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Aug 17, 2014

Top Team Comps #38: Zhonyas Misdirect Comp

Clutch Zhonya players are the kings of misdirect. After your team blows everything trying to kill them, they'll suddenly find themselves surrounded and in dire need of disengage.

This team capitalizes on Zhonya's Hourglass as much as possible, which means that it's going to rely heavily on AP damage. Extremely fun to play and extremely frustrating to play against, check out the line-up below!
Top: Rumble
Mid: Swain
Jungle: Fiddlesticks
AD Carry: Miss Fortune
Support: Morgana
- Extremely strong AOE
- Strong initiation
- Very hard to kill
- Multiple sources of high damage
- AP heavy
- Requires good positioning
- Vulnerable to disengage/mobility teams

Overall Strength: Very Strong
Difficulty to Counter: Difficult
Difficulty to Execute: Medium
Fear Potential: Very Scary

This team has a large variety of initiation and counter-initiation openings including Rumble ult, Morgana ult/bind, Fiddle ult, and Swain snare. This means that they can pick and choose exactly when they want to engage/disengage. However, for the most part you'll want to try and initiate with your ults as this team lacks poke and sustain.

Ideally, you'd want Morgana, Swain, and Miss Fortune visible with Fiddlesticks and/or Rumble hidden and ready for a counter-engage.

Item Choices
While Zhonyas rush on Morgana and Fiddlesticks may be suitable, Rumble and Swain may want to choose to grab some of their main damage/sustaining items first before initiating the full on Zhonya's composition. If your team happens to be THAT far ahead, Miss Fortune may consider the item as well. It does scale somewhat with her skills.

Additionally, consider skipping deathcap for void staff first since your team is extremely AP heavy and the enemy team will likely be rushing magic resist.

Although this team has a decent lvl 1 start, the preference for Fiddle will generally be to protect his jungle instead. Your lanes have a strong early game, which means that most teams will have trouble surviving counter-jungling without strong team synergy.

Beating this team involves high amounts of map control, good sustain/disengage, highly mobile champions, and/or champions that can tank through the damage.

As the team is very AP heavily, obviously some magic resist will do wonders as well.

Here's a sample team that would do well:

Top: Maokai - With Rumble's high use of skills, Maokai will have an insanely high amount of sustain in lane. His ultimate is also a game-changer with the damage reduction.
Mid: Ziggs/Vel'koz - As Swain excels at hand to hand combat, you'll want to be as far away as possible when poking. Both these champions work well in this case.
Jungle: Amumu - With his ability to stun champions over walls, he'll be ideal in stopping Fiddle ults. However, take great care in not initiating prior to finding the dirty scarecrow.
AD Carry: Ezreal - Fighting against a strong AOE team like this, his poke and escape will be extremely valuable.
Support: Janna - Ideal for disengaging dangerous champions, but beware once they get Zhonyas. After they finish their builds, relying on your ult wont save your team anymore.

All in all this team comp is pretty hard to beat as the champions stand. Ideal for blindpick stomping.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one or counter it? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. I love this team comp seems very fun. But I think the jungler can be changed to Jarvan or Amumu as the preferred initator is a tank not fiddle but I would understand fiddle cuz of the damage.

  2. Sounds cool, assuming i remember to zhonas

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  4. Nichael NigelAugust 18, 2014

    I would just suggest for the "Counter-Strategy" the adc would be Tristana, for her insane disengage and incredibly safe playstyle with her jump and knockback with ult that would be hard to catch with AOE ults.

  5. i think fizz would be absolutly devastating with zhonyas in this game. his e with zhonyas allows 3 seconds of pure disruption and by the time its out his cds will be back. much better than swain because swain can get kited really hard.

  6. i was going to say the same thing,
    move swain to the top and add fizz to Mid

  7. items: dude, I know it's not a popular choice, but the fiddle or the morgana should be running ABYSSAL SCEPTER! AOE MR reduction would help a LOT, especially with people rushing MR

  8. you should really play these team comps out and connect a vid so we can see it in action


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