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Nov 23, 2012

Top Team Comps #11: The Dunking Comp


DUNKING - What exactly defines "Dunking?" Well it's hard to say. Some forum goers say dunking is when you run through everyone and dunk the ball in the hoop no matter who's in your way. Yi's got the speed for it. Then again, other people call Darius the dunking master since well...his animation makes it pretty clear.

To top it all off we've got the guy who dunks so hard the ground splits open...Dunkgod Jarvan!

So who's the dunking master anyway? How about all of them?

Top: Darius the "Dunkmaster"
Mid: Master Yi (The AP Dunkmaster)
Jungle: Alistar (Ali-ooper) 
Support: Blitzcrank 
"Support" #2: Jarvan IV ("Dunk God")

While Alistar and Jarvan can be interchangeable as far as where you place them in on the map, it's nice to place Jarvan in lane so he can also farm up.

What you have here is 3 heroes that set up the dunks, and 3 heroes that do the dunking. (Dunkgod Jarvan plays by himself) It's a pretty simple formula, pop them up, and smash them down.

In terms of initiation and CC, this team is absolutely beast. However, late game you might have difficulty without ranged damage, but the team is beefy enough to take on a good deal.

The major weakness of this set-up is really just making sure that your team snowballs to victory. You'll also need to shout out in all chat "GET DUNKED" once in a while, especially if someone gets a pentakill.

You might feel that late game you'll be pressured without a ranged AD carry, but with all the gap closers and CC at your disposal, just grab an oracle and some wards and set that dunking trap...

This team most certainly isn't optimal for competitive play; however, I must say that playing this team was one of the most fun I've ever had in League.

- Credits to DragonRaider for introducing it to me =]
- Thanks to Zachary for making sure I didn't forget the Dunk God himself

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. Hello there!

  2. Zachary OchoaNovember 23, 2012

    Where's the Jarvan?!

  3. SSJSuntasticNovember 23, 2012

    Oh man, I can't believe I forgot Dunkgod Jarvan, looks like Rocky might be getting the boot!

  4. SSJSuntasticNovember 23, 2012

    Oh man, I can't believe I forgot Dunkgod Jarvan, looks like Rocky might be getting the boot~

  5. Zachary OchoaNovember 23, 2012

    He's a major player for the team!

  6. SSJSuntasticNovember 23, 2012

    Yes indeed! It would have been a shame to forget about him! Thanks for reminding me haha

  7. Zachary OchoaNovember 23, 2012

    Yeah no problem! :P

  8. Zachary OchoaNovember 23, 2012

    Top: Darius (Dunkmaster/Dunklord)
    Mid: Master Yi
    Jungle: Jarvan IV (DunkGod)
    Support: Alistar (ALI-ooper)
    ADC: Jayce?
    Not sure how I feel about that..


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