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Nov 29, 2012

Top Team Comps #15: Hot Potato Comp


TOSSING heroes around like rag-dolls, this team is exactly what you'd expect from a title like Hot Potato Comp. Snowballing extremely quickly and very difficult to counter late game, if they get a lead, expect to feel powerless.
Top: Singed
Mid: Gragas
AD Carry: Vayne/Urgot
Support: Alistar
Jungle: Volibear
- Huge amount of disruption and peel
- Extremely tanky
- Fun

- AP Heavy
- Difficult to coordinate
- Relies on Gragas for good initiation

In terms of AD carries, Vayne or Urgot will both work; however since the team is slightly AP heavy you might want to choose Vayne and focus entirely on the late game. Urgot will help your team get through mid-game much easier, but may cause some issues late game, especially if the enemy team starts stacking MR.

Alternatives you can also swap in and out for are Lee Sin, Poppy, Jayce, and Xin Zhao if you so choose.

This team does exceedingly well against squishy heroes and teams with low amounts of peel. Until Singed, Volibear, and Alistar get tanky, you'll be mostly relying on Gragas ult for initiation. Afterwards, it's as simple as running down the middle and throwing straggling enemy heroes over your back for your zombies to devour.

Since the team's gap closers mostly involve straight-forward running head on into battle, assassins can work their way around and burst down the AD carry. An alternative is to kite them with heroes like Lux, who have a great time CCing fat melee heroes without blinks.

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  1. change graves to urgot!

  2. SSJSuntasticNovember 29, 2012

    Oh yeah! Forgot about that lug haha

  3. You can use Vayne...

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