Mar 20, 2019

Weird Picks #117: Luden's Echo Ezreal

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No More Double Tear?

Here's a weird pick that might shift from "weird" to FOTM sooner than later. Ever since Patch 9.6 removed the ability to stack both Muramana and Serapah's Embrace on the same champion, Ezreal players are looking for a new item path to greatness. Turns out Luden's Echo works pretty well!


Best Champions Ban Tier List For Bronze | Silver | Gold | Platinum | Diamond - Patch 9.6 March

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In the current meta, there are a ton of high-powered champions that are dominating Diamond and above. This means banning out something worthwhile is easy, but also somewhat difficult as there are so many champions available. In lower divisions, players are wasting bans on Sylas, who's really not that scary unless you're playing against someone who's actually good at him.
Ban Tier List

FOTM Ranked Solo Queue Tier List (High Elo) ~ Patch 9.6 - March

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FOTM Tier List For Patch 9.6 -
Looking for a tier list that gives you a better idea of what champions other players think are powerful in the current meta? This list takes out the unorthodox selections from the standard tier list and uses a data-driven approach to pick out what players are most afraid of and think are strongest. In this patch, the God Tier mid laners include [Zed, Yasuo, LeBlanc, Sylas, Ahri]; Jungle [Lee Sin, Rek'Sai, Jarvan IV]; Bot Lane [VayneEzreal, Lucian]; Top [Riven, Darius, Jax, Kaylek]

Mar 19, 2019

Top Team Comps #109: Massive AOE Annihilation

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Damage From Every Angle

Want to run a full damage team comp that actually works? Well here's your chance. This team features a team where at any point in time, the enemy team is in danger of getting 1v5'd...instantly. They pack an incredible amount of mixed AOE damage that's nearly impossible to itemize for. Meanwhile, if you're up against a squishy team comp, the only question is...who's getting the next pentakilll?

AOE Damage: S+ |
Crowd Control: A |
Difficulty (1-5, 5 is hardest): 2 |
Diving Power: A |
Dueling Power: A |
Initiation: A |
Poke Power: B |
Pushing Power: S |
Sustain: B |
Synergy: S |
Waveclear: A |

Early Game: A |
Mid Game: A |
Late Game: A |
Super Late Game: A

Strongest League Champions

Official Patch 9.6 Notes Released!

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Ezreal Nerfs?!

In a somewhat surprisingly change, Riot's changed Tear of the Goddess items to only allow you to build one (including the upgraded versions). How much will this end up nerfing Ezreal? We'll have to wait and should be a decent chunk to his late game damage though.

Meanwhile, we've got plenty of buffs this time around including a couple big ones, including a general buff to Urgot that should make him viable in the top lane again. 

Check out the full scope of changes below!


Mar 18, 2019

Double Ward Gold Mechanics on Sweeper Everyone Should Know

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Ward Gold Is Being WASTED
Sometimes when I'm playing ADC I notice that supports give me question mark pings when I last hit wards that they sweep. Turns out they don't even notice that they also received gold first, I thought it was an isolated incident until I saw this Reddit post earlier today.

It turns out there are a TON of people in all divisions that don't know that if someone uses Sweeping Lens or Control Ward and shows a ward, an ally can kill it and you BOTH get gold and bonus experience.

Mar 17, 2019

FOTM Report: Galio Support

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Alistar Upgrade?

These last two patches have shown a strong spike in Galio supports all over bot lane. On paper, he plays similar to Alistar with his gap closer and AOE crowd-control. Primary differences include his slightly slower crowd-control time, no sustain, and added poke.

Check out why players are picking him up below!


Mar 16, 2019

Counter Series #4: How to Counter Zed

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Too Many Shadows?

Zed is considered by most to be one of the trickiest outplay designation champions in the game. His shadows give him a massive amount of mobility, and his perfect invulnerability via his ultimate allows him to avoid otherwise devastating ultimates like Malphite or Sejuani. When you combine this with his massive single target and potential AOE damage output, it's no wonder he's one of the most banned champions in the game.


Mar 15, 2019

FOTM Report: Vi Jungle

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Just a Little Buff They Said...
In Patch 9.5, Riot threw Vi players a "bone" in the form of a Passive buff, a Q "nerf" that ends up really being a buff, a W buff, an E buff, and of course, an R "nerf" that really just again becomes another buff. In the end, this ended up pumping up her win rate and of course, skyrocketing her playrate.

Check out the full scope of changes below!