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Feb 24, 2015

SSJSuntastic's New Hyperaggressive Posting Schedule



Hey everyone, and welcome to the first administrative post for a very long time! 

First and foremost, thank you to all the regulars for visiting so often, including both the people that comment and the people that lurk. You know who you are ;)

Secondly, for those of you who are new/newish to this site, Welcome! As the frequent flyers of Nerfplz.LoL know by now, this site has made drastic shifts away from regularly reporting news and eSports to mostly discussing champions and strategies as a result of my day job that goes on during the time that all that exciting stuff occurs.

There are also several categories of articles that have not been refreshed for a while, despite complaints otherwise...I see you Top Team Comps and Twisted Treeline Tier List fans...I probably shouldn't mention the Dominion Tier List fans...

Anyway, I'd like to propose a bit of a compromise. You guys keep doing what you're doing, and from here on out I'll start up the new, HYPERAGGRESSIVE posting schedule outlined below!

HyperAggressive Posting Schedule (TM)

Miscellaneous Maintenance Monday
Formerly Mordekaiser Monday, I've decided to make Monday maintenance day instead. But instead of the usual downtime associated with a "maintenance day", this day will instead be dedicated to updating one or more of those posts that you've been yearning to see! If I can't think of anything I need to update or just feel like putting something random up, then you'll get a surprise instead ;)

Top Team Comp Tuesday
Top Team Comp Tuesday?! That's right, not only are we bringing back the Top Team Comps in style, it's going to happen every. single. week. Until I run out of ideas I suppose... Meanwhile, check out some of the latest Top Team Comps via this link or a full summary listing via this link!

Weird Pick Wednesday
Weird pick Wednesday is exactly what it sounds like, we'll go over an absurd, likely trollish pick and discuss its strengths and weaknesses (if you try them in ranked, you didn't see it here first folks!)

Top (10) Thursday
Top 10 Thursday may someday turn into Top Three Thursday or possibly Top Two Thursday, but let's start off with a HYPERAGGRESSIVE Top 10 to start, focusing primarily for tips, tricks, and if it's plays we're definitely cutting it down to three...

FOTM Friday
EDIT: I'm finding myself busier and busier nowadays developing new features for you to use on the site along with some real life commitments, so Fridays will be a tentative FOTM post, but will likely share something with Wednesday's Weird pick since that seems to be the trend, Meanwhile, be sure to check out some of the latest FOTM posts here!

Tier List Updates

Now some of you might be wondering, but SSJ, with all this new content that you're pushing out, what about the Tier List(s)?!

Generally, the tier list is updated whenever I feel like there's sufficient data to make a change. Here are some guidelines:

Solo Queue/FOTM Tier List
  • If the patch is on a weekday, it will generally be updated by or before the weekend;
  • If the patch is on a weekend, it will vary, but I'll aim for Thursday or Friday
Twisted Treeline Tier List
  • As the meta evolves somewhat slowly for 3s, I'll aim to update it if a new champion comes out that's viable for 3s. Otherwise, I'll update it once there are at least 10 different people asking for an update (I can see your IP addresses, don't cheat!)
If you have any ideas, thoughts, comments or just want to say "Hi!", feel free to leave a comment below and thanks again for visiting!

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  1. hi long time no see

  2. Are you sure you can post thing on this website THAT often. I mean considering how long it takes you to update the tier list it doesn't see like you have the time to post new things this often. I would think twice before making such a promise if I were you but if you can really keep up then I'm looking forward to this improvement.

  3. Definitely. You might be interested to hear that thanks JG Wukong, I've been placed in Gold 4. What's extremely funny to me is going 2/0/1 or the like by 10 mins - those silly laners keep underestimating his early game damage.

    Have you branched out, or are you still spamming him in every lane?

  4. SSJSuntasticFebruary 24, 2015

    Go big or go home!

  5. Congrats on g4! And I still go everywhere possible with wukong as usual.

  6. I forget, are you sitting in high gold, or are you in plat?

    Recently was pleasantly surprised with a support Wukong, who just kept harassing with E > AA > Q > AA and walking away under W invisibility. Silly stuff, and great at cs denial.

