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Jul 18, 2012

Top Team Comps #4: The Global Comp

EVEN after the nerfs to global abilities, they still remain extremely powerful and borderline overpowered.

Today's team composition focuses in on this to the extreme. Each hero on this team lanes well, and has the ability to make a global presence on the team. Although this is somewhat of an overkill comp, it still works extremely effectively in all regards.

Top: Shen
Mid: Twisted Fate
Jungle: Nocturne
Support: Janna
AD Carry: Ashe

If you ever see the first three on a team at the same time, it's time to queue dodge. In this case, you can pretty much select any AD carry you want. If you're facing this team composition, after level 6 you'll need to hug your tower and pray that your lanes have farmed enough pre-6 to make a difference. This team composition is also a master split-pusher, and if anybody goes to try and stop one, they'll force fights with unfavorable advantages wherever you go.

The only way to really beat this team composition is to win your lanes early, freeze your lane close to tower when the enemy team starts hitting 6, and group up as soon as possible.

Another key component to this is to ward extremely well in order to avoid twisted fate and nocturne ganks. While Shen is completely global, a good top laner can push his lane in when he ults away.

A third, and possibly most important aspect to beating this team is...don't get baited.

All in all, this team works real well in both solo queue and in arranged 5s. If you're in ranked solo queue and your team can pick up two out of the following three: Shen, Twisted Fate, and Nocturne, chances are someone on the other team will dodge. While beatable, facing off against 2v4s bot lane simply isn't fun.

Got more ideas for team compositions? Ways to improve on this one? Post them below in the comment section!

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  1. Nice team comp. btw can you do a team comp that counters an AOE team comp, since i was wondering what would stop them since doing a team fight against an AOE comp is very hard to win against

  2. The best way to beat an AOE comp is to get a lead and build tanky enough to survive through the CC. Good positioning also helps alot, as well as picking Maokai for his AOE damage reduction.

  3. Maybe Soraka as the support instead as she has a global heal rather than just a small movement speed increase.


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