Nov 20, 2018

FOTM Report: Dark Harvest BROKEN In Patch 8.23

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Huge Changes to Dark Harvest in Patch 8.23 

Making Dark Harvest one of the most overpowered runes in the game, Riot's 8.23 buffs have made it more consistent and snowball prone than ever before. Not only is it more consistent now, but it also greatly buffs champions with executes.

It's not quite as good on champions who rely on the initial burst damage, but for champions that specialize in destroying low health champions it's absolutely INSANE.


Official Patch 8.23 Notes Released

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Check out the latest Patch Notes for 8.23! The preseason is here and players are granted the newly modified runes along with a massive buff on Dark Harvest! It seems to be a bit overpowered at the moment, but we'll see how it all pans out. Read on for the full notes~

Top Team Composition #104: Speed Gates Comp

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By crushing enemy turrets, players grant their entire team global gold and remove safety from the map, especially for enemy junglers. This creates strong pressure on the enemy team and gives your allies a chance to snowball without even winning their lane.

This team specializes in two gate openers, one of them being the strategically-minded int Sion. Team Composition Score Card: AOE Damage: A |
Crowd Control: A |
Difficulty (1-5, 5 is hardest): 2 |
Diving Power: A |
Dueling Power: A |
Initiation: A |
Poke Power: B |
Pushing Power: S |
Sustain: B |
Synergy: A |
Waveclear: A |

Early Game: A |
Mid Game: A |
Late Game: A |
Super Late Game: B |

Strongest League Champions

Nov 19, 2018

Stat Shard Guide - Season 9 Rune Changes

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What's a Stat Shard?

In Patch 8.23, League of Legends will introduce the stat shard mechanic that removes stat bonuses from rune paths. Players will be able to take the runes they want without feeling restricted by path style bonuses.


Summary of New Season 9 Ranked Changes

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Season 9's New Ranked Ladder

Changes are coming to the ranked ladder sooner than you think, and there are a TON. If you're not ready for it you may be caught unaware. Check out our quick FAQ along with a compilation of everything you need to know below to stay on your toes!

This will be a work in progress as Riot updates us with additional ranked information as we open into preseason, so be sure to check back often!

New Loading Screen Update on PBE!

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An Overdue Update
For the loading screen, players have been used to the same old thing for many years now. That's all changing as we go into the new season with a brand new face-lift pictured above! Check out the full details below from Riot Meddler:

New Champion Reveal - Neeko The Curious Chameleon!

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Check out Neeko, the latest League of Legends Champion! 

A champion that specializes in copying other champions, this tricky champion specializes in ultra flashy illusion spells guaranteed to confound your opponents and maybe your allies too. It's hard to fathom a champion trickier than Leblanc or Shaco, but this time Riot may have a winner. Check out the official trailer below!

Official Trailer


"Neeko was born on a remote and largely unknown island, far to the east, where the last members of an ancient vastayan tribe remained isolated from the rest of the world. They were called the Oovi-Kat, and could trace their lineage generation by generation back to the legendary Vastayashai’rei—the ancestors of all vastaya.

The Oovi-Kat were peaceful beings, of unrivaled potential. Their harmonious society blended seamlessly with the spirit realm, so that their sho’ma—their spiritual essence—could intermingle with other beings through mere proximity, and even help them mimic other physical forms. No secrets existed between the Oovi-Kat, but few were as curious, resilient, or energetic as young Neeko.
She developed a fondness for games, hiding trinkets and thoughts to see if others could find them. Her inquisitive nature knew no bounds, and she was pure and innocent in her charmed existence.

But it was not to last. Cataclysm loomed on the horizon.

Thanks to the quick thinking and self-sacrifice of the Oovi-Kat elders, Neeko escaped the death of her homeland. She clumsily took the form of a bird, and fled the smoldering destruction, feeling the screams of her people fading into the ethereal gulf between realms.

Days later, desperate and exhausted, Neeko plummeted into the sea. She clung to driftwood, entirely at the mercy of the currents, until an odd silhouette rose into view. She could hear voices carrying over the waves, and so she swam toward the strange structure.

