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Feb 16, 2013

Top Team Comps #27: Hidden ADC Snowball Comp

Eternum Nocturne Skin
Killing the ADC is one of the main goals of any team. However, what happens when you can't FIND the enemy AD carry? I played against a team comp like this earlier, and let me tell was one of the most frustrating experiences ever as a bruiser. Check it out below:

Top: Jax
Mid: Katarina
Jungle: Nocturne
AD Carry: Twitch
Support: Sona
- Strong poke
- Hard to find ADC
- Fast engages
- Strong AOE
- Snowballs Hard
- Require Nocturne to be Tanky
- Twitch and Katarina need to be smart

I actually didn't change this team composition at all from the one I played against.
The strategy goes like this: Twitch stays out of sight until the enemy team starts grouping up to defend a turret, at which point Nocturne and Jax engage. During the course of the Nocturne ult, Twitch should take this opportunity to get the enemy team as low as possible with his Spray and Pray, aided by Sona's ultimate to hold them in place for a while. If he can get a few low enough for Katarina to jump in and clean up with some resets, the fights are all but won.

Their late game is absolutely ridiculous, and this is definitely one of those teams that can come back from an early loss after a thrown team fight or two. Since Nocturne's ult obscures the vision, Twitch and Katarina are almost impossible to find and CC until it's too late. As long as Nocturne is tanky enough to survive the onslaught, the fights are very straightforward.

The counter-strategy here is really to somehow ward and clear wards enough so that you can catch one of them in an unfavorable engagement. You'll definitely want to win this game early, because even if your bruisers are strong enough to take on Nocturne 1v1, if any one of your teammates fall prey to the Spray + Katarina combo, the rest of your team will quickly fall suit.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. I am really in this composition. Maybe Jax could be switched for Jarvan to lock the enemy team for the rest in his ult. It depends on the top/mid lane match though.

  2. I can see Jarvan work if this same combo is played. Jarvan is already tankier than Jaxx and when the Ult comes out with a kat jumping in, G-effin-G.

  3. Wouldn't Twisted Fate be a Counter to this?

  4. SSJSuntasticMarch 14, 2013

    Nope, TF ult gets blocked by Nocturne ult

  5. I'll suggest some improvements. Nami instead of Sona. Sona could poke better, but Nami has some huge presence in TF. Another viable option for making hardcore AOE and also helps on the escape and engage utilities is an GP. Someone could say "But he doesn't are so good as an Jax" but, can build pretty tanky, crits nerf Tankers and an ult in AOE and also Global...

  6. How about team with magic penetration, Morgana, heimer, fiddle, kog' maw and ryze for example. We tried that and it was fun, we assraped enemy team.

    Another fun tactic is to take hecarim with teleport and teemo who places mushrooms for hecarims Homeguard ganks. Hecarim gets about 100 dmg from homeguards, way too much fun.

  7. What do you think about swapping Nocturne with Amumu ?

  8. SSJSuntasticJuly 05, 2013

    Hi Dusan, I think as a team comp it would work well as an AOE, but Nocturne's ultimate really helps keep them "hidden"!

  9. john culverAugust 16, 2013

    Nocturne obscures the vision so they can't see twitch or kat, and sona provides the aoe stun.

  10. You're kinda missing the point. Sona has a huge presence in teamfights with her ult and damage buff. Jax can follow nocturne's dive with his jump; GP would be left behind.

  11. DaveScottMustaineSeptember 07, 2013

    I still preefer Jax instead of Jarvan. Why? Because you aready have a tank (Nocturne) so if you go Jarvan you will need to for some damage to peel in the initiation. Jax can build damage and be tanky too because of his ultimate, still dealing more damage than Jarvan he can be tanky too.

  12. CarlindomorroNovember 15, 2013

    I dunno if it's already listed. but what do you think about Orianna + Shaco jungle. Besides Shaco not beeing the best jungler nowadays, i've seen that invisible ball dealing massive damage and it scaried me as shit.


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