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Jan 1, 2012

How Good are's Guides?

A brief summary if you will!

Good evening summoners! Today I'd like to introduce you to a new line of blog posts I'm dedicating to candid reviews of League of Legends sites that I find either particularly entertaining and/or helpful. Although I'd like for this blog to be so helpful to you that you'd never need to go anywhere else ever again, clearly, that's not gonna happen! So without further ado, allow me to begin by posting about the first League of Legends help site I ever found:

Clearly a Screenshot of their site

Mobafire is the biggest collection of strategy guides out there. The reason for this is that anybody can sign up for an account and submit their strategy guides. However, this also means that they have a lot of bad guides in addition to the good guides. They do have a user rating system for each of the guides out there,  but to be perfectly honest, even the top rated guides are sometimes lackluster. 

They have several CLG team members like Saintvicious and HotshotGG that wrote several guides, but they no longer update them and thus the guides are outdated. Their forum community is fairly large, and although not as active as the General Discussion on the official LoL site, people will chat among themselves and generally reply to questions.

  • Mobafire is good for the casual League of Legends player looking for a simple guide or two to start off a new hero. 
  • It's also good for people who like to experiment with lots of different builds, since there are so many guides out there. 
  • It's also good for people who want to get recognition for the guides they make, since Mobafire users are exceptionally active in rating new guides.
  • The advertisements on Mobafire are not as irritating as on some other fan sites, so if that's a big thing for you, Mobafire is definitely good.
However, if you're serious about climbing up the ranked ELO ladder, reading Mobafire guides won't allow you to progress very fast or very far. In my next post I'll write about my favorite site for reading strategy guides.

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