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Aug 3, 2013

Top Team Comps #31: Turnaround Comp

Art of Revelry Cassiopeia
Sometimes you're forced to run from overwhelming forces (or zombies) and sometimes you just have to stand your ground and fight. This team composition is dedicated to those champions that get tired of running and decide to turn around and return some pain.

Top: Fiora
Mid: Cassiopeia
Jungle: Fiddlesticks
AD Carry: Varus
Support: Sona
- Strong AOE damage
- Strong AOE CC
- Decent poke
- Huge burst damage

- Squishy late game
- Weak against tanky team comps

This team's very prone to getting counterpicked. Be sure to ban Kassadin and Kayle. Besides having some bad match-ups, supposing that you have an even playing field this team has a very solid laning phase, and decent gank potential. Note that this team composition is extremely skill based since you have Cassiopeia and Fiddlesticks, who can easily be useless if you die too early and/or miss your skills. (I realize this goes for all heroes, but they're more prone to the second part.)

On the other hand, the damage potential of this team is extremely high, even without a tank. The 1v1 dueling capabilities of this team is also extremely good, as is their ability to mow down 5 champions instantly.

The best way to initiate on this team is a perfectly timed Fiddle ultimate and Cassiopeia turn-around ultimate simultaneously, or you can choose to do the hide-in-a-bush strategy. Be sure to bring a pink ward if you do. See below for a visual illustration.

The Perfect Turnaround
Fiora's getting chased, taking some heavy damage...fiddle's hiding in the bush...waiting to ultimate
And then CHAOS
I hope you enjoyed this detailed rendition of how to execute this strategy properly. If someone wants to draw a better one feel free to post below.
Countering this team involves very good warding, and a strong initiating tank. Of course, if you have a team that counters them in lane, this also works very well.

Here's an example of a team composition that has a good chance of succeeding:

Top: Kayle - Counter Fiora's ultimate and counter her in lane with range. Also good to have a ranged top if you have Kassadin mid.
Mid: Kassadin - Beats Cassiopeia unless she just happens to be way better than you. He can also rift out of Varus ult after it starts.
Jungle: Amumu - Strong initiation
AD Carry: Caitlyn - enough range to stay free of getting 5 man AOE'ed
Support: Janna - Strong peel and ability to disrupt the ultimate CC stacking.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. Teach me how to draw master! :))

  2. SSJSuntasticAugust 03, 2013

    First you need the proper graphical design programs, I use this one called Microsoft Paint, it's a little pricey but it's not bad.

  3. Im kiding ))

  4. I like the drawings

  5. Denied PentaAugust 10, 2013

    He's joking you twat. Dont make me go 420Blazing.

  6. I lolled hard.

  7. Personally, even if its not the best plan, Id put fiddlesticks in mid, and an amumu jungle. Then you have 2 aoe snares, an aoe stun, an assasin (fiora, could replace with someone with resets, like khazix maybe) and first an amumu catches someone out, ULTs, varus followup ult, sona ult, fiddlesticks will have more than enough time to ult in, and khazix will melt any runners. (If anyone can escape)


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