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Apr 16, 2013

Top Team Comps #28: Undead Zombie Comp

Chinese Grim Reaper Karthus
Death is only the beginning...for those of you who think simply killing a champion is enough, think again with this team comp. Smack one down and they'll still come back to deal more damage. Check it out below!

Top: Yorick
Mid: Karthus
Jungle: Zac
AD Carry: Kog'Maw
Support: Zyra
- Tanky Mid-Game
- Strong Poke
- Strong Disruption
- Strong AOE
- Monsterous Late-game
- Somewhat squishy champions
- Several champions are skillshot oriented

The strategy for this team composition isn't particularly hard to execute. Each team member can hold their own while alive, and even after dying the enemy team will still have to watch out for their special abilities. This isn't to say you should just die willy-nilly, but by utilizing good Karthus placement and Yorick ults, it will be very difficult to take down this high damage, high-survivability team late game. Even if your team doesn't do too well early to mid-game, it's still very possible to come back with the amount of CC and damage this team puts out.

The counter-strategy here is to counterpick the enemy team as hard as you can. You need to shut this team down early and split-push like maniacs. Their champions are squishy one on one, but if you end up in a teamfight it will be difficult to finish them all off unless your team has some incredible AOE on your side as well.

  • Against Karthus I suggest some champions like Pantheon or Akali.
  • Bot lane a good Draven + Leona lane can shut them down.
  • Cho'gath does relatively well against Yorick

Overall though, it's a very strong team-composition and the "zombie" bonus just adds to its terror. Be sure to win your lane or face some difficult teamfights later on.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. Usually, I would think that Thresh can protect Kog'Maw better, but that's just my opinion.
    For an even more "zombie" team, why not pick Zilean. XD

  2. SSJSuntasticApril 17, 2013

    He's not scary >:[

  3. how is a bomb throwing, time rewinding, reviving terrorist not scary?

  4. Low or inexistant CC ? The more CC you got the more Kog can do his job well!

  5. Not a comp for me :( i feel on all the caster AP i got, Khartus is the hardest to play on lvl of 1v1 sometime when i just try and try to play him and get him more...its like he has no way to 1v1 most champions mid except if Khartus expert :(

  6. I almost never complain about grammar, but I legit can't understand you.

  7. Anivia can be substituted for karthus if you want, although Anivia isn't as scary. Don't forget to buy Guardian Angels to make the enemy team even more angry. Also... revive + teleport? Or is that too trolly?

  8. It actually is quite easy, despite his English not being the best; he is outing his concerns about (his) Karthus' laning phase as he believes only people who know Karthus really well can win their lanes. :)

  9. Gangplank StyleApril 17, 2013

    "Not a comp for me. :( Among all the AP casters I have, Karthus is the hardest to play 1v1. Sometimes I try to play him and understand him more, but it's like he has no way to 1v1 most champions mid unless the Karthus player is an expert."

    Ok, I think this is what you mean. You are probably right, you can't 1v1 with Karthus at all. You'll need to just farm up and hope for the best or call for your jungler to assist. Even then you probably won't kill your lane opponent. Karthus is good at AOE, and global utility with his ult.

  10. Thanks sir for being tolerant!
    Sorry to the others for not doing an effort on my grammar and stuff im just having lack of practice i guess... plus working really hard lately (early shift like 4-5 weeks in row). but i totally agree with you all my post is kinda fked up! :)
    For the topic i think most of the people agreed with my point which make me feel less alone. :) Thanks!
    Some people think Anivia is the hardest.

  11. Oh, i get what hes saying now. Ok, yea i agree that karthus can be really hard to learn and duel with. I was terrible with karthus until my friend taught me how to use the q properly.

  12. Budimir NikocApril 22, 2013
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  13. The trick to playing Karthus is to be very conservative and to stay aware of your enemies' cooldowns. Also need good general map awareness, use wards more than normal because Karthus is really vulnerable to ganks and keep an eye out for requiem chances.


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