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May 16, 2013

Top Team Comps #29: A Song of Ice and Fire

Volcanic Wukong
Strumming her musical harp, Sona the Muse plays a tune to the destruction of the enemy champions as your allies rain fire and ice upon them.

Top: Volcanic Wukong
Mid: Wildfire Zyra
Jungle: Sejuani
AD Carry: Blue Ezreal
Support: Sona
- Strong AOE CC
- Good mix of damage types
- Strong Disruption
- Strong AOE
- Good base damage
- May get outplayed
- Low AD carry burst damage

Obviously for this team composition to be effective you will need to have the Volcanic Wukong skin and the Wildfire Zyra skin. If you do not own the Wildfire Zyra skin, then you may substitute her with Anivia, who does a decent job as a replacement. Brand may fit the theme, but will not be as effective.

Secondly...from now on I'll likely be making up a strong team composition first and then naming it after since I'm starting to get writer's block if you haven't noticed by the time lapse between Top Team Comps recently.

This team is extremely strong once Blue Ezreal gets his item set and ramps up his CDR and true damage. Coupled with Zyra, the two of them can poke down enemy champions while Sona keeps them high in health from enemy poke. Meanwhile, if Zyra lands a snare or your team sees another opportunity, Wukong and Sejuani can quickly jump in and make mincemeat of the enemy champions.

Since Wukong and Zyra are both very high damage and high AOE type champions, the enemy will have a difficult time itemizing against them. Meanwhile, with Blue Ezreal dealing true damage from his Spirit of the Elder Lizard, they will be hard-pressed to build in a way to counter your team as a whole.

From the sheer amount of the CC on this team, Ezreal should be able to easily stay alive through his natural survivability coupled with the peel this team provides, leading to an easy victory.

Countering this team is no simple task. In order to beat this team you'll generally want to do this on a laning basis. Although Blue Ezreal's burst damage isn't as high as some of the other AD carries, the amount of CC this team has will likely allow him to fight for much longer than the other AD carry. A champion like Zac would do very well due to his CC reduction, and Ezreal should obviously be targeted down as soon as possible while simultaneously stripping Wukong and Sejuani from your back line.

Against this team, Janna would do very well in order to counter their initiation and/or a Gragas or similar champion.

A sample team would be something like this:

Top: Lee Sin - Does well against Wukong and can kick Sejuani or Wukong away from team.
Mid: Zed - Does well against Zyra and can assassinate Ezreal to stop the poke.
Jungle: Zac - High CC reduction, mobility, and disruption.
AD Carry: Draven - Does well against Ezreal.
Support: Janna - Strong overall support and counters initiations well.

Overall though, it's a very strong team-composition and very difficult to beat.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. My team has been having a blast lately playing a 'Taunt' comp. We run Galio top, Ahri mid, Ramus jungle, and Thresh/Vayne bot. Early game can be difficult depending on the matchups, but by mid game the team is able to set up a siege where Ahri and Thresh can just fish for enemies. If one lands a skill shot Ramus can follow with a taunt and drag them back into the rest of our team for a free kill. If the enemy tries to use it as an opportunity to engage, Galios AOE taunt works as a hard counter initiation.

    By late game, Ramus can just charge right in and grab someone with his taunt, meanwhile the combination of Ramus/Galio/Thresh all using their ulti's do enough AOE DMG/CC that Ahri and Vayne can just have a field day.

    We have however learned that Olaf can be a little difficult to deal with, and a strong Morgana can shut down the comp almost completely with her shield to protect their carries and her ultimate to counter our initiation. Even so, it is fun. If given a chance, I would recommend it.

  2. SSJSuntasticMay 16, 2013

    That sounds like a pretty fun team comp Theodore! Thanks for sharing =]

  3. Why not make it all Ice, it would be similar AOE CC comp yet kinda leaves the support role lacking (unless we go with the theme-breaking Sona again)

    Top: Glacial Malphite
    Mid: Anivia, Frostfire Annie
    Jungle: Sejuani
    AD: Ashe
    Support: Lissandra, Frostfire Annie

    (Yeah, I know all 3 warring ice queens in one team can't be good for the lore, but...)

  4. KingdomOfDimensionsSeptember 24, 2013

    You should try Shen top, Galio mid, Rammus jungle, Ahri adc, Thresh support. Just to fit the theme ya know


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