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Oct 14, 2014

Top Team Comps #39: The Pain Train


Sion's recently received an overhaul on his kit, and so it's a great opportunity to bring back Top Team Comps starting with a feature team starring Sion as the backbone. This team composition capitalizes on the popular "split push" teams that are out on the field today.

With insanely strong engaging power and CC, this team can literally run straight down mid and demolish any enemy team brave enough to try split pushing.

Top: Gnar
Mid: Orianna
Jungle: Sion
AD Carry: Sivir
Support: Vel'koz
- Extremely strong AOE
- MEGA Strong initiation
- Very hard to kill
- Multiple sources of high damage
- Relies heavily on the Sion + Orianna combo
- Needs to funnel enemy champions
- Needs good timing between Gnar and Sion ults

Overall Strength: Very Strong
Difficulty to Counter: Medium
Difficulty to Execute: Medium
Fear Potential: Very Scary

The key to succeeding with this team is to make sure that Sion is hidden away somewhere that the enemy team won't see him coming. This usually means sweeping mid lane of any lane wards so that Sion can start the choo-choo mobile before the enemy team can react. If you can catch people with Orianna ult it also works very well, but feel free to use Sion as the ball delivery system.

This team also has very strong follow-up engage with Sivir ult, Vel'koz knockup, and Gnar doing his thing.

Beating this team mostly involves sticking together and also making sure to keep the lane warded. As these two things tend to be difficult for in solo queue, the ability of this team to engage is absolutely insane.

Another huge factor is your team's ability to stay spread out. If you're clumped together, then all is lost.

Don't play Shen or Nidalee against them. You will lose.

Top: Wukong - Ideal as he can turn invisible, walk out behind Sion and engage on the enemy team to prevent them from following up with anything meaningful at a synchronized time.
Mid: Zed - Can you say olé? Zed works well here, especially you can bait Sion into the wrong direction and pop out with shadow or ult.
Jungle: Rammus - Rammus works well here nearly as fast as Sion and can also run around him to gank other champions to stop their offense.
AD Carry: Sivir - Strange to think that against a team that already has Sivir I'm putting Sivir here, but Sivir would technically work best against this team...that, or someone like Jinx with her CC that she can place and run away from. Champions with built in blinks also do decently here, but need to jump to the side.
Support: Nami - While Janna might be stronger on the disengage, Nami works better simply because her ult has more travel time and can disrupt enemy champions BEHIND Sion as he starts his rampage, even while she's trying to get away herself.

All in all this team comp is pretty hard to beat as the champions stand. Ideal for blindpick stomping.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one or counter it? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. I feel the pain...

  2. Hmm wouldn´t a anivia prettymuch destroy this comp ? i mean with proper warding her wall can stop sions ult pretty well and afterwards there is no more engage for them except an enraged gnar jumping over it but no one to follow up

  3. SSJSuntasticOctober 16, 2014

    There's always Orianna just ulting by herself first :)

  4. True but it takes a lot of pressure out of the combo if sion can´t ult properly and i find it very difficult to hit a good orianna ult vs some long ranged poke comps mabe if you pick jayce top take a sona or janna as sup and pick some tanky jungler like Maokai its often pretty hard to hit a good ult on one of the high priority targets. And as result you would simply get out poked by jayce until you are low enough to get engaged by Maokai

  5. disqus_hrCXO8hM9vOctober 20, 2014

    i;m just imaging a 5 man ori shockwave at baron, into a gnar 5 man ult, to a sion ult!


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