  7. This season I'm back in gold for now because of the resets. Tbh I haven't been playing as much league as before because I've been using more of that time studying and enjoying a social life but I'm gonna climb to plat again, and I hope to make diamond this season as my new goal.
    About wukong support, I was shocked how well I did the first few times I played it. Almost every time I did it I me and the adc ended up pushing to the inhib and becoming fed enough to 2v5 with ease, and I just built straight damage and still oneshotted the enemys as a support. I remember one time I was told in champ select that if bot doesn't get first blood I was gonna get reported. Well, I think you can figure out what happened at level 1 xD.

  8. Yeah, when I compare my placement games to the stories I hear on /r/summonerschool or from my friends in the dorms, I was VERY lucky to actually climb from placement games... Anyway, to keep myself interested in the game, I've found myself playing as a jack of trades. Used to be a jungler main, but now I'm having a lot of fun playing random top laners and carrying from the backline as adcs. TBH soloque can get quite repetitive/boring, so I'm glad to see this website promoting 5v5 teams again through Team Comp Tuesday (@SSJSuntastic).

    For sure, I could easily see Support Wu compared to Pantheon - great for cheese, great for snowballing, but gets hard countered by disengage (Alistar, Janna, Morg). Like other kill-lane supports, if he were to fall behind or feed a few kills, then his utility becomes piss-poor.

    I could see him going great with the likes of Caitlyn, Draven, and Graves for their early game snowballing potential.

  9. Eduardo Fortino Velderrain ValFebruary 24, 2015


  10. Niklas HopperFebruary 24, 2015

    Lurkers! Woo~

  11. Marshall WestFebruary 24, 2015

    I'm one of the lurkers. :) I never really have much to say, but I'm always happy to see when you post something new. I usually enjoy your tier lists, just 'cuz it lets me know what I'll most likely see, and how to best work around it. Plus, I love your context and explanations, because I'll admit to knowing what's strong, but not always WHY. Your lists and FOTM posts do a lot to clear it up for me. I do wish you'd do a bit more context posts for more champions, but that's just being picky, and as it is, the current amount it fine.

    Also, I agree that Taric is beautiful. Keep up the good work, and know that, even if I rarely if ever say anything, I always check in at least every other day, just because I like what you do, and how you do it. :3

  12. SSJSuntasticFebruary 24, 2015

    Thanks! I appreciate the thoughtful comment!

  13. SSJSuntasticFebruary 24, 2015

    Added a blurb on that ~

  14. If you actually go through with this schedule I will be overjoyed. This website has been one of my dailies ever since I started playing League 9 months ago. Good luck with this new schedule and keep up the hard work. :D

  15. Salutations! I have enjoyed all of your content for quite some time now and I am simply over the moon with your intended schedule. I am even more exited to battle on the rift after coming here and absorbing some of your valuable information, I love the way you format your content and even more I love the content itself. Up there I saw what you said about The Twisted Treeline, let me be the first to say I would love to see more content for TTT its my preferred game mode (I know I'm a freak) and its hard to find new strategies and team comps for the map. But sadly I am only one man, so no pressure! ☯

  16. Really like this! And hoping for the 3's list to get updated. Keep the good work going!

  17. Pedro SoaresFebruary 25, 2015

    Hi SSJSuntastic,

    I've been a follower of the blog from 2 years by now and would like to thank you for all the dedication you put into the blog. I always use the tier list to plan buying champions and next champs to master or simply learn.

    I would like to suggest you to get 1 or 2 friends to help you out, so instead of a SoloQBlogging maybe you could Duo Or ThreeBlogging :D to help you with the burden.

    I'm not really a fan of FoTM list because it can be misleading, but if you use statistics to catch the amount of games + winning rate per lane, it might be interesting.

