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Dec 14, 2012

Top Team Comps #19: Black Cleaver Comp

COMPLETELY overpowered and yet terribly amusing to build, Black Cleaver's become a staple of many AD based heroes since last patch. Despite the nerfs to Black Cleaver coming up in the preseason update 1, it still remains extremely powerful with physical casters since it gives a stack on damage from ALL physical sources. (This includes every tick of Talon's bleed and Pantheon's Heartseeker Strike).

Let's abuse it...more

The purpose of this composition is to shred armor into tiny little pieces so that your AD based heroes can wreck havoc as the enemy team tries to stack armor to counter you, but unfortunately finds out that leaves them dangerously low on damage.
Top: Riven
Mid: Talon
Jungle: Pantheon
AD Carry: Corki
Support: Taric
- Strong laning presence
- Great synergy
- Ridiculously powerful mid game
- Can target squishies with ease
- Snowballs hard
- Low poke
- No real "front line
- No AP casters
- Need to manmode lategame
- Item reliant
If you want to be a bit more tanky/have a stronger engage, replacing Riven top with Darius or Wukong may be a good idea.

The strategy to this game is simple. Deal true damage to their entire team via armor reducing abilities and take advantage of each lane's ridiculously strong match-ups. Even if every lane stacks armor early game (which they should), each of these heroes can hold their own against pretty much anybody in the game 1v1.

Late game you'll have to rely on one person on your team snowballing hard enough to instantly burst down their squishy and possibly more. Once you get black cleaver and Corki/Taric engages, the amount of damage output in the battle escalates as the enemy armor quickly becomes 0.

This strategy can be countered by building Guardian Angels on your squishies as well as having a strong tank line that can peel. A jungler like Alistar will do well with his massive % damage reduction that isn't based on armor.

As always, gank early and make sure they don't snowball too early, or the game can get very difficult when Pantheon, Riven, and Talon can all solo your team 1v5.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. panth top and xin in jungle would be so much better for this

  2. SSJSuntasticDecember 15, 2012

    That was actually my original plan, but someone talked me into deciding Riven is better than Xin :P

  3. Matias Ignacio Araneda ArayaMarch 31, 2014

    still working?? someone plz answer its urgent thnx


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