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Nov 28, 2014

Top Team Comps #40: Sniper Comp v2



It's been a while since last sniper comp, and I figured the old one could definitely use some notable improvements since Season 2...

This team comp is much more pure to its name and relies heavily on poking the enemy team down, maintaining map control, and firing shots through the shadows.

Top: Jayce
Mid: Xerath
Jungle: Fiddlesticks
AD Carry: Caitlyn
Support: Vel'koz
- Extremely strong AOE
- Huge range
- Can kill over terrain
- Multiple sources of high damage
- No front line
- Very squishy
- Vulnerable to all-in comps

Overall Strength: Medium
Difficulty to Counter: Medium
Difficulty to Execute: Medium
Fear Potential: Moderate


Jayce - With his insane range on his AOE poke, he offers powerful long range damage.
Xerath - His regular nuke has amazing range, and his ultimate can be fired easily from outside the fog of war.
Fiddlesticks - Fiddle can quickly initiate or counter-initiate teamfights with high damage. As this team is already very squishy, Fiddle's high damage allows them to quickly finish the battle before getting jumped on.
Caitlyn - When fed, her ultimate combined with Xerath or Jayce can easily take down a squishy from far beyond any reasonable range.
Vel'koz - Vel'koz is amazing as a tank slayer as he deals true damage. Additionally, once he picks up liandries he can deal percentage based damage from afar while poking and/or bursting down enemy champions.


Control the Map with Trinkets
As you can tell by the fact that this team has no front line, you'll need to keep your distance and fight from the shadows. To do this you'll want to make sure you maintain map control, which can be accomplished through 3 sweepers and 2 farsight orbs.
  • Fiddlesticks, Xerath, and Vel'koz should carry the sweepers.
  • Caitlyn and Jayce should carry farsight orbs.
Maintain Stealth Attacks
The fun part about this team is that they can fight from outside the effective range of many other champions. This means that enemy teams can lose players from damage sources they never even see. By maintaining your distance and keeping the enemy blind, you can laugh maniacally from the shadows.

Coordinate Poke
Although most of the damage sources in this team comp are skillshots and thus dodgable, if your team coordinates it in a way that stacks up, it's impossible for the enemy team to stay healthy.


  • Out control the map 
  • Play teams that have good all-in engage
  • Don't pick a passively support like Sona or Soraka
  • Don't pick Janna - if your team is waiting for Fiddle ult, even if Janna knocks him away, the enemy team can still rain down damage from afar as you try collapsing on Fiddle.
Instead, it's better to grab a few all-in type champions with high range and CC to stop them in their tracks such as the team below:

Top: Malphite -Malphite's engage and strong defensive stats help him stay alive long enough to rain some pain on squishies.
Mid: Katarina - As a result of the enemy team's complete squish profile, Katarina has the ability to throw in a quick round of burst and reset off the first kill.
Jungle: Maokai - His ultimate allows your team to go on the offensive, especially during dives.
AD Carry: Jinx - Fight range with range, and as the enemy team is relatively squishy, Jinx can not only fight from a safe range, but also snowball into battle off the first kill or assist.
Support: Leona - When it comes to aggressive all-in supports, Leona is at the top of her class.

All in all this team composition tends to snowball extremely hard, but may lose late game against a strong front line.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one or counter it? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. SquirrelNutkinsNovember 29, 2014

    Never good when your team comp's weakness is the all-in composition lol

  2. Mundo with Warmog's Armour or two, Guardian Angel, Mercury's Treads, Randuins OMEN, Spirit Visage. would be awsum

  3. Really nice comp, however I would replace the Top, Jungler or Supp with a Tanky champ that can both poke, bring a strong engage and CC while being sufficiently tanky to hold a whole team on his back hand-to-hand for few secondes. Maokai, Gnar, Dr. Mundo, Cho'gath (or even Pantheon) come to mind. They are all perfect to get the front-liner role in a poking comp :)

  4. I'd suggest switching jayce with sweepers and xerath with orb because orb synergizes with xerath's ult, just an opinion :)

  5. jayce < sweepers and xerath < orb ? uw0t m9 . guests these days...

  6. i dont know what's so confusing about jayce getting sweepers and xerath getting orb...


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