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Jan 1, 2012

RiotLykaeus Says it's not Ezreal, it's American Ezreal

American Ezreal? But he's so skinny...

If you've been keeping up with the latest Ezreal drama, here's the latest Riot news on the matter. RiotLykaesus says it's not Ezreal's fault, China's destroying with Ezreal. It's just American Ezreal that's terrible! Exact words below:
The hard thing to comprehend... is the fact that almost EVERY game in China is being devastated by Ezreal - kiting and wrecking players like there is no tomorrow. Other regions may not always have the same view, but he is definitely destroying games. When a few good players believe someone to be bad (see Rumble, Orianna, Lee Sin, Brand, Casseopia, Gankgplank changes, Leona, Maokai, Ryze remake, Skarner, Xerath, Nidalee changes, Morgana, Olaf, Warwick... just to name a few) It doesn't mean that that champion is no longer a valid pick.

Some may be harder to learn, some may require you to have a very different playstyle, some may just only fit on some situations - But I'm pretty sure I've seen most of them appear in under 6 months and destroy the current meta of lets do X. Ezreal does have a place, and can do many things most other champs can't - how many people at huge range can poke and assist their team in the same way?

Who can snipe creeps or even kills (occasionally) while being nowhere near. Utility and movement is something that is underrated, its being realized but not to the potential that it has. I do appreciate opinions on everything that is balance, but this is one of those that I 100% feel the possibilities have not been completely thought out, and he does very well. Maybe not in the North American plan - but he does VERY well. The hard part is convincing other players you can use him in other lanes, not that he needs a buff when he has so much utility.
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I'll see if I can find some of IG or WE to come here and talk about Ezreal and the fact that he is the absolute destroyer of games. I had long talks with some about this during WCG in Korea.

Again I'll see what can be found. But it is real, go play some games there - Ez pubstomps like old school twitch.
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In summary: American Ezreal is bad. Chinese Ezreal pubstomps like old school twitch and American Ezreal is a purple caster minion. Looks like China might get their own mascot soon to go along with Polish Nunu, Korean Shaco, and Brazilian Mordekaiser.

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  1. Don't mess with Purple Caster Minion. That guy really is OP.

  2. China must be in the poke meta or something

  3. Funny thing, cause NA and EU rape Chinese teams all the time.

    Playing 2010 meta in 2012 good way to get wins? Yeah, right.


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