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Feb 24, 2015

Top Team Comps #41: Anti-Dive Damage Comp

Check out a new featured TTC! This team composition features an extremely powerful, damage oriented team where any one of the 5 members can easily carry a team to victory, but is surprisingly durable considering they're all normally what people perceive as squishy champions. Featuring: Jinx, Heimerdinger, Zyra, Wukong, and Fiora

Jinx, Heimerdinger, Zyra, Wukong, Fiora
Team Composition Score Card
AOE Damage: S
Crowd Control: A
Difficulty (1-5, 5 is hardest): 3
Dueling Power: S
Initiation: A
Poke Power: C
Pushing Power: S
Sustain: C
Synergy: A

Early Game: B
Mid Game: A
Late Game: S

S = Amazing!, A = Good, B = Average, C = Below Average, F = Bad


Welcome to the Season 5 of Top Team Comps, and the first post of SSJSuntastic's New Hyperaggressive Posting Schedule! I've chosen to change up the graphics a bit as well as the format. Let me know what you think along with any comments and/or suggestions in the DISQUS section below!


This week's Top Team Composition is one that I had the good/(mis?) fortune of running into a little while back in solo queue that really stuck out. Although the game was close and lasted nearly a full hour, it was really how absolutely frustrating it was to play against the team combined with how difficult it was to kill their champions that left a lasting impression.

Damage - This team composition specializes in 5 extremely high damage dealers with powerful AOE attacks that make leaving any one of them alive very dangerous and quick to clean up.

Clean Up Power - With Jinx and Fiora, they can quickly clean up a fight after the inital Zyra/Wukong/Heimerdinger burst damage. Additionally, as Jinx, Fiora, and Wukong naturally build lifesteal, they can sustain themselves back up after an ace to push objectives extremely efficiently.

Invulnerability - Likely the most annoying and greatest contributor of success to this team is likely their ability to become invulnerable while still pushing out MASSIVE amounts of damage via Zhonyas on Zyra and Heimerdinger combined with Fiora's basic ultimate.

Tower Pushing Power - With three attack damage based champions combined with Heimerdinger and Zyra plants for tanking turrets, this team has insane pushing power.

Key Concepts

  • Buy Zhonyas Hourglass on Heimerdinger and Zyra
  • Build Hydra on Wukong and Fiora
  • Split push to take advantage of Fiora's insane 1v1 potential


Countering this team is not easy. One of the best ways to deal with a composition like this is to push hard and end the game early. A full build Fiora will show no mercy and can quickly dispatch an entire lane by herself if left to split-push.

That being said, successfully camping Fiora will certainly be a good choice, but as they can also take Dragon extremely quickly with Heimer turrets and Zyra plants, so be sure to keep map control of that area as well.

Good luck and have fun if you try this team out!

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one or counter it? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. Lemme add some counters:
    Top Lane: Renekton, Darius
    Jungle: Vi, Jarvan
    Mid: Ziggs, Syndra
    ADC: Tristana, Graves, Draven
    Support: Sona, Karma, Nami
    Goal here is to keep Fiora underfed/useless, scale harder than Jinx, and destroy Heimerdinger's lane presence. The Junglers here are basically there to improve the laning phase and out-dual Wukong if he counterjungles. Supports here are good at keeping the ADC alive and possibly out-poking Zyra. The ADCs are late game beasts who can get away from a Wukong ult with ease.

  2. Steven NadlerFebruary 25, 2015

    you forgot too add Xerath to the mid lane. He can easily deal with heimer's turrets, and wave clear easily, whilst having a tanky front line and a good disengaging support helps keep fiora and wukong at bay.

  3. KGS MrsMermaid2000February 25, 2015

    I think a that this teamcomp would work quite well since it has suprisingly good late game potential despite having strong lane bullies.

    Top: Jayce.
    Jungle: Nunu
    Mid: Lulu (AP)
    ADC: Sivir.
    Support: Zilean

    With this team comp you get two good early game bullies within the sidelane that scale very well that have a lot of utility and damage. All of the champions have a movement speed buff which allows you to easily chase down opponents in crowded teamfights and allow your ADC to kite with ease whilst having all of these free stats. (Lulu Passive/Nunu Attack Speed/600 movespeed). With Nunu it's easy to have good jungle control and you can siege with Jayce/Sivir despite being quite short range. You also have good waveclear on the team (sivir/jayce/lulu) and you can easily bait fights and look weaker than you really are.

  4. This looks pretty good. Zilean ult can bring back a carry after the enemy's burst (and fiora ult) has been used up. Additionally, since Wukong's early jungle game is rather weak (especially levels 1-3) a counterjungling Nunu can really make his life miserable. Sivir is a decent choice with her pushing power and AoE skills. I don't see why Lulu would be better than a more traditional mid and I can't really comment on Jayce since I don't really know him well. His knockback ability will help to stop Wukong's ult and I think it can be used to knock away Heim's ult-turret.

  5. I just remembered Nunu can Q-consume Heim's ult turret as well for a good laugh, and his attack speed slows on his E and R is strong against their AD champs. Nunu's ganks aren't terribly impressive tho so it's important that the lanes don't feed, especially Top and Mid. Also, Lulu's ult has bad synergy with Zilean's since if she ult's someone after Zilean does it could prevent their death and subsequent revival with high health

  6. MyFatherBuyMyMomFebruary 25, 2015


  7. Awesome ! I will try it soon !

  8. Good point, adding him now.


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