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Apr 23, 2015

Top 10 Ways to Tell You're On "Tilt"

What Is Tilt? Tilt: noun \ˈtilt\ : Irregular play in League of Legends games, often onset by large losing streaks or demoralizing previous game(s). Generally acquiring a mindset that negatively impacts game play and win rate.

What Is Tilt?

Tilt: noun \ˈtilt\ : Irregular play in League of Legends games, often onset by large losing streaks or demoralizing previous game(s). Generally acquiring a mindset that negatively impacts game play and win rate.

Usage Example: After losing my third 40 minute game in a row, I think I'm on full tilt.


After some confusion on what it means to "go on tilt" in the post "Top 10 Ways to Throw A Solo Queue Game", I figured this would be a good time to highlight a few items that really exemplify what it means to "go on tilt".

1. Playing A Champion You Just Lost To

Not to say someone just stole your main, we're talking:

Game 1: "Zed just one shot me, Zed is OP, Zed time let's go"
Game 2: "omg Leblanc just one shot my Zed, Leblanc is OP, Leblanc time, let's go"
Game 3: "Holy **** Teemo mid just destroyed my Leblanc, Teemo Mid is OP let's go"

2. Focusing Hard on Last Game

*First pick selects Katarina*
You: Omg please don't Katarina, the last Katarina I had went 0-11 she was so bad, if you Katarina I AFK
Katarina: But I'm a Katarina main...
You: AFK

3. Constantly Blaming Teammates

Some people constantly blame their teammates regardless of if they're on tilt or not. But if you find yourself blaming your teammates much more than usual, then you might be on tilt.

4. Emo Status

"Blitz made me burn flash at level 1, GG we lose, AFK"

Don't be that guy.

5. Expecting To Lose

If you finish champion select expecting 100% to lose, do yourself and everyone else on the team a favor and just dodge. It's better to lose 3 LP than to go into the game with a negative attitude. 

It's "experimentally shown to reduce your chances of winning."
- Riot

6. Losing the Same Way Over and Over Again

Have you been trying to invade level 2 invade their jungle with Nautilus the past 6 games in a row unsuccessfully and dragging your team down with you? Maybe it's time to stop trying and just stick with the meta.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
- Albert Einstein

7. Focusing on Trolls and AFKs

Believe it or not, you're not the only one with trolls and AFKs in your game. They're randomly dispersed throughout the entire system. The only thing you can do is ignore the trolls and make due the best you can with the AFKs. Just make sure that you don't regress to #2 in your next game.

As long as YOU aren't the troll and/or AFK, they'll statistically be on the other team more often than on yours. #math

8. "Reaching" For Kills

Oftentimes, when a person is on tilt, they'll try extra hard to get kills. 

This asserts your dominance over enemy players to prove to them and yourself that you're better than your massive loss record indicates.

Don't do this if you want to start winning again. Focus on objectives, but don't forego a free kill. 

This doesn't include the full health Sejuani past three turrets.

9. Typing More Than Playing

According to RiotLyte, most players in the game aren't really toxic, they're just regular people having bad days.

If you're typing to someone verbally abusing you or doing some of the verbal abuse yourself (more so than usual), then you're probably on tilt. Feel free to use the mute button and get back to winning games.

10. Acting Better Than Your Division

You've all seen that guy or even been that guy before...

"You guys don't deserve to win"
"I don't care if we win this one, I'll get back to XXX soon anyway"

You've fallen to this division one way or another, and need to play better to get back up to where you want to be. 

Don't take your highest division for granted, it's entirely possible that you may have lucked there in the first place, either with good teammates or bad enemies. Take every game just as serious as the others.


Got more examples of going on tilt? Comment below!

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  1. Alfred DunnerApril 24, 2015

    As usual, great post!

  2. SSJSuntasticApril 24, 2015

    Thanks Alfred!

  3. NightEagle97April 24, 2015

    Nice post :D

  4. StokeDaddyCApril 24, 2015

    You should try playing out here in Korea... I don't speak Korean so I can't communicate, nor can I tell who is raging... they can't even all caps to convey anger... although they do love quitting as soon as they get 0/2... and you wanna see people "reaching" for kills?? I swear Koreans think 16/16/0 is carrying... Not a passive player in the whole country. I live in a perpetual state of tilt, mostly #'s 5 and 3

  5. I am very guilty of number 8 when I get tilted. More kills = I'm better than you, and then we lose because we have no objectives. ;(

  6. This is very acurate.

  7. Very good post man!

  8. MasterOfMetalApril 24, 2015

    Definitely guilty of 8, sort of guilty of 9, not for raging, but rather for just chatting. and 2 sort of, champions like yas or zed tend to make me dodge when i see them first picked.

  9. Steven NadlerApril 24, 2015


  10. NoxianSpidercrabApril 24, 2015

    Alright. You're free to accuse me of #1.

  11. Eric ValkenaarApril 25, 2015

    this is sad because people seem to misunderstand probability and chance. yes the troll COULD be on the other team. but that doesnt stop you from POSSIBLY having 20 games in a row with the troll and afk on your team lol

  12. MellowthreatApril 25, 2015

    Ok, NoxianSpidercrab, i hereby accuse you of being guilty to #1.

  13. StokeDaddyCApril 25, 2015

    Gee whizz, mister, thanks for settin me straight, let me just crawl back to my pathetic Minesweeper so as not to displease the League Gods. God forbid I miss out on an invade, didn't realize Koreans are too busy to ping.
    If I miss a dragon attempt I blame my minimap awareness, has less to do with the language barrier.
    Thanks for the hospitality Bro, means a lot to me.
    I would GLADLY ruin your game if I were ever paired with you.

  14. #11: All Caps In Riot forum or Reddit:

  15. Raphael GodoiApril 25, 2015

    His Q hitbox is pretty ridiculous through

  16. Blue SentinelApril 26, 2015


  17. KingoftheSocksApril 26, 2015

    In all fairness a 3 second snare that has little startup and the only noise you hear coming out of it is a slight *woosh* when she fires it is pretty op. Its similar to an easier to hit Veigar stun

    Its like 40% why she's a good supp, 30% is black shield and 19% is soul shackles, Tormented soil is just sort of there.

  18. pick janna + cait against a morg
    or just ban her

  19. Blue SentinelApril 26, 2015

    Actually, TS is pretty op when partnered up with a good binding, as it chunks away extra bits of the enemy's health.

  20. StokeDaddyCApril 27, 2015

    but TS is so useful early to proc the gold. Get all three procs at once very safely

  21. Definitely guilty of 8, and I see alot of ADC's do it aswell for some reason

  22. The way I always explain it to my supports is this; If you land your hard CC I will engage every time, but I will only follow up if it looks favorable. I typically dictate the pace of the lane and use the occasional hard CC as a chance to get some good poke in. The only time I follow the supports lead is if I know them / have played with them before and they are very good.

    My belief has always been that most players don't know what the other person is actually trying to do. Most supports will throw out their poke/CC to intimidate the enemy and most ADCs seem to think that they are starting and all-in. This confusion goes both ways.. some supports will not be sure if the ADC is going in for an engage or just some poke. This causes hesitation or overreaction, and both of those will get you killed in LoL.

    One person has to be the leader in your lane, that is the only way to avoid these problems in solo queue.

  23. CRITANAROMay 01, 2015

    well, teemo is the best right now

  24. MarbleWolf GamingJuly 05, 2015

    Lol I've done #1 once, am definitely guilty of #8, and rarely fall into the #9 trap, but I still do


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