    One of the main reasons I always check sites of LoL is to learn how to play better. Being a soloQ player on SIlver IV who keeps reaching 3 and dropping to 5, I aim to reach a better tier each season even if I fail sometimes to understand how can I improve or do better.

    Picking a good champion and a build is a good step but without proper execution it fails hard. For instance, lets take Swain. I feel like when I'm playing Swain i have lots of trouble last hitting minions, which will put me behing the enemy laner, with Vi I always feel like my team mates will criticize me if my 2nd item is not a tank item, and so on. All this snowballs into defeats if the early game is bad, or if the early game is just ok and the other lanes don't get any advantage.

    So what I think it's missing on this site is like a training school, a precise guide on how to master a new champions (ie: take it to team builder play 15 games, analyze performance, is it good enough to move to ranked with it, y/n?), training drills, how to approach the game mentality wise, clear auto analysis, for instance, 10 minutes, do I have 80 minion kills? y/n.
    Clear goals that would help analyze my weaknesses so I can improve, and also what I am exceling with.

    I also believe that I am a Silver 4 player because I am not good enough so that my gameplay makes a big difference to carry me to Gold (hey at least the goal is somehow achiveable :) ), but it's also important to understand and frustrating to reach series and not complete it because a guy went AFK and lose some motivation sometimes.

    I think that is something you could improve the site on, but probably you would need some help on that. Sometimes this kind of information is so spread over the internet or is so outdated that it's hard to keep track with all of it.

    Thank you and keep up with the good work.

  18. SpadeAce4444February 25, 2015

    Oh man, I hate the new veigar. I used to main AP mids at like level 10-20 but starting level 20 I started playing a crap ton of JG and top, because i got tier 3 runes and people in the mid lane started playing guys like Kat, Zed and Akali. I was recently thinking, hey the assassins got nerfed, maybe I should try a AP mid once more, and maybe in ranked, BUT NOW THEY CHANGE VEIGAR TO A HELLHOLE WHERE HE WILL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN.

  19. also silver here, have used your guides on tier lists over the past few months and got from s3 to s1!
    the above guys points are very valid too and woild be vey attractive to see those implemented~
    i also struggle to last hit with swain altho it looks op..

  20. calle perssonFebruary 25, 2015

    To be honest just pick a few champions and practice them. I would recomend that you specialize in a role lets say adc and have 2-3 champions that you play there regulary.

    Then you have one backup role lets say support since then you have a good understanding of how the lane matchup goes since you play alot of adc. That way you won't get rekt as often and you can almost always play well from you're role since you've done it so many times.

    Then don't worry to much about the tier list presented on this site since the lower you get the lower chance of someone acually plays a champion to it's fullest potential. Just pick something that are somewhat easy to get the hang of and play smart and focus on just improving yourself as much as possible.

    The thing with loosing promos because of AFK's is somewhat irellevant. Lets just as a thought experiment imagine if Wildturtle or doublelift where in your promos in silver to gold. Then it wouldn't really matter if someone is afk and he would be able to carry anways Why? Because he's alot better then the players around him.

    So with that said focus on improving yourself to the point that league has no other option to promote you.

    P.S. Don't worry about what everyone else says in the chat.

  21. Raul MartinezFebruary 25, 2015

    gotta love all the work you guys put into this, ssj keep it up, this list is helping me get better at league. <3

  22. I check this page everyday to see some news. Love your work.

  23. CanadianBurnsFebruary 25, 2015

    Update your twisted treeline tier list!!!! with the new stronger jungle, the support meta is making a big comeback in NA!

  24. I mostly look at your Solo Queue tier list which is a classic. I've been coming back to this site for many months now. Soon 1 year I think.

  25. James WilliamsFebruary 25, 2015

    If you guys post daily, you bet I'll be here daily! Lots of us appreciate the quality content, thanks and keep it comin'!

