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Dec 7, 2012

Top Team Comps #18: Geometrical Limiting Displacement Composition

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GEOMETRICAL Limiting Displacement Composition ("GLD") or ("Geolidisplaco") for short.

What is it?

The purpose of this composition is to either pin enemy (and/or allied heroes) to whatever wall you wish, whether it be a turret, an objective area, or a simple ramp. This team is a bit old school running double AP, but as long as your Karthus can handle his lane, it's still very powerful.

If he can't, there's plenty of trolling opportunities to be had.
Top: Karthus
Mid: Anivia
Jungle: Trundle
AD Carry: Ezreal
Support: Jarvan
- Strong AOE damage
- Amazing CC
- Ridiculously powerful late game
- Amazing waveclear/turtling ability

- Weak Support/Jungler
- Karthus top is easily ganked
- Depends on team coordination
- Weak early game
- No sustain
As you can see here by popular demand I've gone real deep with the theme this time by tossing in support Jarvan. Hope you guys appreciate this.

In order to fully utilize this team composition, the most important "pillars" for the team are Trundle (see what I did there?) and Anivia, who have the ability to displace not only the enemy team, but your own as well.

As a result, it's important for you your team to avoid doing this:
(unless it's your Anivia on the outside of course)

This is why your AD carry is King Ezreal, to prevent such tragedies from escalating.

Meanwhile, a combination of Karthus and Anivia walls will allow your team to completely disrupt the enemy team's formations at will, especially late game when both are at maximum levels.

Jarvan's cataclysm will also allow for strong engages onto isolated enemy champions and give your team the ability to tear them apart while they run in circles helplessly.

This team's main strength lies in its late game power to disrupt, which means you may have to turtle for a while before seeing a good opportunity to lay down all your walls.

  • Camp Karthus until he cries and don't get counterganked. 
  • Pick a highly sustainable support and an AD carry with decent autoattacking range.
  • Win early and don't let them get to late game. 
  • Don't stand in bad things. (WOW TM)
If you're lucky, maybe they'll rage at each other and start pillaring/walling their own allies in; then everyone's having fun :)

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. Patrick MartinApril 07, 2013

    Jungle j4. He is incredibly strong right now and can continue to game early and often.

    Top rumble. A very strong top right now. He can use his ultimate to pin a team or use it on the poor caught enemy's in j4s ultimate.

    Mid anivia. So much synergy with j4. She is also a safe mid pick because of her egg passive.

    Ad carry miss fortune or ad carry twitch. Both of these have an ult you can abuse when the enemy is pinned by JARVAN and completely melt an enemy team.

    Support Leona or support zyra. Both can be major lockdowns during laning phase as well as having ultimate a that can synergyze with Jarvan.


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