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Nov 29, 2013

Top Team Comps #34: Flashy Big Play Comp


Big plays tend to be risky, flashy, and EXTREMELY FUN. If you and your team want to play a viable team comp that's almost guaranteed to have some highlight reel plays, test out the team comp below:

Top: Riven
Mid: Ahri
Jungle: Lee Sin
AD Carry: Ezreal
Support: Leona
- Extremely mobile
- Strong 1v1 burst damage
- High damage potential
- High single target CC
- Good catching ability
- Narrow AOE range
- Low stun AOE
- High skill cap

Overall Strength: Strong
Difficulty to Counter: Medium
Difficulty to Execute: Medium-High
Fear Potential: Wary...
1. Focus on Top Lane
This team has a very very strong early game, and but also relies on making sure that they succeed in lane in order to have a strong presence late game. Lee Sin should focus mainly on top lane, since if Riven succeeds in snowballing, she'll have a very easy game, whereas if she fails, getting back into it can be a pain.

2. Build Lee Tanky
Definitely make sure to build tanky on Lee. Even though Leona will be extremely strong mid to late game as a result of the Season 4 support changes, the team will still have trouble on engagements if Lee goes glass cannon.

3. Pick narrow fight zones
Mid to late game once teamfighting starts, do your best to avoid fighting mid, and instead choose to battle in the jungle where you can funnel your opponents into an optimal AOE zone. Although this team's poking and diving potential is high, against a team with high amounts of disengage things can turn sour very quickly.

Overall I'd say in terms of sheer threat this team can escalate quickly, but it's more for the highlight reel than for try-hard winning.

In order to easily beat this team, it's really a matter of countering in lane with strong disengage/engage. It doesn't do well against a high AOE damage comp unless they're either highly coordinated and/or highly skilled.

Here's a sample team that would do well:

Top: Garen - If he starts with a Doran's Shield, it's by far one of the most troublesome lane match-ups you Riven play against. Although it can be skill oriented, the lane is heavily in Garen's favor and should cause a lot of trouble for Riven, even if Lee camps for her.
Mid: Gragas - Strong poke, good waveclear, strong disengage, and his W allows him to survive Ahri's damage.
Jungle: Amumu - Although he'll have to watch out for counterjungles from Lee, as long as you have your mid laner ward near your red early on, he should have a fairly easy time surviving. His AOE snare will pretty much stop any dive in its tracks, and also allows your team to catch Riven and burst her down.
AD Carry: Caitlyn - With the amount of ADC killing potential they have on their team, you want to be as far back as possible to avoid getting insec'ed Leona stunned, Riven combo'ed, or all three. She also does decently against Ezreal as well.
Support: Taric - If they're going to pick up Leona, you'll want insanely preseason 4 support on your team...he's also very good against Leona as long as he plays defensively and not aggressively.

Overall, this team will have less damage, so grouping mid to take full advantage of the CCs would be an optimal strategy.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one or counter it? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. can you guys make a team comp for a complete wombo combo ult? something like:
    Mid - Orianna
    Jungle - Amumu
    Top - Pantheon/Nunu
    ADC - Ezreal
    Support - Sona
    Orianna pulls them all together, Amumu pulls in and ults, Pantheon or Nunu ult in, Ezreal ults, then Sona ults.

  2. SSJSuntasticDecember 01, 2013

    I actually thought I had one up, but I guess not...I'll make an index of all the team comps soon since it looks like it's starting to get lengthy.

  3. Niko DelValleJanuary 10, 2014

    Well if Orianna pulled that all into one location I actually think that Leona would be better, especially since the need for accuracy is basically nil. Painting Sunlight on all targets just before Ezreal ults would be extremely strong.


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