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Dec 13, 2014

FOTM Report: Thoughts on Jungle Twisted Fate



This post is somewhat overdue, but many of you are clamoring for thoughts on jungle twisted fate's placement after Unicorns of Love defeated Team Solomid at IEM San Jose last weekend. As a solo queue champion, Twisted Fate definitely has the ability to snowball very hard, and has a very versatile kit to do so.

However, lately his win rate has historically been very low in solo queue after Riot decreased the card selection window way back in patch 4.5. Is he better in the jungle than in lane?


  • Ganking Power - In lane, players have learned to respect Twisted Fate being MIA, and respond accordingly by playing defensively. However, similar to Pantheon jungle, his ganking power is very strong due to his ability to bypass wards and see through brushes.
  • Safe Jungling - Unlike most melee junglers, because of the way Twisted Fate self leashes, his health in jungle is basically always at full.
  • Double Lane Presence - Again, similar to Pantheon, he can essentially gank two lanes in rapid succession, especially if he can gain river control.
  • Element of Surprise - As Twisted Fate jungle is still a somewhat new concept, you may have people that underestimate his jungling power and fall prey to easily avoidable ganks.
  • Soft Leash Difficulty - As camps reset their health after 10 soft resets, jungle Twisted Fate does take practice before being able to master the way he leashes.
  • No Poke - As an AP caster, Twisted Fate is able to utilize his wildcards to clear waves and poke the enemy champions. As an AD jungler, he no longer has that at his disposal.
  • One Less Tank - As one of the two traditionally "tanky" positions on a team, Twisted Fate removes the role of someone with strong front line presence and possible AOE peel, such as Amumu. In solo queue, this could spell trouble as most squishies have poor positioning and Twisted Fate may have difficulty fighting alone as his teammates are quickly decimated.

While I think jungle Twisted Fate is viable in solo queue, at the same time I would much prefer a Jarvan or Amumu on the front line, just because of how much more obvious their engages are (creating teamwork) and their ability to stop more than one champion in their tracks.

If you happen to be climbing the ladder as a "TF ONLY" player, then I think it turns out you really can play in every single role. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend him specifically if you're just trying to gain Elo.

However, having one on your team doesn't put your team at any particular disadvantage, so while unorthodox, I don't think it's a handicap.

More Resources:

CowSeps' Guide

As one of the first players to pick up Jungle Twisted Fate, be sure to check out CowSep's YouTube video guide on how to jungle Twisted Fate. He goes over the starting leashes and explains hard and soft resets, which are crucial to learning the champ and role.

Footage of Unicorns of Love vs TSM game 12/6/2014

Also, here's the footage of the UoL vs TSM game where they first played Twisted Fate jungle in a professional setting.

Thoughts? Comment below!

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  1. SquirrelNutkinsDecember 13, 2014

    Came across an enemy playing TF jungle. (Volibear dont care)

  2. CommonSenseGuyDecember 13, 2014

    I think it's stupid.

  3. I haven't seen one not feeding the enemy team

  4. Wait until they introduce malzhar jungle :( rip solo queue.

  5. Eric CartmanDecember 13, 2014

    lolking summondmary420xk i am tf main , the only champ i play on this acc is tf and nidalee, i am smurf

  6. SSJSuntasticDecember 13, 2014

    Plz. I introduced jungle Malzahar last year.

  7. uh... lolking "nosaj g" dude is a sick tf jg

  8. Gabriel MontielDecember 15, 2014

    Pros: No health loss, High jungling speed, Extreme godlike ganks
    Cons: No cons -.- the only cons are if you suck mechanically...

  9. Gabriel MontielDecember 15, 2014

    ¿what are you talking about? tf jung can 1v1 even lee sin, because he doesnt lose health in camps, other champs do.

  10. There was always a problem with squishy Jungler: invasion (counter-jungle). Usually the early ganker champions is good at dueling, and they have some escape mechanism as well. So they may kill you or steal a buff - and you are behind (probably for a while unless you have good scale/ultimate).
    Fortunately with new jungle the neutral monster can damage those early gankers enough (they lack sustain as compensation for the high damage), and the items for counter-jungle seems not effective compared to the clearing/ganking items. I guess that's why early invasion is rare for now.
    But that's still a possible weakness for mana-based champion. Not only TF but there are other mana-based champions whose are tankier (Amumu, Sejuani, Kayle) had to watch out for that.

  11. SquirrelNutkinsDecember 15, 2014

    I'm talking about all things even, Volibear crushes a TF 1v1. Every time. No fault to TF, no AP squishy wants to run into that tank with a gap closer and execute. Oh ya, and a passive that heals over time.

  12. Gabriel MontielDecember 16, 2014

    1) Tf isnt mana hungry
    2) those duelist lose a ton of health on the jungle
    3) Tf has a dumb stun and will get out easily if you try to kill him
    4) he does very good damage with Red Smite or Blue smite.
    5) he kites you until death
    6) tf is a pretty good duelist if you play him correctly.
    Is only skill dependent if you're good tf is op, is you suck at kiting and stuff you'll get rekt with tf

  13. Exevier EtcheverryDecember 16, 2014

    SSJ what do you think about Malzahar AD as jungler?

  14. I don't play TF much, and I'm not sure if the mana regen change benefits TF or not. But as other junglers, when enemy invades usually he has the initiation and your champion lost some health already - so it's not a fair duel.
    I agree with your #2 and that's a major reason we don't see many invasions as in old S4.
    But if there is new small change in next patches (or junglers take the spellvamp/lifesteal ultilities), invasion may be viable again.
    Then wish you good luck in selecting yellow card and make them look dumb :)

  15. Gabriel MontielDecember 17, 2014

    yeah sure. everybody kill tf in an "even" 1v1, but wait, that will never happen.... with that logic lets jungle darius, in a even 1v1 nobody beats him right?....

  16. Gabriel MontielDecember 17, 2014

    btw volibear is not a good duelist... a lee sin/nocturne/reksai even a master yi beat him in a "even 1v1"


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