  26. ShaquiIIe OhealFebruary 25, 2015

    Awesome, the author really provides great insights

  27. There's a Dominion tier list? LOL

  28. MasterOfMetalFebruary 25, 2015

    Been visiting this site for a while, thanks for keepin up with the new patches that seem to come out every other day

  29. Twisted Treeline Tier List

    Yes pls, update that one in the next patch if you can. Ty

  30. mainly a lurker, but i I lik3 hyperagressive schedules. Good luck

  31. Razen SkaelorFebruary 25, 2015

    As a frequent visitor on this page, I'm pretty happy with this new schedule. You should really make more advertising so people can reach this amazing page :)

  32. Kaisser BeckenbauerFebruary 25, 2015

    I really really like this site and appreciate your good work! This schedule looks neat :) Will make sure to check the site daily and tell my friends to do it too.
    I'd like a lot if you could update TT tier list as well, since i like to play them with my team
    Keep up the good work ^^

  33. Love you SSJ <3 This website is my life <3 (Kappa)

  34. MasterpierroundFebruary 25, 2015

    I would greatly enjoy a TT tier list update

  35. Razen SkaelorFebruary 26, 2015

    You do this all alone or do you have some staff mate?

  36. KingoftheSocksFebruary 26, 2015

    Ooh we got a schedule now. Well done on trying to create order from the chaos

  37. I hope in new TT tier list updates :D You always did great jobs.

  38. MajorWubba .February 26, 2015

    I love it. Pleasant surprise to check back after a few days and have four new posts waiting for me. I'm used to being able to check in weekly for a post or two. Dis gon b gud.

  39. yo ssh been coming here for 2 years now love the site keep up the good work

  40. good stuff :D

  41. Matthew RobinsonFebruary 27, 2015

    You do know it is possible for people to download TOR or other programs that can change your IP address right?

  42. SSJSuntasticFebruary 27, 2015

    Thanks Matthew :P I think it's best to use a comparative example:

    Locks are not meant to keep bad people out, any person determined enough can break one. They are meant to prevent normally good people from doing otherwise questionable moral activities.

  43. I love this site, its awesome and the only league related website that works in school :D

  44. DjDorkyDorkMarch 01, 2015

    A static IP address does not change, which is why it's labeled as "static" ( unless you manually change it, but because you gave yourself the IP it is still a static ip.). A Dynamic Address can change. But both of these addresses are what are called " private addresses". Its only your ip address inside your own network, once you want to leave your network and go anywhere else , AKA the internet, you have to go through your router, your router will then give you a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IP address which is usually only 1, and its determined by your ISP. devices can share this ip address with each other, which is why you can have multiple computers on 1 network, your router will just map that certain device to an open port on itself, and add that port number to the ip address for organizational purposes. But you are right you can still change that ip address through the use of proxies.

  45. Matthew RobinsonMarch 01, 2015

    It seems I've gotten myself confused. Regardless, my IP changes every now and then so I guess I have a "dynamic IP" as you said.

  46. update 3 vs 3 tier list plz

  47. Alcides Braga de SouzaMarch 02, 2015

    Please update the 3v3 tier list xD

  48. Salutations SSJ! I am absolutely adoring all of your recent content, keep up the fantastic work. Was just hoping you might do a piece on supports in the future, maybe some sort of Super
    Suntastic Support Sunday/Saturday. I can not speak for anyone else but I
    find it very hard to find ways to improve my support game on the
    internet, I learn mostly from trial and error and was hoping you might
    help expedite the process.☯

  49. Update the 3v3 tier list please

  50. Hi!
    Update the 3v3 tier list, please.

  51. Best website for knowing what is strongest in the meta, very useful for ranked games to ban champions :3

  52. update TT teir list pls

  53. KingCaliburMay 07, 2015

    I'm always on here at work since it bypasses their proxy ^_^ Plus, it's always useful, to the point information that I always reference before a game that I Q for. Thanks for your time! :)

  54. Twisted Treeline plox °O°

  55. koolaidfromthehoodJune 14, 2015


  56. KhanafallenJune 23, 2015

    Update TT with the new map plz. Thx

  57. Ignacio Alfaro TolonJuly 09, 2015

    Please Update de TT list! Thank you


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