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Aug 28, 2012

Top Team Comps #9: The ASPD Debuff Comp

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ATTACK speed is the lifeblood of many ad carries, especially for ones heavily reliant on auto-attacks like Ashe, Vayne, Varus, and Miss Fortune. Even heroes with heavy nukes like Graves will be very subject to their attack speed to output their maximum damage since well...they're AD carries!

So what happens when this attack speed is squashed?

Top: Malphite
Mid: Gragas
Jungle: Lee Sin
Support: Nunu
AD Carry: Ezreal

Malphite: 50% Aspd slow for 4 seconds
Gragas: 40% Aspd slow for 3 seconds
Lee Sin: 60% Aspd slow for 4 seconds
Nunu: 25% Aspd slow for 4 seconds
Ezreal: 40% Aspd slow for 5 seconds

Many top tier junglers and top laners also rely on their autoattacks to maximize their damage, which means that not only will this team absolutely cripple the enemy ADC, it will likely destroy at least one other person's damage output on the team as well.

This team also has very very strong engagement potential, high mobility, great chasing power, and is overall made up of extremely strong laners.

This team can invade with ease to contest buffs or simply make the enemy jungler's life miserable.

In terms of poke, this team also does fairly well as a result of Gragas' strong AOE strength.

Double AP + Nautilus/Alistar in the jungle might prove to be more of a challenge for this comp than other enemy comps, but because each of these heroes is strong in their own right, they can still easily pull out ahead.

Meanwhile, whatever AD carry they choose will still be decimated by Ezreal and Nunu's strong laning presence early to mid, and by the team's massive ASPD debuffs in team fights.

A good Morgana shield on their AD carry could also severely limit the debuffing your team puts out on their AD carry as well. However, this will leave her fragile before she gets her Zhonyas.

This team is extremely powerful in both solo queue and in premade 5s. If you get a team of 5 in blind pick and would like to stomp some people with a cheesy strategy, this arrangement will most likely work very well.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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