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Apr 28, 2015

Top Team Comps #50: Announced Ambush Comp

This week's team composition is a somewhat obscure theme comp featuring some uncommon champions, including Sion support. The theme of this team composition focuses primarily on champions that announce their arrival, which makes them a long range initiation type of team that specializes in catching enemies unaware.

Team Composition Score Card
AOE Damage: A
Crowd Control: B
Difficulty (1-5, 5 is hardest): 4
Diving Power: A
Dueling Power: A
Initiation: A
Poke Power: A
Pushing Power: A
Sustain: C
Synergy: A
Waveclear: S

Early Game: B
Mid Game: S
Late Game: A

S = Amazing!, A = Good, B = Average, C = Below Average, F = Bad


This week's team composition is a somewhat obscure theme comp featuring some uncommon champions, including Sion support. The theme of this team composition focuses primarily on champions that announce their arrival, which makes them a long range initiation type of team that specializes in catching enemies unaware.

It also has the added benefit of watching enemy players run around in circles frantically trying to figure out where the enemy is coming from during Nocturne ultimate. This combined with Twitch's invisibility makes it very easy for Twitch to position for maximum spray and pray damage.

Compared to a standard global comp, this team has much more AOE damage through use of Twitch, and also has the benefit of strong early game teamfighting via Rek'Sai for jungle invades..


Twitch [Marksman] - With his insanely strong burst damage and AOE ultimate, Twitch's main weakness is his vulnerability to pink wards and his lack of mobility. However, combined with Nocturne ultimate and the CC that Sion provides, his survivability on this team is very high.

Twisted Fate [AP Mid] - Bringing some much needed poke to this team composition, Twisted Fate is an excellent early to mid game champion that can really synergize well with Nocturne to move around in the shadows. He also provides some extra CC in between Sion's already massive skillset.

Sion [Support] - Here it is, the much acclaimed Sion support! With his strong moveset and initiation power. Sion is an excellent choice as he scales hard with levels and HP. By simply building tanky, his ability to lock down enemy champions goes through the roof with his strong base damage.

Nocturne [Jungler] - A somewhat weaker jungler in the current meta, he actually does surprisingly well with Cinderhulk if you choose to go that route. His main draw in this lineup is his strong synergy with Twitch and Twisted Fate. Building a brutalizer is a decent idea on him to reduce some of that super long ultimate timer.

Rek'Sai [Top Laner] - In the double smite meta, Rek'Sai is definitely a strong contender with her free escape mechanisms. However, she also does well with good old regular flash as well. Every time she ults, she also emits that super distracting screech, which goes excellently with the combined obnoxiously global shouts of her teammates.

Key Concepts

  • This team can engage with a large variety of methods. However, most of the time you'll likely rely on Sion's ultimate from afar, or simply use Sion as bait and zoom in from the fog.
  • While Nocturne's ultimate is on a long cooldown early game, later on during teamfights it's very effective if your team can synergize ultimates and move in with advantageous numbers.
  • Most of the time during a 5v5, Sion's ultimate will be enough to initate with, and Nocturne and Twisted Fate can save their ultimates to pick off low HP stragglers. However, split pushing does work better against most synergized team compositions.


To counter this team, heavy damage teamfighters work well. Although this team has insane split pushing power, their straight burst damage is fairly low and relies on hard rotations for maximum effectiveness late game.

Here's an example team that may succeed:
  • Ahri [Mid] - Strong mobility and AOE assassination burst damage allows her to duel TF and jump out of range of most of the enemy damage/CC.
  • Zac [Jungle] - With his large scale knockbacks counter-initation, Zac works well against sychronized assaults.
  • Malphite [Top] - With his strong burst damage and gap closer, he can easily take out Twitch from the backline to make sure the main source of damage is locked down.
  • Janna [Support] - Against an engagement team like this, Janna's defensive ultimate works very well against their frontline bruisers.
  • Sivir [ADC] - Her spellshield can knockout Nocturne's ultimate damage and her ultimate allows her team to kite very hard against the relatively slow CC power of this team.
What do you think about this team composition? Got ways to improve on it? Comment below!

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  1. RisingFlamesApril 29, 2015

    SSJ Rek'Sai is a girl

  2. SSJSuntasticApril 29, 2015

    Every time!

  3. No Nunu support? But bush ults are teh best ambush D:

  4. Nocturne and TF synergize so well. TF can ult to reveal the enemies so Nocturne can choose the best target for his ult. The vision reduction of Nocturne will also hide TFs teleport and hide Sion while he's directing his ult. There should be an additional point on the scorecard for "Terror factor: S" I'd be afraid to be alone anywhere on the map if I was the other team.

  5. I'm not a fan of Sion in this comp at all. Twitch is one of my favorite ADCs but without heavy CC he is easy to pick off. There is some CC here, sure, but none of it is extremely heavy. Give me Leona or another hard CC tank sup and this comp would be 100000x better. (Not like Sion Ult is hard to dodge)

    As for Sivir being the counter ADC for this.. Twitch is a natural counter to Sivir, so I would see about picking a different counter example too. A Twitch that gets ahead is unstoppable as everyone knows. I would say Caitlyn makes more sense. She counters Twitch and she has an escape to get away from all that initiation.

    All the other counters make a ton of sense.

  6. My counter for this ambush comp is "bird comp" with great anti-dive ability:
    + Top lane: Swain
    + Mid lane: Azir
    + Jungle: Kayle
    + AD carry: Quinn
    + Support: Anivia

    Anivia wall and Azir wall both can stop Nortune's dive.
    Quinn's blind can negate some Twitch/TF damage when they appears. The E bounce can be used as a peel against melee champ.
    Swain's sustain from ult will be great as the ambush comp does not have burst damage except Twitch; he can dance around teamfight and make rooms for other roles.
    Kayle can clear jung pretty fast and have good scale into late game. Her only weakpoint is counter jungle early but Noctune hardly can invade (since Kayle would win in a fair duel - same HP similar items).
    Azir: can clear wave at the same level with TF, have some windows to outplay: dash, shield, and the ult can stop not only Sion's but also others if used at the right time.

    Also the AoE damage of this birdy comp is great, except ADC the others are all about AoE damage. (Actually the Q blind of Quinn is small AoE too - Maybe she's short range but there are other peels can turn the fight around - such as Kayle's Intervention).


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