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Sep 30, 2019

Mentally Preparing for Season 9 End Date

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Dr Mundo Guide
Season 9 End Date Guide

Ready for Season End? 

If you haven't thought about your plans for the end of the season, it's about time to get your motor running. Check out some quick FAQs below along with some tips on how to get to where you want to be!

Q: When will League of Legends Season 9 End?
A: League of Legends Season 9 will officially end on November 19, 2019. At this point your rank will be locked in and any additional LP you gain will not count towards the rewards.

Q: Are there rewards?
A: Yes, they haven't been announced yet but getting to Gold generally qualifies you for this season's Victorious skin, and you'll need Honor level 2 at minimum to get your rewards.

Q: Does getting to gold in Team Fight Tactics count for rewards?
A: TFT will likely have a different set of rewards. They haven't announced what the rewards will be yet.

Q: Do different queues count for different rewards?
A: Generally flex queue and solo queue rewards vary slightly, but in normal games nobody can tell the difference.
TLDR; Get to Gold in all queues, get to honor level 2 and stay above that

How to Prepare for Season End?

If you're looking to set some goals for season end, here are some quick tips to get there:
  1. Determine what you want to get to - if you want to get to a specific rank, once you get there just play enough to not decay out of it. Now's not the time to accidentally get demoted so close to the finish line.
  2. Avoid Tilt - If you find yourself exhibiting any of the ten signs of tilt, take a break and calm down. If you're prone to tilt, try to use some of the ten pre-ranked routines listed here.
  3. Dedicate Time to Rank - Playing ranked is more than just firing up solo queue and hammering away a random champion. It's a proven fact that playing at weird hours (while you're totally awake) is optimal for gaining LP fast.
  4. Play Consistent Champions - Leave your Azir for the rest of the season. It's time to try-hard with some boring but effective champions
  5. Stop Being Hardstuck - Finally, if you feel like you're hardstuck in an division, just know that it might not all be mental. Check out these top ten tips to avoid being hardstuck to get out of that rut! Sometimes it's important to understand what's keeping you hardstuck, it may just be a matter of switching your build up.

Quick and Dirty LP Gaining Method For Patch 9.19

If you're really just looking for a single champion and role to really carry yourself out of whatever rank you're currently at, here's my two cents: Dr. Mundo Jungle is completely busted right now and for some reason most servers aren't pick/banning him...literally free LP!

What rank/queue are you aiming for and how do you feel about your chances of hitting it? Comment below!

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