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Dec 19, 2014

FOTM Report: Karthus Jungle



Yesterday, I brought back Karthus jungle into the Tier 2 jungle spot, and some of you are no doubt pondering why. I figure that rather than put thoughts in the comment section, I'd drop an entire post on the topic, so let's dive right in. 

How it Works: 

Similar to Twisted Fate jungle, Karthus is viable because of the "new" jungle changes that allow ranged junglers to essentially move through jungle without losing any health. This makes it much easier for him to stay safe while jungling, leading to less successful invades and stronger farming power. 


  • Extremely strong clearing abilities; 
  • Loses almost no health in jungle; 
  • Can full clear jungle first time around; 
  • Synergizes well with AD mid laners; 
  • Global ganking power; and
  • Scales extremely well into late game.
  • High cooldowns on ultimate;
  • Jungle start path is fairly predictable;
  • No hard CC during a gank; and
  • Somewhat more difficult to jungle than melee junglers.

Karthus Jungle in the Current Meta

While Karthus jungle is by no means even close to being one of the popular roles for Karthus at the moment, several professionals have started picking them up in solo queue including saintvicious. Expect to see some bandwagoning in the near future.

Outside of that though, I think that Karthus does well in the current meta, even with squishy laners. Because a glass cannon Karthus can also suicide into an enemy team to zone them, he performs a pseudo-tank front line role.

Thoughts? Comment below!

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  1. Thiago Couto ReisDecember 19, 2014

    I must say I really tryied to imagine how it would be Karthus Jungle. I can't imagine his jungle route associated with "loses almost no health in jungle".

  2. I get the point, cause i'm familiar with ranged jungling.. But still have some doubt cause of the lack of global sight of game from low lvls help players.. I mean: with a experienced team, which know when and how to tf, khartus is a mayhem.. But with players which doesn't get how to synergies with something harder then a cc marlee jungler that have to made the 75% of a gank, khartus suffer from lack of " other-players-skill"

  3. i think cause he's ranged and will juggle and reset camps

  4. Exevier EtcheverryDecember 19, 2014

  5. Hey SSJ! I would recommend if you could do it to get a guide or something from the player "Azingy". If i remember right he was the one who kinda popularized Karthus jungle in NA, and has been doing it since at least season 3.

  6. Probably why its only tier 2, considering that most jungles in that area wouldnt try to invade karthus or try to figure out his jungle path, so he still will get his farm.

  7. Coronel Mostaza LanDecember 19, 2014

    FOTM Report: TF JUNGLE attack speed OP!

  8. I've seen akali jungle, and it carried the game.

    The only problem is that pre-6 she's almost useless, only has to farm the jungle, and help if needed, after 6 she causes terror kk

  9. Alec JawsleyDecember 22, 2014

    add karthus, not karma. nerf plz plz.

  10. With the incoming item changes he will become even stronger in the late game, but I don't know what to think about the replacement of the Magus enchantment. I play Karthus only in jungle and he is my favorite champ.


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