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Mar 24, 2015

Top Team Comps #45: Season 5 Chokepoint Comp

Check out the latest installment of Season 5's Top Team Comps! This week's composition features a composition featuring a strong AOE composition featuring Lucian, Leblanc, Karma, Amumu and Hecarim

Team Composition Score Card
AOE Damage: S
Crowd Control: S
Difficulty (1-5, 5 is hardest): 3
Dueling Power: A
Initiation: S
Poke Power: A
Pushing Power: A
Sustain: C
Synergy: A

Early Game: A
Mid Game: S
Late Game: S

S = Amazing!, A = Good, B = Average, C = Below Average, F = Bad


This week's Top Team Comp focuses on two extremely popular picks, Sejuani and Viktor. By complementing their powerful AOE techniques with an all-star supporting cast, this team's effectiveness is greatly multiplied.


This team is an excellent balance of sustained and burst damage, and contains heavy AOE damage and CC. Although it's somewhat cooldown reliant, it's peak performance in teamfights is extremely powerful, especially when enemies are clumped together.

Stacking CC - All the champions on this team have powerful AOE crowd control skills, and can very easily stack them or simply create a massive area of impassable terrain. This makes both peeling and engaging very effective as Viktor, Jinx, and Rumble all have very low cooldowns and can burst enemies down if given a few seconds of free damage.

Strong Snowballing - With the amount of lane bullying that Jinx, Viktor, and Rumble can dish out, any lane that starts snowballing will continue to roll forward, especially with how strong Sejuani is right now.

Key Concepts

  • This team is very flexible and can vary between poking, to initiating, to counter-initiating all with great effectiveness;
  • This team lacks in sustain, so if Viktor isn't particularly fed, don't get into extended poke fights;
  • This team is lacking in escape mechanisms, so be careful of getting baited into split pushes.


To counter this team, a set of poke/sustain champions with strong split pushing skills works very well. The key is to make sure to fight in the open and to avoid any narrow alleys that could lead to your team's quick demise.

Here's an example team that can do fairly well:
  • Nidalee - Poke power and sustain
  • Amumu - Strong initiation/counter initiation, also beats health stacking champions
  • Ezreal - Strong poke as blue Ezreal, and good escape to avoid being caught out
  • Soraka - Good camping champion and ability to disrupt stacking flash initiations via her AOE silence.
  • Shen - Excellent split pushing power and sustain
Another option is to go for an early game composition and try to kill the enemies earlier before they start to snowball, as the team is low on escapes.

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  1. Florian VogelMarch 25, 2015

    i would like to trying the comp.

    may braum can switched by leona?

    i think her laning phase with jinx works better than with braum.
    also our support don't like braum xD

  2. Nice one, but i need to have Viktor. Yesterday i tried 3 of your comps and it worked very wel, thanks man ! :)

  3. Chibi Fiddle, the kawaiiMarch 25, 2015

    Maybe changing rumble for renekton would feel more gratifying. Better sustain and pushing, not to mention renekton is way easier to play than rumble. Rumble have a better burst, but renekton also have a fairly good damage and would make it much easier for viktor and sejuani to land their skills.

    and, imo, nami have more synergy with jinx than braum, but with renekton he could be somewhat useful, once there would be one more AA reliant champion.

  4. Chibi Fiddle, the kawaiiMarch 25, 2015

    I think a Jinx, Viktor, Nami, Sejuani, Renekton would be something like:

    AOE Damage: S (all them lol)
    Crowd Control: S (all them too)
    Difficulty (1-5, 5 is hardest): 2
    Dueling Power: A
    Initiation: S (all them can engage and disengage)
    Poke Power: B (viktor and jinx only)
    Pushing Power: S (all them kill waves fairly fast)
    Sustain: S (lifesteal from renekton and jinx, heal from nami, shield from viktor and tankness from sejuani)
    Synergy: S (the stun combos)


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