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Mar 3, 2015

Top Team Comps #42: Invulnerability Comp

Check out the second installment of Season 5's Top Team Comps! This week's composition features a composition featuring the ability to negate damage and for some, CC as well. It features the following: Kalista, Lissandra, Kayle

Team Composition Score Card
AOE Damage: A
Crowd Control: B
Difficulty (1-5, 5 is hardest): 4
Dueling Power: S
Initiation: B
Poke Power: C
Pushing Power: B
Sustain: B
Synergy: A

Early Game: A
Mid Game: A
Late Game: A

S = Amazing!, A = Good, B = Average, C = Below Average, F = Bad


Welcome to the official week 2 of the new Top Team Comps! The team comp I've selected this  week is a specific "theme" comp that centers around the special abilities of the champions, rather than a specific goal or fighting method.

That being said, it works best in teamfighting scenarios where you can kite opponents back and forth, but also works well if one member gets fed and wants to split push.


This team composition focuses specifically on splitting up enemy damage by using champions that have special skills that make them for the most part, impervious to damage and/or spell effects. While it's a little difficult to execute properly as a result of the individual difficulty of champions (specifically Kayle support and Poppy jungle), they still work well with each other and can cause an extremely effective disturbance even against organized teams.

AOE Damage - Although slightly lacking in CC, this team's ability to chase down enemies with both sustained and burst damage are very high. With Kalista, Vlad, and Kayle on the same team, any one of them can quickly clean up or salvage a "lost" team fight.

Anti-Initiation - This team works extremely well against teams that rely on a single initiator, such as Vi. Additionally, Poppy has the ability to run through and wreck havoc on teams that don't peel properly. Without their back line, teamfights quickly fall apart.

Large Initial Damage - Between Vlad and Lissandra, this team can dish out a ton of damage very quickly, and stay alive long enough for Vlad's ultimate to take full effect through use of their special skills and strong sustained damage.

Key Concepts

  • Take advantage of Kayle and Kalista's synergy bot lane to bully; 
  • Make Lissandra your top priority as she's your main source of initiation; and
  • Save Kayle ultimate for Kalista, as she's the only one without shields of her own.


The key here is to win, and win early. To do that, make sure to counterjungle Poppy as hard as possible, then bring your mid and jungle roam to bot and top to snowball. Vlad will almost certainly turn into a late game beast no matter what you do, but has relatively little impact early levels.

Additionally, your AD carry may want to eventually build a Randuin's Omen in order to survive Poppy's onslaught. The HP, attack speed slow, and active is pretty much exactly what you need to survive the duration of her ultimate.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one or counter it? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. TerrowinMagikenMarch 03, 2015

    For countering this comp (assuming you're one of the later picks) you could take Swain top against Vlad. He scales very well into late game as well and can continue to damage Vlad through his untargetability via his laser bird and Torment.

  2. Exevier EtcheverryMarch 03, 2015

    A good Vladimir will survive against Vladimir. Also you can ban Swain. Well this comp is very hard for a Swain.

  3. kinda weird comp today :p

  4. A good Vladimir will survive against Vladimir? Of course, it's a skill matchup *sigh*

  5. Yeah Swain reks vlad... vlad can only barely survive sometimes

  6. Aaseem D. KapilMarch 04, 2015

    Vs this comp ~ we can take Shaco mid, Rengar top, Kha Zix jungle, Twitch ADC and Talon support... they will never know what killed them :D

  7. Exevier EtcheverryMarch 04, 2015

    Thanks you.

  8. Nathan NixonMarch 04, 2015

    Would Kalista ult through Kayle directly into the fight and have him stay where he lands or would it pull him back to where say a Janna would land. Kayle being both ranged and melee would it matter if her E was on?

  9. Nathan NixonMarch 04, 2015


  10. Nicolas CageMarch 04, 2015

    Could you give a little context to the Kayle support? Especially in her synergy with Kalista. I'm not really a huge fan of tossing Kayle into the enemy team, conceptually. But, maybe I'm missing something.

  11. SSJSuntasticMarch 04, 2015

    Kayle's range and slow allows her to easily proc Kalista's W passive, and also allows them both to kite very hard. As for their ults, it operates similar to Thresh with Kalista. As both of them can instantly drop all damage on each other, it's very easy to kite back and forth via their range.

  12. TerrowinMagikenMarch 05, 2015

    It would depend on whether her E was on or not at the time of the landing, since it merely calculates attack range.

  13. MasterOfMetalMarch 05, 2015

    Hmm,i say take Volibear top, Aniva mid, Sejuani jg, Ashe adc, and Braum support, with this anti lissandra team (look at the lore) its basically a 4v5 ;P

  14. Nicolas CageMarch 05, 2015

    Makes sense, thanks.

    With this comp, I think I would personally break the theme a little bit to try and get some more AOE CC somehow, since that's a bit of a deficiency. Of course, with all the invulnerability going on, maybe it isn't necessary. I'll mention that Braum and Sona would probably be my other two suggestions for supports, as they can make better use of Kalista's ultimate, IMO.

  15. Quite viable. But I would replace Vlad wih Fizz (or Fiora)

  16. Kayle's damage as a support really sucks tho :/

  17. Charlie JamesMarch 06, 2015

    dont matter about about dammage late game. you build a hurracain and shred everyone

  18. AnthonyyyyyMarch 07, 2015

    Sick, i think ima try this out in ranked 5's


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