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Nov 28, 2012

Top Team Comps #14: Invisible Nonsense Comp


INVISIBILITY - The power men dream of having as teenagers...and beyond. This is the team that you see in solo queue on the enemy team and start laughing...20 minutes later you've surrendered to the 20-0 Evelynn.
Top: Rengar
Mid: Akali
AD Carry: Twitch
Support: Alistar
Jungle: Evelynn
- Enemy team is cocky
- Can win hard against lower skilled players
- If one person snowballs it can quickly escalate
- Can force enemies to waste gold
- One trick pony
- Needs to snowball hard
- Doesn't work well on higher skilled players
- May be heavily AP depending on builds
Once again, you might be wondering why I have Alistar as support rather than someone else with invisibility, such as Shaco or Talon. Well the reason is simple: Never go full retard.

Also, the team itself is once again fairly squishy; however with a tank like Alistar as support you can use him as bait while the rest of your team cautiously places themselves in strategic locations.

The strategy to this team is simple: walk around invisible and kill heroes. The enemy team will buy oracles and pink wards - kill the wards, kill the heroes. If you succeed once or twice, it will place the enemy team sufficiently behind through all their pink purchases to give you enough of a gold advantage to win.

This team is also based on the psychological factor. The enemy team should be so busy typing "MIA" and yelling at each other that CSing and ganking will be a breeze. However, be sure not to get baited by pink wards. If you get counter-ganked, it could put a heavy damper on your plans.

This team is more difficult to counter than it seems; in order to win, continuously put pressure on bot lane. While Alistar does have disengagement methods, once Twitch uses up his invisibility it becomes very difficult for him to escape death 2v3. Top lane should ward up and play passively, whereas mid-lane should try and pressure Akali pre-6 and then cry in a corner if you haven't built up a decent lead as she dashes around killing you and all your friends.

The key is to (despite popular advice) NOT buy pink wards too early since it will set you behind in items. The exception is of course if you have a very strong mid range like Zyra, who can afford a pink ward while zoning Akali and staying ahead in total gold.

Naturally, once the game starts progressing, and oracle is a MUST; however if you buy one too early it's relatively easy for this group of assassins to jump on you and kill you, setting you back another 400g.

Group up and watch out for zombies!

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  1. Love it!, but instead of Twitch I'll change to Vayne. Dat ult!

  2. Oracles = you're fuucked. lolol

  3. SSJSuntasticDecember 16, 2012

    Oracles has been nerfed to a 5 minute timer

  4. Korea guy from KoreaMarch 26, 2013

    pink wards ples


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