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Dec 20, 2014

FOTM Report: Olaf's Level 1 Dragon Solo



Yesterday, YouTube user Mesmerizing TEMPO posted up a tutorial on how to kill dragon at level 1 using Olaf. While it requires some somewhat specialized runes and waiting/using three HP potions, it does net you an early dragon. Personally I wouldn't recommend it, but let's check out the goods below: 

How to Do it: 

In the video, Tempo explains that by putting your first point into W and using the runes and masteries below, if you wait for a 3rd HP potion you simply auto attack dragon to death as Olaf. 

Runes: 9 armor flat reds, 9 armor flat yellows, 6 armor flat armor blues, 3 flat cdr blues, 3 lifesteal quints. 

This rune page is pretty awkward to have around, I have a hard time imagining what else it could be used for other than completing the task at hand. This might not be the optimal or *only* page that can get the job done, but considering his margin of error in the video it seems required. 


As far as masteries go this one's not too bad, and I think it scales okay into late game. 

Full Video: 


  • Early dragon with a scaling AP and AD through the game.
  • Can camp/push top without worrying about jungler sneaking a dragon.
  • Jungler can counterjungle HARD once he sees the dragon buff on your teammates
  • No level 2 after killing dragon
  • Late 2nd blue for mid lane
  • Dangerous if warded
Overall, I'd say not to chance it, or really to play Olaf jungle too often in solo queue as his gap closing abilities aren't very good in teamfights. He is very good as a split pusher though. 

I think the key takeaway here is to make sure you're aware that it's possible and to know as a jungler/support that there may be a free kill and possibly a dragon waiting for you.

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  1. Not worth, you end up very low etc. But impressive and you need sick skillz to do that

  2. I dont know how good it is but you can do drag lv 2 with aatrox

  3. There's also a Poppy dragon level 1 video too SSJ. You might have to add that. Although, the Runes for Poppy needs to be edited a bit since CDR is pointless on a Level 1 Poppy.

  4. SquirrelNutkinsDecember 20, 2014

    I love Poppy...starting to get real into her. I don't let her get into me though

  5. if you like lvl1 drake heimer can do it well

  6. And Rito will nerf Heimdinger skills for that funny reason (like they reduced atk speed of Pantheon and change Dragon atk into targeted spell - 4.21)

  7. Her early game is beyond shit. But late game is just stupid with no counterplay. Although, I haven't tried a full AD Poppy yet. This one guy who's a Diamond Poppy main usually builds Poppy full Ad

  8. Mesmerizing TEMPODecember 21, 2014

    I can not believe my video made it this far! Thank you so much though! LOL inb4 Olaf jungle LCS. Let's go boys. And yea, Poppy can do it too and some say she has a better time late game than olaf. So try it out as well. (Although in that video, I have cdr runes which aren't necessary).

  9. I literally hate your voice

  10. I had so much pain when played Poppy recently, in top, against a focken AD Skarner. I got REKT.... :-((( he didnt even kill me, just humiliated and disrespected me max.

  11. Rafael A. PereiraDecember 22, 2014

    Why did u use Smite so early? Wouldn't be better use it later since the dragon has a bit of hp regen?

  12. Use it early so you can "skip dragon's breath"
    It pushes you away and hits before you can start hiting.

  13. Aatrox can also do lvl 1 dragon with W and lots of attack speed, and same masteries, except the cdr runes and masteries


  15. Rafael A. PereiraDecember 23, 2014

    I see. Thanx for the tip. :)

  16. noobturne it's the solution ;)

  17. Josh ThurlowDecember 26, 2014

    I saw a level 1 Poppy too. Though, the person I saw do it ran 9-21, which idk how I feel about that for her.... I run 21-9. I do dragon and level 3 though. I'll post a link with what I use.

  18. Sure, they did that for pantheon. But why would they do that in this case? Olaf isn't that great, this is just a gimmick thing. As he said, level 1 Dragon with Olaf is next to a stupid thing to do and it will quickly start getting people free kills or dragons when they see Olaf jungle.

  19. Actually I've done Dragon solo at level 2 with 2 pots. All you need is a good leash,use w AFTER 3 HITS,then pop a pot. Wait for your w to be up again then pop another one. Of course this only works on purple side as it gives you blue but try it out!


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