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Dec 17, 2013

Top Team Comps #36: Season 4 Permaslow Comp

There a lot of characters with great slowing capabilities, but here's a great Season 4 team composition that really emphasizes taking down large, tanky chamions with few or no gap closers other than sheer speed, like Dr. Mundo, Singed, and Udyr.
Top: Dr. Mundo
Mid: Karma
Jungle: Olaf
AD Carry: Jinx
Support: Leona
- Strong chasing power
- Excellent roaming comp
- Extremely tanky
- Tower dives with ease
- Great waveclear
- Damage can be low
- Limited initiation
- Needs to win lanes
- Low "hard" CC

Overall Strength: Strong
Difficulty to Counter: Medium
Difficulty to Execute: Medium
Fear Potential: Somewhat Scary
As this team has limited engagement options, Olaf should focus on snowballing bot lane since Leona will likely be your main diver. In terms of tanking or peel, I suggest putting Mundo on peel duty if the enemy is tanky, and Olaf if the enemy is using assassins.

While Ashe/Janna might be a more suitable "permaslow" theme combination, I find that this team has enough CC to focus more on Jinx's amazing damage output and snowball potential as well as Leona's diving ability as an initiation method.

Karma synergizes well with the team due to her built in Shurelias, and can create openings to catch enemy champions out of position as well.

Overall, make sure that your team carries a healthy stash of pink wards, since the greatest asset of this team composition depends on its roaming and pushing capabilities.

To beat this team involves a mix of being careful early game, and an extremely healthy supply of wards. Champions with high mobility and escapes do well against this team composition, and boots of swiftness are amazing providing they aren't snowballed too far ahead.

Here's a sample team that would do well:

Top: Shyvana - To beat an obnoxious split pushing manaless top laner you need another of the same...
Mid: Malzahar - This one is a personal favorite of mine. with Liandry, Rylai, and his pool, he can put an extremely heavy hurting to large tanky champions and is a great counter to split pushes.
Jungle: Lee Sin - With Olaf in the jungle, you need someone who can fight back during a counterjungle and also has enough escapes/gap closers to move around the insane amount of slows.
AD Carry: Sivir - Can't go wrong with Sivir...
Support: Zyra - Her plants give you the ability to kite effectively, and the amount of CC she brings is also extremely valuable against a chase based team like this.

Overall, this counter team is very strong as well, and has more versatility as a whole. However, the original team composition is way more fun :)

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one or counter it? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. Sejuani has lower damage output compare to Olaf with around the same tankiness (ofc sacrificed with Olaf Ult but its not a ult to use for damage it's more an element of surprise it's wise decision call :))

  2. Michael ThompsonDecember 18, 2013

    For the counter, I would use Lucian instead of Sivir. The reason is that Lucian can cleanse the slow with his dash. Certainly Sivir is an amazing choice, but Lucian is much more able to get himself out of danger without popping his ultimate. Additionally, he has nice chasing power with his E. He will also be suited to destroying the tanky champs armor if he invests in Black Cleaver and when he uses his ultimate. Between that and Blade of the Ruined King, Lucian will tear the front line apart if the back line can't be reached.

  3. Rafael A. PereiraDecember 18, 2013

    You could try Anivia instead Karma on mid and Trundle instead Olaf on the jungle..

  4. I would substitute Sivir for Jinx, Thresh for Leona, and either Orianna, Vlad, Ziggs, or Lissandra for Karma.

    Sivir makes more sense than Jinx because of the synergy of her ult with a chase/kite comp, and she is still able to snowball as well if not better than Jinx. Plus, with the lack of hard cc on the team, her spellshield gets her out of a sticky situation when her teammates can't effectively peel for her.

    Thresh just has much more slowing capability than Leona, and also has the utility of the lantern, allowing teammates that are behind to catch up or teammates that are caught to get out.

    Karma makes sense with the team comp, but as you point out the team might lack damage. Orianna, Vlad, Ziggs, and Lissandra all bring more damage to the table, and since you have the Sivir ult you can sacrifice Karma's free Shurelias for some more damage. Orianna and Lissandra are probably the best chasers/kiters from that group, but Vlad and Ziggs are good as well.

    That's just my two cents :P

  5. FullmetalfuryDecember 18, 2013

    Sivir has no slow

  6. Yea, ur right, but I feel she fits with the comp better. The whole point of being a permaslow comp is to be able to chase and kite, correct? Her ult allows her to do this, and because her team lacks hard CC to peel for her the spellshield is worth a lot more on the ADC than having another slow imo.

  7. (strandedon)thewrongbeachDecember 18, 2013

    What about making a team comp for Yasuo

  8. SSJSuntasticDecember 19, 2013

    That's an interesting idea, might think about that one.

  9. Bernardo Panerai RauppDecember 19, 2013

    The link to this team comp is wrong in this menu:

  10. FullmetalfuryDecember 19, 2013

    You are right on that account, Sivir would be a better adc in this case, However just pointing out that it is season 4 permaslow composition

  11. (strandedon)thewrongbeachDecember 20, 2013

    I hope you do so. I was watching the Wings stream where they build a team for yasuo with malphite (him) and lulu and the enemy team couldn't do much on teafights

  12. I would substitute Karma for Anivia.

  13. Brian MackenzieJanuary 16, 2014

    My team has been considering trying comp consisting of Shen, Vi, Viktor, Ashe, and Nami. In teamfights, Shen could be splitpushing, then ult to vi as she ults onto the enemy ad carry, Ashe could use her stun, and nami would wave to help the rest of the team catch up, and hopefully catch them all by surprise.


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