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Mar 15, 2018

8 Things Riot's Balance Team Never Wins On

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The history of League is filled with massive paradigm shifts, mostly at the urge of player feedback. To their credit, Riot is great when it comes to accommodating requests. However, there are just some things the player community can never agree on. Players will request them, get them, and others will complain and wish the changes reverted. It keeps the balance team busy, but who's to say what's right? Either way, keeping the game dynamic and interesting is always a challenge, but one that's been met year over year. Check out some of the most controversial changes below!

Mar 8, 2018

Top 10 Ways to Gain Lane Advantages

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Lane phase tends to be a relatively tame time during the game with limited spells and a focus on farming. However, there are certain tactics that can give you an advantage in lane and translate to an early game win. Check out our favorite tips below!

Jan 25, 2018

Top 10 Champions That Never Go Out of Style

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Champions like Nunu come and go. Characters like Kayle are borderline OP, but until pros pick her up, nobody wants to play her. Meanwhile, there are some champions that weathered every Season and every nerf Riot threw at them. No matter what the meta is, die-hard mains continue to play these champions and make them work. Check out our Top 10 Timeless Champions below!

Jan 18, 2018

Top 10 Traits of Perfect Duo Partners

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Finding the perfect duo partner can be a daunting task. The Rift is full of ragers, tilters and trolls. Some players do it less than others, but there are a number of traits that will lead you in the right direction and avoid red flags.

Check out our top 10 traits below to help you find a brother to carry you to the chosen Division!

Jan 14, 2018

Top 10 Ways to Take Down God-like Players

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Some players are incredibly good at the League of Legends. Their CS is impeccable, their champion control is phenomenal and they punish your every mistake. Winning the game is too tall an order after he feasts on you and your teammates, but you just need a little victory to feel like the 15 minutes in-game weren't a waste. How do you take down the unbeatable challenger mecha-god? Even the most fed champions have their weaknesses for you to exploit. You just need to find the chinks in their armor. Maybe by some miracle you can come back from utter defeat and squeak out a victory...

Jan 4, 2018

Top 10 Ways to Use Mobility Like a Professional

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League of Legends players hate mobility on enemy champions, but love it on their own. It's one of those things that's tough to balance, and Riot tends to either nerf the base stats or reliability of champions with too much of it. What kind of things do high level players do with mobility that lends itself to abuse? Check out our Top 10 below!


League of Legends players hate mobility on enemy champions, but love it on their own. It's one of those things that's tough to balance, and Riot tends to either nerf the base stats or reliability of champions with too much of it.

What kind of things do high level players do with mobility that lends itself to abuse? Check out our Top 10 below! 

Dodge Skillshots

Let's start off with an extremely simple, yet possibly the most valuable aspect of mobility. Dodging skillshots is something players seem to forget about, and you'll often see players only using their mobility offensively. 

Good players use their mobility to dodge highly dangerous spells like Sejuani's ultimate, Blitzcrank hooks, etc. Players that don't save mobility for dodging high impact spells are largely wasting its potential.

Reposition Skillshots

This is a somewhat more champion specific type of usage, but mobility on champions like Ahri and Ekko allow them to reposition their spells to maximize the pullback damage. Meanwhile, mobility can also help champions like Zoe reposition in order to hit their spells behind minion waves.

Abuse Terrain

This is something that players need to practice a bit to avoid faceplanting onto a wall. Besides the obvious Nidalee and Riven jumps accross walls everyone's fond of, using terrain can actually increase the overall distance moved. Champions like Fiddlesticks and Ezreal are particularly good at it, and knowing which walls you can jump over will greatly expand your mastery of these champions.

Some other champions like Quinn and Yasuo can also move over terrain in the right scenarios, so learn your champions thoroughly.

Fakeout Juke

Knowing where an enemy can potentially move can actually work against you sometimes. For example, seeing Ryze ultimate on one side and moving away only to run into another enemy is common in higher divisions. Another example is when Bard uses his magical journey; he can choose whether to go in or not, but if you run into it to chase him you might find yourself alone on the other side.

Cancel Displacement Spells

Certain mobility spells can cancel things like Blitzcrank's hook or Alistar's headbutt. Some include Ezreal's arcane shift, Shyvana's ultimate and Kassadin's riftwalk to name a few. Using these appropriately obviously saves yourself from death, but it can also prevent your less mobile teammates from getting caught.

Objective Steals

My favorite example of this one is how Zac can smite Baron mid-jump across the pit and land safely on the other side. Obviously this can be difficult without good vision, but when you pull it off it feels amazing. Another common example is Lee Sin using his Q to steal an objective then quickly jumping back out with W.

Faster Map Movement

Champions like Riven and Nidalee have the ability to move around the map quickly for free, allowing them to get to lanes faster and move around to objectives more easily. Make sure to abuse terrain for maximum effect.

Zoning Threat

Some mobility spells linger with the threat of a champion jumping back to that location, especially someone like Leblanc or Zed. By leaving their jump point somewhere in the middle of their front line and back line, it effectively zones off squishies for fear of getting jumped on when their own front line is trying to engage.

Weaving Out of Range

This one is another very specific use of mobility, and when I think of this I specifically think of the Vayne vs Sona match-up. If you know the range of Sona's Q, then Vayne can move just inside range of Sona's Q and then tumble out of it, causing her to waste the mana and cooldown. Similarly, Vayne could also bait something like Miss Fortune's double-up by standing behind a minion then tumbling away at an angle when Miss Fortune is about to get in range.

Maximize Escape/Gank Angles

Some champions like Irelia have mobility that relies on an outside factor, in this case minions. By recognizing these angles you can often move faster by taking a minor detour. Another good example of this is Rengar and his bush interaction.


Mobility in League often has uses outside of simply moving around a little faster. If you want to really utilize a champion to its fullest abilities, you have to be using the potential above. If you don't, then the mobility ends up wasted and you take a stat hit without the added benefits.

Got more usages for mobility not listed above? Found this list helpful? Comment below!


Dec 31, 2017

Top 10 Champion Picks for Ranked Season 8

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Happy New Year's Eve to all, and I hope you've all been enjoying time off school and work during the preseason. On the other hand, you're all likely gearing up for Season 8's solo queue grind, and for those of you that have been out of the tryhard mode for a while, check out my personal top 10 picks going into Season 8!

Nov 24, 2017

Top 10 Black Friday Deals and Holiday Gift Ideas For Gamers - 2017

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Arguably the most important holiday of the year, Black Friday is the day where Americans can splurge on sick discounts online and get the most bang for their buck when it comes to the holiday season. Even if don't believe in Black Friday, check out some of the gift ideas below for your own upcoming holidays!

If your wallet is itching or you know a gamer friend who needs to stop being bad and needs accessories to save him from Elo Hell, be sure to check out the list below for some great ideas without scrolling through 50 pages of galleries!