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Dec 18, 2014

Math: Athene's Unholy Grail vs Morellonomicon



After a little warm-up with the champion match-up possibilities, (which you no doubt all found super interesting) let's transition into some calculations with a little more utility:

Which is the better buy, Morellonomicon or Athene's Unholy Grail?

Tldr; Spoiler: 

Item Stats

Athene's Unholy Grail
2700 gold
+60 ability power
+25 magic resistance
+50% mana regeneration
+20% cooldown reduction

Passive: UNIQUE: Restores 2% of missing mana every 5 seconds. UNIQUE: Restores 15% of your max mana on kill or assist.

2100 gold
+ 80 ability power
+100% base mana regeneration
+20% cooldown reduction

Passive: UNIQUE: Dealing magic damage to an enemy champion below 40% health reduce healing effects by 50% to them for 4 seconds.


To calculate the bases, the general consensus in the community is to use the most gold efficient items to calculate value per stat point.

Amplifying Tome - 435g for 20 AP = 21.75 gold per AP
Null-Magic Mantle - 500g for 25 MR = 20 gold per MR point
Faerie Charm - 180g for 25% base mana regen = 7.2 gold per 1% mana regen

No base item has solely cooldown reduction as the skill granted. However, traditionally theorycrafters use Kindlegem as a base.

Kindlegem - 850g - 200 health, 10% cdr = 31.67 gold per 1% CDR after taking out the health portion
Ruby Crystal - 400g for 150 HP = 2.66 gold per HP


Athene's Unholy Grail
60 ability power = 1305g
25 magic resist = 500g
50% mana regen = 360g
20% cooldown reduction = 633g

Total Gold Value = 2798g
Statistical Efficiency: 103.6% gold efficient without the passive.

80 ability power = 1740g
100% base mana regeneration = 720g
20% cooldown reduction = 633g
Total Gold Value = 3093g

Statistical Efficiency: 147.2% gold efficient without the passive.

Calculations from LoL Wikia

Mid Point Analysis

From first analysis, Morellonomicon is almost definitely the better buy, since not only is it the cheaper item, but the amount of passive stats that it gives is already higher than the amount that Athene's Unholy Grail gives.

However, these numbers don't take into account the passive...let's check out the math behind that!

Passive Analysis

Athene's Unholy Grail - Passive: UNIQUE: Restores 2% of missing mana every 5 seconds. UNIQUE: Restores 15% of your max mana on kill or assist.

Kassadin has the highest mana pool in the game at level 18 (1538 mana). With a fully stacked Rod of Ages, this comes out to 650 mana + 1538 = 2188 maximum mana.

The average amount of mana regen regeneration is 17.8 mana regen every 5 seconds. 7.2 gold is worth 0.178 mana per 5 seconds, or 1 mana per 5 seconds is worth 40.45 gold.

As you can see from the graph above, the straight line represents Morello, whereas the dynamic line represents Athene's. Late game, the total gold value of Athene's beats out Morello most of the time.

However, check out the efficiency graph below:

As you can see from the above, for a gold spent to gold value received perspective, Morello is still the better buy in most cases, unless you spend most of the game under about 1/3 of your mana pool.

Morellonomicon - Passive: UNIQUE: Dealing magic damage to an enemy champion below 40% health reduce healing effects by 50% to them for 4 seconds.

This one's much harder to graph out simply because it's mostly useful situationally against champions like Dr. Mundo or Swain. Against them this passive is the make-or-break difference between taking them down and watching them get away.


At the moment, even with the buff to Athene's Morellonomicon appears to be, for the most of the time, the better purchase option when it comes to pure gold value. However, from a pure gold regeneration standpoint, Athene's stands strong against Morello (Morello is the straight line across at 720g for 100% mana regen).

Thus, Morello is better for bursty champions who intend to take down their targets early (assassins) while Athene's is the better choice for poke oriented champions or players with poke oriented mindsets.

Additionally, Athene's is the better choice as an end-game item (which isn't surprisingly as the higher gold cost item), while Morello is the better mid-game/early game item.


  • Morellonomicon is better for "burst" oriented players and offers more pure value for the stats that it provides.
  • Athene's is better for "poke" mindset players and provides far more in mana regen than Morellonomicon.
  • Athene's provides a better endgame except possibly against Swain or Dr. Mundo.

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  1. Looks like the Morellonomicon is about to get a bit less attractive, total cost is $2300 on PBE.

  2. SquirrelNutkinsDecember 18, 2014

    Might still be worth it if you're laning against a Swain and the enemy has a Volibear or Warwick...

  3. Michael ThompsonDecember 18, 2014

    Personally, I'd like to see the numbers between Athene's and Archangel's. At the moment, I feel like Tear of the Goddess beats Chalice of Harmony pretty hard in the early game and Athene's really only becomes good if you buy an item with mana in it. I always seem to run out of mana with chalice now, but I don't worry so much with tear. Has anyone else noticed that chalice just doesn't seem to do its job as well anymore?

  4. Eduardo Fortino Velderrain ValDecember 18, 2014

    Awesome! And speaking about gold efficiency, I've always wondered whether to upgrade Sightstone or not. I always max it when I finish the rest of my build though.

  5. Supposedly you should only get the Ruby SightStone (blue is basic 800 gold, then red which is I think 1600 gold) in late game and one of your last items or last item. I always like to buy it all the way in early game... i dont care

  6. Nicolas CageDecember 18, 2014

    I think Riot finally has these two items fairly balanced relative to each other.

    Definitely both worth buying in the current meta.

  7. CommonSenseGuyDecember 18, 2014

    I'm a huge tear fan.

    Tear OP.

  8. If only SSJ had this much free time when the tier list needs an update.

  9. SSJSuntasticDecember 19, 2014

    If only...

  10. Eduardo Fortino Velderrain ValDecember 19, 2014

    fk the system right?

  11. The important point of Grails is the MR. Before the nerf it's 45 MR and so can reduce like 30% magic damage (double Kassadin passive?) - definitely a difference for 2 AP solo mid. (early cloak helps as well)

    Now it's just 25 MR, it's more compelling to buy Morello for Mana & CD.


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