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Jul 19, 2012

Top Team Comps #5: The Vayne Comp


EVERYONE knows that Vayne has one of the strongest, if not the strongest late-game potential of any other AD carry. While this team composition can work with pretty much any powerful AD carry, Vayne or Kogmaw will definitely get the most advantage out of this combination simply because they're less spell/utility based and almost completely auto-attack damage based.

Top: Yorick
Mid: Zilean
Jungle: Nunu
Support: Janna
AD Carry: Vayne

In this team composition, Vayne is practically unkillable. Even if she's focused down and CC'ed in a fight, a Yorick ghost will be attacking and a Zilean ult will be waiting to give a third Vayne in the shadows. It's beneficial for the Vayne to run Flash + Cleanse with this lineup.

This team is also extremely powerful early-mid game in their solo lanes with Zilean and Yorick harass, and transitions well into late game as they focus in on Vayne. With Nunu+Janna buffs on Vayne, her naturally high damage output is amplified even futher.

The major weakness of this team composition is clearly that relies heavily on your Vayne being highly skilled and getting fed in teamfights. Without a strong Vayne, this team's late game is very sub-par. Another weakness is heavy CC, which can stop Zilean and Yorick from casting their ultimates as well as stop Vayne from doing her job.

However, Janna should provide a strong disengage if necessary. Another weakness is the fact that there are very few good Zilean players available at the moment as a result of him being in slight disfavor. He's still a very viable champion, but nobody really plays him much anymore except for Scarra.

This team composition used to be highly favored in tournament play, with Zilean or Yorick being banned almost every match. However, Zilean has fallen heavily out of favor for more mobile and bursty mages such as Ahri. Scarra shows that indeed Zilean can still be viable and even extremely powerful, but it will take a skilled Zilean and a skilled Vayne to make this team composition work.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. I hate motherfucka vayne! Never worked to me, i don't know why.. but always that i pick her finnish loosing, maybe i haven't mastered her, but she has costed me easily 100 elo :P

    Nice post

  2. Vayne's very late game oriented, and in solo queue she's a little harder to win consistently with. She DOES have the ability to hypercarry and carry a team by herself, but in many ranked solo queue games the winner is decided during laning phase when team morale drops for one side.


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