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Feb 1, 2014

Top Team Comps #37: Yasuo's Fantasy Comp

With Yasuo's overwhelmingly strong damage and CC potential, he's quickly proved his worth this last patch as one of the strongest champions in the game. While he can still land his ultimate without the assistance of teammates, obviously having a high amount of knock-ups aids his cause.

Check out this team composition below that takes full advantage of Yasuo's abilities to the point where even a brand new Yasuo can succeed beyond his wildest dreams. Even if your team falls behind in lane, teamfights will likely still be in your favor.
Top: Wukong
Mid: Yasuo
Jungle: Vi
AD Carry: Draven
Support: Alistar
- Extremely strong AOE
- Amazing CC
- Strong synergy
- Takes advantage of black cleaver
- Low AP damage
- No poke

Overall Strength: Very Strong
Difficulty to Counter: Difficult
Difficulty to Execute: Medium
Fear Potential: Very Scary
This team has an insane amount of engagement options, and almost every lane is a free kill once Vi hits level 6. Ideally, you'll want to try and camp the Yasuo lane, since well, it's the Yasuo comp.

On the other hand, top and bottom can potentially run into some troublesome match-ups, so depending on the enemy team composition lanes may want to play more passive and wait for a Vi gank. (Yeah right, passive Draven...)

In terms of items, definitely make sure to get a Black Cleaver on Wukong eventually, as it will greatly aid the team's damage once he uses his ultimate. If the enemy starts stacking armor, Yasuo may want to get an early last whisper in order to maximize his damage after Shiv.

Since this team pretty much has no poke, I wouldn't recommend seiging mid for long periods of time. It's much better for this team to roam in 5 man squads and try and gank from behind enemy lines. Take advantage of choke points to maximize the small AOE CCs this team has. By continuously invading and roaming, this team can quickly snowball into a victory.

Beating this team involves shutting down individual laners and avoiding fighting in the jungle. It also means keeping track of Vi, who can quickly get back into the game even if she's been counterjungled early and falls behind.

Here's a sample team that would do well:

Top: Lee Sin - Beating Wu is largely a matter of outsustaining him and knocking him out of teamfights before he manages to shred the entire back line. Lee's also got the added ability to see through Wu's invisibility.
Mid: Ziggs - Since this enemy team has no poke, bringing Ziggs in to the fray works very well. However, he needs to avoid getting outplayed by Yasuo in lane, which is easier said than done. I would try and take him out lvls 1~2 and then avoid fighting him for a while.
Jungle: Amumu - Amumu synergizes very well with Ziggs, and also gives the team strong turtling/initiation ability.
AD Carry: Ezreal - Fighting against a high dive team composition like this requires a champion with good mobility and escape.
Support: Leona - Ideal for peeling and engaging, also synergizes very well with Ezreal in lane and has a good chance of beating Alistar.

All in all this team comp is pretty hard to beat as the champions stand. Ideal for blindpick stomping.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one or counter it? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. why not malphite top ? i'm curious why did you choose Wukong over malph since add a more '' tank '' composition to the team

  2. SSJSuntasticFebruary 01, 2014

    Wukong gives a ton of armor penetration on his Q, and also has the ability to synergize well with black cleaver.

  3. Im playing with my team similar comp: top yasuo, jungle wukong, mid orianna, bot sivir nami. And it works perfect.

  4. Nick WerlineFebruary 03, 2014

    However, Malphite brings the much needed AP damage, correct? Would this be more valuable than more armor penetration?

  5. and i think a second tank could be useful for zoning ad and ap carries or even supports during teamfights

  6. great comp. Can you make a few 4v5 comps? something that can easily fight or survive 4v5 while the 5th player split pushes hard. preferably top lane split pusher.

  7. SSJSuntasticFebruary 08, 2014

    That's a good idea naikage I might work on one of those!

  8. Lately me and a few friends have been running something like this:
    Yasuo (mid), Cho or Malphite (top), Wukong (jungle), Annie+Leona (Bottom).

    Since Yasuo is essentially a melee ADC, we decided that we could switch out bot-lane's ADC for an APC. The double stun really lets dominate the lane and, if Yasuo fails to win his lane and falls behind, the team can still cause massive AoE damage while enemies are immobilised.

  9. Counter it with support morgana.

  10. Please love yourself and quit split pushing like a blind idiot, stick with your team, statistically your rewards will be much higher. Getting a turret while your team loses a 4v5 is NOT a good thing. You pick 5 champions that have a specific synergy between them so that you can use that synergy not fight with someone missing... After lanes kinda get screwed up, group mid and push for turrets, if a fight starts try to win it, but don't engage or dive like crazy. Safest way to win, not this stupid split pushing. People are easily impressed by stuff like that they have forgotten how extremely situational split pushing is and that 85% of the times it is the wrong option.

  11. You are missing the point though. when its 4v5 with the 5th person split pushing, the team isnt trying to get into a fight. they wave clear but dont risk anything. if they wave clear fast enough then the enemy cant siege. the 5th person should be able to take down towers fast so that the enemy has to send 1 or 2 down to stop him in which case your team would be in favor. simple wombo combos like malph, ori, yasuo. can usually do well to kill most of their team. many lcs teams also focus on mainly split pushing like team coast. dont simply dismiss an idea with out giving it consideration lol. it doesnt work too well in solo queue, but with team comps, in a team setting, you should be able to execute it.

  12. Coozer KahngApril 14, 2014

    Malphite is a better top than wukong for this. Much better engage with huge aoe ult and solves the low ap damage problem. downside is that he has no armor shred so yasuo will need an early last whisper

  13. Coozer KahngApril 14, 2014

    I like malphite better for this but that may be because i have played more high level malphite and only have jungled wukong so i might be missing something

  14. I should remember u that: vi have a %hp damage with w, yasuo have a nice armor pen. and the idea for that is a fast game, ending around 20-25 mins

  15. Wukong And Yasuo Scary

  16. Keegan ParmeleeJuly 15, 2014

    one way to remedy the low magic damage would be a malphite top instead of wukong in which the malph would build more like a bruiser than a full tank like iceborn or athene's based on lane match-up with a second offensive item like lich bane when you get athene's or abyssal scepter when you get iceborn

  17. Ben AwesomeJuly 21, 2014

    i just thought of a team quite similar,that revolved around our first pick yasuo in my ranked game. I (second pick) picked wukong(for obvious reasons)in the top lane. our third pick picked cait. and 4th and 5th picked thresh and amumu.

    The idea of the comp was great engage and enemy lockdown, with a sequence of me or mumu initiating with our ults, with yasuo ulting off mine, while amumu locked them down. thresh landed his hook and dashed into box, forcing any surviving enemies into the box, while caitlyn aa'd, safe from danger.

    though we (especially me(darius is hard ok) fell behind, we quickly started winning with our amazing fights and quickly turned and won the game. It was amazingly strong.

  18. Austin KunkleJuly 27, 2014

    i honestly think that it should go...

    top: malphite
    jungle: wukong
    mid: yasuo
    adc: draven
    support: nami

  19. Isn't this team comp straight ad tho? Can't you just build armor and win?

  20. to add the lacking AP damage, you could add diana and blitzcrank in there. Diana is a good initiator and her E also procs yasuo's ult. Blitz also procs yasuo's ult with his Q and E.


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