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Jul 24, 2012

Top Team Comps #7: The Chase Comp


EPIC chases and epic getaways are always a blast to watch. The versatility and flexibility of certain champions like Lee Sin make it even more epic. What if you had 5 of them all on the same team though? EPICBONANZA?!

Top: Riven
Mid: Kassadin
Jungle: Lee Sin
Support: Blitzcrank
AD Carry: Ezreal

Everybody on this team has more chasing potential than almost every other hero in the game. Placing Lee Sin on this team also gives him more choices than ever before, and it's nearly impossible to escape this team no matter the circumstances.

Another strength of this team goes in the opposite direction. This team can pretty much escape anything you throw at them, and chances are you'll be chasing for a very long time if you plan on catching any one of them.

Slows are pretty much useless against this team, which makes junglers like Skarner highly ineffective, and junglers like Udyr will have a terrible time, especially post 6 after Kassadin gets riftwalk.

Because of the nature of this team, each of these heroes snowballs very hard if they start getting ahead, and can easily start the ball rolling for other lanes, leading to a very demoralizing roaming gank force.

This team composition is mostly very squishy, especially if Lee Sin can't get some good early ganks off. It's also lacking in strong AOE, which makes it much more skill based than other teams, and thus needs good coordination to focus down targets.

In terms of initiation, this team will be extremely reliant on Blitzcrank's grabs in a 5v5 stalemate mid, unless Lee Sin can pull off some fancy moves or simply facetank an entire team.

It's also because of this that Blitzcrank is in the line-up, rather than the usually expected Janna for a chase composition. Janna is also strong, but will make this team strongly lacking in initiation.

A possibly alternative would be to place Janna as support and use Gangplank top for his team speed boost and AOE initiation.

This team definitely requires a very high level of skill to play appropriately, since each individual champion in the lineup requires a relatively high skill level to pull of successfully.

Late game the team may suffer if the game is very close simply because of a lack of hard initiation, but if you can get your team ahead, this is one of the most fun team-comps to play.

Generally you'd use this team more for a fun time and not so much in a competitive game. Unless you're THAT good!

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. For this comp, do you think Nautilus would be a sensible replacement for blitz? He can pull enemies in, just like blitz, but when out of range he can also use his anchor to chase by hitting terrain. His ult literally chases the enemy and he brings a slow to the table

  2. Nautilus is good, but Blitz brings something else to the table, and that's his outrageous speed boost with its super short cooldown. While Naut with boots of mobility can make up somewhat, Blitz with boots of mobility is just that much faster.

  3. You also can take Diana as AP Mid, because of her wonderful gap closer ( ultimate ),strong burst damage, and her slow.

    The big problem on her is, that she can assassinate the target very quickly, but has no way to get out ( except for her E , which is not really reliable).

    But I think, that she fits perfectly in this team .

  4. For mid, would Ahri work as well? Her ulti can chase and escape too and she does pretty good damage.


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