With the last of her strength, she crept aboard what turned out to be a mercantile vessel destined for Harelport. Neeko rested where she could, calling out into the spirit realm for her lost tribe. She felt only scattered, sad echoes in response, and images of towering, dead trees that lay somewhere over a fragile horizon…

When Neeko emerged from the ship into the city, it was a strange and unfamiliar new world. All her senses tingled. Many a creature, even another Oovi-Kat, might be afraid in that situation—but not Neeko. The society bustled with unique personalities, strangers with a vast array of motives and shapes. This was a place of countless stories and experiences, and it entranced her completely.

Before she could get far, she was spotted by a vastayan sailor named Krete. Neeko could not understand all his words, but he demanded to know which tribe she belonged to. Neeko reached out with her sho’ma, mimicking his face and expression to make her peaceful intentions understood, but Krete did not seem to like this at all. Overwhelmed by his darkening thoughts, Neeko fled into the crowd, altering her shape many times until she escaped.
Surrounded by lush, tropical greenery in the hinterlands beyond Harelport, Neeko grappled with her recent experiences. She simply could not understand how anyone might rely solely on words as their singular form of communication. It seemed so… limiting?

Seeking solace, she took on the shape of the sleek jungle cats she encountered among the trees, and tried to run with them. Neeko loved being fast and agile, and their bright, keen eyes reminded her of home—until, quite unexpectedly, the leader transformed into a beautiful, strong, dark-haired woman. After a tense standoff, she introduced herself as Nidalee, and reluctantly accepted Neeko into the group.

Neeko hesitated to entrust the truths of the Oovi-Kat to others, but she felt a deep kinship with Nidalee, because she suspected this bestial huntress might share some forgotten connection with the vastayan race. Their friendship blossomed, and for many months they roamed the wilds together.
But the towns and cities, with all their flaws, still called to Neeko. Her ancestors came to her in dreams, showing her the pale branches of those dead trees, over and over. The trees needed color, to bloom again—of that much, Neeko was certain. She asked her friend to join her on this new journey, but Nidalee could not be persuaded.

Crestfallen, but determined, Neeko set out alone.

Her old life among the Oovi-Kat may be lost forever, but Neeko envisions a magical future—a larger tribe of like-hearted vastaya, yordles, humans, and whatever other creatures might share her dream. As far as she is concerned, everyone has the potential to find a place in her new tribe. She has pledged to seek these souls out, to befriend them, and defend their sho’ma with her life.

To know Neeko is to love Neeko, and to love Neeko is to be Neeko."

Source: Champion Page

Excited for the new champion? Comment below!


Nov 17, 2018

Riot Gives Toxic Players Chance For Season 8 Redemption

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One more chance at honor

Granted by Riot, League of Legends players who were previously penalized for falling below the Honor two level still have almost three whole months to gain back their honor for Season 8 rewards.

The deadline for getting to Honor Level 2 is now February 11, 2019! On the other hand, this does not apply if you were subject to 2-week suspensions, botting, boosting, cheating, or permabans (sorry Eric).

Be sure to check out our guide on How to Farm Honor FAST to maximize your honor grind and check out the official post below from Riot Keyru along with a quick FAQ!

Nov 16, 2018

State of League, Season 8, 9 and Nerfplz Going Forward

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New Beginnings
Now that Season 8 is officially over, it's time to look back and reflect on the state of League as a whole, the weirdness of the Season meta, and the outlook for Nerfplz going forward into the new year ~

The State of League
Always in flux, people declare League dead almost every year. It's easy to see games like Overwatch and Fortnite pop up as major contenders for time and attention, and League's certainly lost steam. On the other hand, League is also one of those games that once you pick up is tough to put away. Some players lose interest in ranked, but still play casual ARAMs with friends every day.

Each year Riot speeds up the game and reduces the time commitment per game, and the new early surrender on disconnects has been absolutely game-changing. Meanwhile, say what you will about "unfair bans", but generally speaking most banned players I meet look at their chat logs and agree that yeah, they were pretty toxic.

Overall, I think League's definitely maturing, but it's aged well. Most players would agree that the game has improved year after year...except for one controversial change: