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May 5, 2015

Top Team Comps #51: Damage Over Time Comp

This week's team composition features a strong set of damage over time champions. It's especially good if you're the type of person who gets easily frustrated when enemies escape with tiny shreds of health left. With the number of dots on this team, that's highly unlikely.

Team Composition Score Card
AOE Damage: S
Crowd Control: A
Difficulty (1-5, 5 is hardest): 3
Diving Power: A
Dueling Power: A
Initiation: S
Poke Power: A
Pushing Power: A
Sustain: B
Synergy: A
Waveclear: S

Early Game: B
Mid Game: S
Late Game: A

S = Amazing!, A = Good, B = Average, C = Below Average, F = Bad


This week's team composition features a strong set of damage over time champions. It's especially good if you're the type of person who gets easily frustrated when enemies escape with tiny shreds of health left. With the number of dots on this team, that's highly unlikely.


Twitch [Marksman] - The second week in a row Twitch has appeared, I'm going to justify this bby saying that after Graves nerf, Twitch is finding a little bit of new  life in bot lane, as is every other ADC. He also synergizes with this team composition extremely well.

Malzahar [AP Mid] - With his strong dueling power combined with his insane damage ratios, Malzahar is very powerful in today's meta. He's also the first champion you think of when you think of a champion with a damage over time least he's the first one I thought of!

Brand [Support] - One of my personal favorite supports at the moment, Brand scales amazingly well throughout the game with very few items. This means that considering Twitch's lack of escape mechanisms, your bot lane will still provide an extremely amount of burst and sustained damage, even if the enemy team blows all their spells to kill Twitch. Meanwhile, as a burst champion, Brand's passive dot and possible liandry's will be ticking the whole time as long as he gets a few spells off before dying.

Nautilus [Jungler] - As far as damage over time junglers go, Nautilus likely wasn't your first guess. However, in the current meta he provides an amazing front line and some much needed predictable initiation for this team. Playing him also allows Swain a dive buddy to assist with front-lining..

Swain [Top Laner] - With the meta slowly shifting back towards melee top laners, Swain is starting to perform very well top lane once again. As a strong lane bully, his ability to abuse pre and especially post 6 is very key for victory. Additionally, he provides a strong source of CC and front line sustain for this team composition that's mostly damage based.

Key Concepts

  • This team should aim to build tanky mages. This includes Rod of Ages for Malzahar and Swain, and Rylai for Brand.
  • Against the current tank meta, this team absolutely shreds through it once they pick up liandries and even before with Malzahar's insane pool.
  • As the team has tons of damage but relatively little in the way of peel, or assaassination, it may be beneficial for Nautilus to concentrate on keeping his back line alive.


To counter this team, a well balanced team with strong laning power keeps them from snowballing too hard.

Here's an example team that may succeed:
  • Kog'Maw [Mid] - Great poke and waveclear, matches up to Malzahar as long as he doesn't get too close.
  • Maokai [Jungle] - Against this much AOE damage, Maokai's ult is insanely good.
  • Riven [Top] - An extremely strong pick in general at the moment and a natural Swain counter via her shield and early level 1-3 all-in power, it's relatively simple for Riven to outplay Swain and keep him from farming. One of the few melee that Swain does very poor against.
  • Janna [Support] - Key to your victory will be keeping Malzahar from landing too long of an ultimate and forcing Swain away from your key champions until it's favorable to do so. For this kind of control, Janna absolutely excels.
  • Jinx [ADC] - As an extremely powerful ADC in her own right (despite the "nerfs"), Jinx also does very well against this team composition simply because of her superior range and kiting abilities.

What do you think about this team composition? Got ways to improve on it? Better ways to beat it? Comment below!

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  1. Steven NadlerMay 05, 2015

    Why not have Darius top? Bleed does exceptionally well for DoT.

