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Nov 27, 2012

Top Team Comps #13: Sniper Comp

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SNIPING - The most fun a girl can have without taking her hat off. This team features a strong assortment of snipers who can fight from a safe distance, stealing objectives, taking down low heroes behind enemy lines, and generally causing a nuisance for the enemy team.
Top: Jayce
Mid: Lux
AD Carry: Caitlyn
Support: Taric
Jungle: Lee Sin
- Strong poke damage
- Strong early-midgame
- Heavy laning pressure
- Good range

- Very skillshot dependant
- Weak lategame
- Weak AOE engagement

You might be wondering why I don't have Ezreal in there, king sniper. Well, frankly it's because Caitlyn actually IS a sniper, so it's hard to make a case to put him in over her. You could possibly stick him in any one of the other positions, but you'll have to be real good to make it work.

All your lanes have very strong poking power, but very weak sustaining power. Early on your lanes won't have the mana to support heavy duty fire, but can use their CCs in combination with Lee Sin's amazing ganking ability early on to snowball into a lead.

You might be wondering why I don't have Nidalee as support instead of Taric, who isn't a sniper at all. The reason for this is that the team lacks CC and tankiness, and as result I popped him in there to make it a more viable team composition rather than having a theme for the sake of having a theme.

On the other hand, if you're a purist, feel free to toss Nidalee in there instead; however be forewarned that very few people can play Nidalee support well. (But it's super-fun!)

As always against a poke comp, the key is either carrying an assassin with you and/or having strong tank initiators like Amumu on your team. However, a good team will know to position themselves properly so that you won't be able to run in and wreck havoc on their formation.

Early game will be a massive pain, especially for bot lane. Death is very possible, especially in the hands of a good Caitlyn who can utilize her range to its maximum potential. Counterganking by your jungler will be key to winning this game, for all three lanes have VERY strong engaging potential and strong openers, which will make ganks more than easy for Lee Sin to capitalize on.

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  1. I tried with my friends that comp on Proving Grounds, but with different tanks (eg blitz, mundo, yorick) and ofc with Nidalee instead of Taric. It's unbelievable how much poke can be achieved with this team gathered toghether.. after half a minute of shooting enemy siege becomes a run-for-your-life. Well placed skillshots of 2-3 champs (which are much easier to aim if Lux slows down enemies with her Lucent Singularity) are deadly for most carries. This tactic is viable on Summoner's Rift, but a heavy cc and gap-closing tanky team is just.. too tanky to burst them down while initiating. But if the enemy team has classic (hp,armor/mres) tanks with little dmg and glasscannons- joining toghether Lux n Nida (btw who synergizes with Ezreal like crazy :D ) makes the enemy carries life very hard at least to very short at last. Camping with lux in bush, waiting for their ad carry who was just sniped and returns to mid and goes prematurely back to base again - the key to this comp is map awareness and positioning. The enemy teams start to argue and blame their carries for catching skillshots... Its a viable and strong team, but very reliant on early game phase and forcing teamfights as early as its possible, while the Poke champions can instagib a carry. I prefer Rammus or Shen jungling with my sniper team - they both can taunt the enemy tank out of our goup, in the meantime we deal with the carries. Fast, deadly and with high sustain (remember that AP Nida heals much more in time, especially with a rushed grail, than a support soraka, not mentioning taric..) A quite risky but very rewarding (team score 22-5, 35-9 with enemy ad n ap carries with 1/10 score) team composition
    Pyroaniah, the red cat support sniper :D


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