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Mar 17, 2015

Top Team Comps #44: Hit and Run Comp (Run and Hit?)

Check out the fourth installment of Season 5's Top Team Comps! This week's composition features a composition featuring a fun running comp featuring Lucian, Leblanc, Karma, Amumu and Hecarim

Team Composition Score Card
AOE Damage: A
Crowd Control: A
Difficulty (1-5, 5 is hardest): 3
Dueling Power: A
Initiation: S
Poke Power: B
Pushing Power: B
Sustain: C
Synergy: A

Early Game: B
Mid Game: B
Late Game: B

S = Amazing!, A = Good, B = Average, C = Below Average, F = Bad


In week four of the new Top Team Composition series, we're bringing you a team composition that's more true to a specific theme. While powerful in its own right, it's a good mix of power and fun, and can definitely do well in the right setting. That being said, some of the champions aren't top picks at the moment, so feel free to swap them around with what you deem best.


This team focuses on the ability to run down enemy champions, chasing them to the end of the world and dishing out damage while doing so. Highlights include Leblanc and Karma with their snares that proc as long as they stay in range of enemy champions.

Speed - This team composition is very fast and as you'll likely realize, does not include Sivir. Not only do I think you guys are getting tired of team compositions all including Sivir, but Lucian fits in with the "whole sustained damage while running" theme much better.

Strong Initiation - Despite doing a ton of sustained damage, this team also has strong burst damage and CC via Amumu and Hecarim ults. Late game, the extremely low cooldown on Amumu's bandage also makes him very "sticky" and difficult to get away from while he deals percentage based AOE damage.

Balanced Power Spikes - This team is extremely balanced in terms of power spikes and contains champions that are strong at different stages of the game. This means that this team could snowball hard into mid game via Leblanc and Lucian, or turtle it out until Hecarim and Amumu are big enough to take down entire teams by themselves.

Key Concepts

  • Very much an initiate and burst strategy, doesn't require Leblanc to make a pick;
  • If Hecarim and Karma can coordinate her team speed boost, he'll get a large damage spike;
  • Stay grouped unless Hecarim has TP up; and
  • If your team can get assists of Leblanc assassinations you can snowball very quickly.


To counter this team, you'll ideally want to pick off the back line early before getting nailed by Amumu and Hecarim ults. Be sure to spread out as well. Split push may not be in your favor if Hecarim or Amumu is very fed as they can dive your team at any time.
  • Zed - Pick power and CC dodging abilities
  • Sejuani - Fight fire with fire
  • Sivir - Speed boost to counter getting run down
  • Janna - Counters initiation via her peel potential
  • Vladimir - Strong sustained damage and pool can dodge ults
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  1. Dr VanSexyMarch 17, 2015

    I will have to try out this team comp with my friends. It doesn't seem completely impossible to coordinate this with them.

  2. A sivir would be nice in this comp too

  3. Sejuani - Fight fire with fire Don't you mean ice? Or do I understand something wrong? :D

  4. Freljord comb
    Adc Ashe
    Supp Braum
    Midlane Anivia
    Jungle Sejuani
    Toplane Lissandra

    Slows, stuns, engage, peel. It has everything

  5. Exevier EtcheverryMarch 18, 2015

    That's very funny, but I don't know, it is too much CC. Countered by early champions, maybe with other support more agressive like Annie? In top a champion like Fiora, Irelia, Riven, Olaf (he's from Freljord) can be work very well in that composition.

  6. Daniel KasmanMarch 18, 2015

    It's an expression meaning fight something with itself. In this case, fight chase with chase.

  7. I would keep the liss and sej, because they supply innitiation. Tryndamere fould slso be an option. Mayby swap anivia out for liss and put tryn top. Since with that much cc and initiation he has almost free reign. Although ealry game champs counter this comb. With the teamfight potential it has, it isn that hard to come back from.

  8. Thanks, I didn't know about it. :)

  9. Troy LewisMarch 19, 2015

    SSJ I would still like your opinion on this comp:
    Top Lane: Riven
    Jungle: Nunu/Amumu
    Mid: Lissandra
    ADC: Kalista
    Support: Galio
    Detain & Destroy Comp.

    Team Composition Score Card
    AOE Damage: S
    Crowd Control: S
    Difficulty (1-5, 5 is hardest): 2* (Could be considered 1 depending on Riven player skill)
    Dueling Power: S
    Initiation: A
    Poke Power: C
    Pushing Power: A
    Sustain: A
    Synergy: S

    Early Game: B
    Mid Game: S
    Late Game: S

    Main focus of this team is skirmish and teamfight ability. Poke is substituted for an "All-In" playstyle, where Nunu and Gallio's Ult's provide both high cc and damage if they detonate. This coupled with Lissandras ability to either engage and ult on herself or lockdown the strongest target (which also produces area cc) gives way for Riven to easily ult and potentially penta if the enemy team is grouped. Kalista & Galio combo allows for speedy ganks (Righteous Gust) and her ult would allow for Galio to get perfect position for his. Nunu is the preferred jungler but Amunu can have a similar effect but with much less jungle control.

    Can be countered by high poke team comps, teams with more than 2 champs with an escape and champions that directly counter Riven top.


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