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Jan 25, 2012

Top Team Comps #2: 20 minute Win or Bust

GOOD afternon summoners! I'd like to pick up this post with a second team comp. As you can see from the title of this post, this team composition is dedicated to winning at the 20 minute mark, or...probably losing. Naturally, this team composition isn't meant for competitive play, but more for stomping some normals.

Mid: Leblanc
Top: Pantheon
Bot: Leona/Jarvan
Jungler: Shaco

This team comp should be abused early and abused hard. Farming is important, but kills even more so. The point of this team-comp is to demoralize your enemies and ruin their teamwork. In a game where every lane is losing, the enemy team will begin blaming their jungler who can't keep up with the rate they're dying until it's too late. If the other team also has an early level ganker top and mid should play a little safer until Shaco comes and concentrate on just poking.

Bot lane's Jarvan + Leona should start with boots. With Leona as support hiding in the brush, they should be completely unable to get close without dying. When bot lane hits level 2, it's about time to kill the enemy team. CSing isn't that important, and you'll want the other team to push your lane slightly for easy kills.

Meanwhile, Pantheon/Leblanc's early game poke is unrivaled, and unless they're tower hugging the whole time it should be an easy early dominance for both of them.

Clearly the biggest weakness of this team comp is if nobody on your team can get a kill and snowball. Also, you'll want to make sure you control dragon and baron as well as keep pressure on the towers. Remember, if this game goes past 15~20 minutes in a stalemate, your chances of losing exponentially multiply.

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  1. I'd switch from Pantheon to Garen solo top, probably. I just feel he's an even better early game champ than Pantheon.

    Another possibility is Talon/Garen bot; they do so much damage early that they can easily get a kill, especially if the enemy gets anywhere nearby.

  2. Garen's definitely a good early game choice! I think Pantheon's a much stronger early game harassing hero though. His spear is guaranteed to deal the full damage instantly whereas Garen needs to stick to his target for a while.

  3. The Top Team Comps series is only two posts in, but I love it. Keep it up.

  4. I would like more of these please.


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