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Why hello there, you've reached, a League of Legends blog run by a random LoL aficionado from America named SSJSuntastic.

Right now we're mostly focused in on the categories you see in the navigation bar, but I'm open to other suggestions; anything League related will have a place here!

Q: What do we call you?
A: You can call me Suntastic

Q: What's your Summoner Name?
A: I play mostly on SSJSuntastic on the NA server, but I have various smurfs here and there...

Q: What is SSJ? Is it a clan? Can I join?
A: SSJ stands for Super Saiyan, from the manga Dragonball Z. No plans to make a clan or team anytime soon.

Q: Who's your favorite champion?
A: I like a lot of different champions, so it's hard to say. Big fan of Nidalee Vel'koz

Q: What do you think of the meta?
A: Following the meta allows for a consistent method of winning and also prevents raging (which is important if you want to win)

Q: What's your ELO?
  • Season 1: Silver (1400)
  • Season 2: Gold (1750) with Platinum in 3s.
  • Season 3: Diamond IV
  • Season 4: Diamond V
  • Season 5: Diamond II
Q: Will you duo queue with me?
A: I prefer not to duo, as Riot raises the skill level of the enemy team.

Q: ...will you at least be my friend then?
A: Why Yes! This I can do :)

Q: Can I ask you more questions?
A: Naturally, we're friends now!

Q: How can I contact you?
A: E-mail me at [email protected], or leave a comment/message on my Twitter, Facebook, post a comment on this post, or any other post really...I actually read every comment EVERYWHERE!

Q: Is there a Nerfplz Chat Channel on LoL?
A: Yes, it's titled "Nerfplz" I'm usually the only one in there unless I'm starting up a game with fans, but feel free to stop by!

Thanks for visiting and leave a message!

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