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Dec 31, 2011

TheOddOne's Compiled Ezreal Quotes


If you've been keeping up with the recent Ezreal drama, you'll know that TheOddOne is at the forefront of the attack on Ezreal. He really does hate Ezreal, but at this point it's starting to seem like he's saying these things just for the sheer entertainment value of it. Either way, I've compiled a list of TheOddOne's quotes on Ezreal for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I personally like Ezreal :P
"TeddyRO's trying to prove something by playing Ezreal. All he's proving is that Ezreal is a shitty champion."
"Haha look at Ezreal, he's like a 5 year old with a little toy gun! Look at me I'm Ezreal! PEWPEWPEWPEW"
"When you pick ezreal you just pretty much stabbed your team. You just took a dump on their face. When you pick Ezreal it's not a team player move" 
"Ezreal's such a **** champion! He does 0 damage and can't even do anything in teamfights. All his Qs get blocked by ghouls and TANKS, he's not even viable. What are you going to do, shoot these zombies to death?"
"So we have Ezreal poking them down. And by poking I mean 10 damage."
"I'm getting will of the ancients to help out Ezreal. Now he'll do 20 damage instead of 10 damage"
"Could have picked a real champ like Corki but noooo picked Ezreal." 
"Great. Ezreal just died to Malaria. The jungler didn't even come gank. Ezreal just died to disease walking in grass. Ezreal's so weak that he dies to things that doesn't even exist in this game."
"See that's why they didn't release the Pulsefire Ezreal, they were afraid people would actually play him and realize how bad he is...then never play him again"
"Ezreal's damage is so low it doesn't even register as an assist. It only registers when he dies"
"Ezreal does so little damage he's like a ****ing minion. Purple caster minion Ezreal" 
"He has to use his ult to clear creep waves, that's how weak Ezreal is...but look! His ult can't even clear the wave!"
"Ehome is understanding the power of Ezreal. There is no ****ing power." 
"The nottingham skin looks like Ezreal went to Old Navy and bought a jacket. That's all this skin is. And its a bad jacket for 520 RP."
"There's war and disease...and there's Ezreal. You don't want any of them."
"What? Ezreal got first blood? How is this possible? Who's his support? Oh it's Sona, that explains a lot. Somehow Ezreal managed to get the last hit in" 
"Oh my god Ezreal killed something? Who killed it for him?"
"Oh god it's American Ezreal. We lose. It would have been okay if it was Canadian Ezreal, that's why we still let Chaox play Ezreal, but American Ezreal is just the worst thing I've ever seen. Ever." 
"Can't pick Ezreal and expect to win, it is the moral of today's story. They are the scourge of the earth" 
"See even the other team thinks Ezreal is useless!" 
-TheOddOne 2011

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  1. you forgot the one where ezreal does so little damage it heals them.

  2. I only vaguely remember that one, do you remember the wording he used?

  3. Did you guys just see him breathe on stream!?!?11eleven1!

  4. LOL, Canadian Ezreal ftw

  5. have you ever seen that guy, he looks like a fucking mutant lmao

  6. i wish he could see me play ezreal

  7. You did watch that game right?
    Ez was not helpful

  8. Ez was a purple caster minion that game

  9. caster minion op

  10. A lot of this stuff was said when he was super wasted for new years

  11. TheOddOne really is a piece of work.

  12. What about on State of the League when he said there's Ryze and there is Ezreal. One is easy to play with insane abilities and one you hit everything and still suck. Went along the lines of that. lol

  13. You're missing one, when he said that ezreal is like a caster minion.

  14. That is too effing funny bro!

  15. Pick Ez - Baylife

  16. u missing one in a game vs graves and vayne

    "They got the 2 strongest AD champions in the Game. And we got the worst!-American Eazreal"

  17. OddOne is an artist

  18. haha you forget 'ez has so bad dmg so he doesn't even get assist'

  19. I main Ez, but I laughed my ass off. These quotes are gold.

  20. He also banned Ezreal and instantly said something along the lines of "THERE" "I WON THE GAME" "WE DONT HAVE EZREAL SO I JUST WON US THE GAME" after losing like 2 games in a row with someone picking Ez.

  21. Lol at these

    I think ezreal needs a nerf. Not because he would be op, because he is ezreal =) Dont read if you like ez plox

  22. I really didn't find any of this funny.

  23. but...but... i like ezreal...

  24. Look at him now!

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  29. TheFroFatherDecember 05, 2013

    I sense just a LITTLE hostility towards Ezereal :I

  30. IPisNOWrealMONEYMarch 03, 2014

    OddOne quotes from 2011 Ezreal wins S2 world championships..

  31. craig shawMay 04, 2014

    and so is anyone that plays ezreal

  32. Nick RauschJuly 29, 2014

    Why the hate towards ez? Some of my best plays and games are with him. Sounds like he either doesn't know how to play him effectively or has gotten spanked by one too many times...

  33. Any decent adc knows ezrael is outclassed. 46.14% win rate is atrocious.

  34. ShadowSectJuly 30, 2014

    Ezreal is a balanced pick, so while he's viable, someone that's not Tier 1 status isn't going to get a lot of competitive play.
    His win rate is largely based on how much skill he requires, and how his pros and cons balance each other out.
    +Great Damage
    +Good escape
    +Great mobility
    +Large Range
    +Great dodging skills
    +Great global ult
    +Easy Q Farm
    +Fantastic lane clearing
    +Attack speed steroid
    +Great at kiting
    +Great at spamming skills mid~Late Game
    -Mediocre laning phass
    -Barely any form of CC
    -Incredibly item reliant (specfically on gauntlet)
    -Difficult to master and somewhat to pick up
    -Skillshot reliant (ouch)
    -Easy to dodge his ult
    -Natural ADC squishyness
    -Low mobility when E is on CD
    -Vulnerable to ganks when on CD early game
    -HIGHLY focused in teamfights
    -Again, extremely reliant on farm/items

  35. Johnny RottenseedMarch 16, 2015

    "TheOddOne 2011"

  36. TurtlyLookerMay 24, 2015

    I sense just a LITTLE unability to spell.

  37. Teddy JurekJuly 13, 2015

    And then there was AP Ezreal...


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