a tank/tanky bruiser themselves or by destroying the enemie's tank completely

  10. Dazed and DeadMay 13, 2015

    Well. Then I am screwed ;_;.

  11. I just climbed from Bronze to Gold using Fiddlesticks and Maokai in the jungle.

  12. I honestly think Jayce should be in this comp cuz he be dunking with his q all day. Same with Vi like remove garen jungle i rather you put that in like the commando team comp or something.

  13. There is one way, I usually result to taking dragon the second it is up and i just splitpush to the max.

  14. but Tristana and Kha'zix D: the reset dunks. Next you could have the Drunk squad with Gragas/Jax/Singed.... Kog'Maw adc? I dunno lol

  15. Dazed and DeadMay 13, 2015

    Mafia Jinx?

    Kog mid.
    Singed top.
    Jax Jung.
    Jinx and Gragas bot D:

  16. The DoctorMay 13, 2015

    If youre B5, then theres not much you can do unless you become so good you can carry everyone, or you wait till S6. If yiure B2/B1 you can still carry easilier. In silver, noone will feed 10 kills in 5 minites, so thats hard. If youre gold, go and get your eyesight checked pls :D

  17. Maybe a juke/mind-game based comp could be fun when Echo's released, I'm thinkin' it could be something like this
    Echo Top
    Zed or Leblanc Mid
    Bard Support
    And I dunno what for the jungle and adc roles, just thowin an idea out there is all

  18. Dazed and DeadMay 14, 2015

    LeBlanc ADC and Shaco Jungle?


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