  2. Waveclear S?

  3. Alfred DunnerMay 05, 2015

    I sometimes wonder if you actually try these out before posting them Suntastic hahaha. Great post, though, looks like alot of fun to try.

  4. Alfred DunnerMay 05, 2015

    I would suggest uploading a video of the comp (like a game played) too get people to try it and be like OHOHOH SOO OPPPP. NERFPLZ.COM TTOOOOO GUD.

  5. Keep an eye out for VelkozMay 06, 2015

    Ummm Galio = Hard Counter?
    You have 4 ap champs and they are all DOT, isnt this the perfect team comp for a galio to face?

  6. Acolyte Lee SinMay 06, 2015

    So this is a psychological team comp aye?

    No one expects the DoT :P

  7. BoltOfSpadesMay 06, 2015

    aka, the worst comp possible against Galio.

  8. Are you high?
    Twitch has his E clear and insane AS.
    Swain has his Ult.

  9. thecheezelMay 06, 2015

    Lots of ap but also lots of range. It would be hard for galio to get off a good ulti. Galio could also be a nautilus ult candidate if your team was prone to clumping

  10. JuandermanMay 06, 2015

    Think he was mainly referring to Galio's shield heal

  11. No, I'm not high. Twitch only has good waveclear when he has his Ult and it has a long cooldown to be a reliable tool for that. His W and E combos aren't enough. His waveclear is weaker than most of the ADC roster. Swain does have his ult but before it his waveclear is utter crap, and when he gets it unless he gets blue buff he can't rely on it for long. And considering he's played as a toplaner in this teamcomp he won't be getting many blue buffs

  12. No Teemo on a DoT comp!?! Come on even Teemo ADC has about as much DoT as Twitch, at least until lategame

  13. Maybe if Galio actually did decent damage :/ For a supposedly anti-mage champ, Riot kinda missed with Galio. A Galio/Kassadin/Veigar team (support Galio?) would be a nightmare for this team. Ashe might be a good ADC here since they don't have much mobility. Lee Sin jungle cuz fuck stealth rat.

  14. Eduardo SaavedraMay 06, 2015

    And Mordekaiser, maybe it can be an off tank. Really it is stronger mid and top lane. Morde can easy delete a Lb, Yasuo, kata in mid and Riven, Nasus, Renek in top. If Morde can kill someone with his ultimate. The teamfight is 6vs4, you have more damage x second. Morde is a great champion if you know use in each moment.
    Morde still have his stronger early game, and a good late game. If you have a malzahar with Morde it is a instakill. 6vs 4 easy.
    You can say that Morde is a noob champ, but you need a highskill to use it.

  15. dunk master dariusMay 07, 2015

    i think as a damage over time jungler there are many options
    but i will prefer udyr
    because if u have so much ap in ur team its easy to counter with mr

  16. InfiniteDelusionMay 07, 2015

    LOL sounds like you haven't played Mordekaiser. There are a few things you got wrong about him. Mordekaiser will never be able to beat Nasus on his own. Mordekaiser's harass is also pointless against Nasus because of his sustain.

    Also, Mordekaiser has a terrible early game, but his mid-late game is amazing. Riven is difficult to lane against because of her strong early game. You will out scale her though.

  17. He can't take Susan 1v1, but he can poke and keep him from farming early.

  18. I present to you, Galio's savior, Kalista!

  19. Wtf are you talking about? Galio does amazing damage!

  20. InfiniteDelusionMay 07, 2015

    After Susan's first back, however, you won't be able to do anything. He gets to free farm with his Magic Resist and free lifesteal.

  21. That is true.

  22. Already explained whats the problems with their waveclear

  23. NoxianSpidercrabMay 12, 2015

    It's not just champions that has this or has that.

    They actually need to be good or in meta.

  24. NoxianSpidercrabMay 12, 2015

    Well the Nautilus kind of shuts him down with the aa.

    I think that's a snare. If that cancels Galio's ult, he's not any good. If not, I guess you're right.


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