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Dec 29, 2011

Saintvicious/TheOddOne Make fun of Ezreal, TheRainMan hates Soraka

Maybe I'll just stick to FIFA :(

UPDATE2: RiotLykaeus has also responded to the matter

UPDATE: After a massive out pour of support on the forums for an Ezreal buff, three or four threads later Phreak finally responded with the first of a predicted many red posts to come. While the prospects of an immediate buff look dim, Riot's attention to the matter is the first step in many. 

YESTERDAY on stream in an argument with Doublelift, Saintvicious complained about how useless Ezreal is, (one of my favorite heroes). He's quoted as saying:
"You're Ezreal, you're like a gust of wind. How much farm do you have? 6,000, 7,000, 8,000, 9,000 gold of farm? You know what Vayne does with 9,000 gold of farm? She one shots people. Look, you're autoattacking them, Qing them, and they're laughing at you. You do no damage. You even have Nunu buff. I bet Corki with the exact same items as you would crush. That's what you get for playing Ezreal. No more Ezreal for you. You have all these disillusioned people saying Ezreal is strong. You know why they say that? Because they let you farm 6 items in these ****** games. Yeah, yeah Ezreal's definitely as good as other AD carries, that's why Graves is like ten times Ezreal."
Meanwhile, TheOddOne publically declared today on stream something along these lines:
"Ezreal's such a **** champion! He does 0 damage and can't even do anything in teamfights. All his Qs get blocked by ghouls and TANKS, he's not even viable. What are you going to do, shoot these zombies to death?"
"TeddyRO's trying to prove something by playing Ezreal. All he's proving is that Ezreal is a shitty champion."
More quotes from TheOddOne here 
Even Doublelift, who mains/used to main Ezreal is betrayed him saying
"I'm not gonna lie, Corki outclasses and beats Ezreal in every single way"
- Chaox and Saintvicious also agreed that Corki is a better Ezreal in every way on their streams.

So what lies in the future for one of the most fun champions in the game? Well, to be fair, right after TheOddOne said Ezreal is a piece of dung, TeddyRO's Ezreal sniped scarra's Ahri out right under her tower.

Ezreal's probably one of the most fun and skill intensive carries in the game. This is probably the main reason why hardly anybody plays him, and those who do can't play him well. I'm not purporting to be an amazing Ezreal player by any means, but I can definitely see why people like Doublelift can play him at a viable level with his amazing farm and positioning.

His ultimate also has the potential to be one of the most game-changing ults in the game, just like Ashe arrow was, with its ability to snipe buffs and map objectives from a safe distance with enough timing and skill. He's definitely not a face-roll champion like Vayne, but with enough practice I think Ezreal can still be a very viable and rewarding pick in solo queue.

MEANWHILE in other news, TheRainMan tried playing AD carry bottom as Corki for the first time in a looong time and had a Soraka as support.
"This was the most boring game I've ever played ever. I feel bad for my viewers since it was so boring. I'd rather have someone like Alistar or Blitzcrank, or even Sona. Hell I'd rather have a support Heimerdinger than a support Soraka. I've been 1v2ing bot lane this entire time"
"It's not even like this Soraka is a bad player. He's just playing a **** champion." 
Personally I feel like Soraka simply doesn't suit TheRainMan's playstyle (obviously). He's a very aggressive player and doesn't understand Soraka's simple utility. While Soraka isn't the best support for a highly coordinated team, she's the safest pick to get your bot lane AD carry safely farmed to late game.

For those highly aggressive players however, it's true. Support Soraka is the most boring support you can possibly have in a lane! :)

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I really love Ezreal but I have noticed he's a bit lackluster compared to say...Vayne :( can't wait for pulsefire ezreal though!

  2. Followed your tumblr link here! SV and TheOddOne definitely make some good points on Ezreal being kinda weak compared to other AD carries. TheRainMan is just talking out of his butt though. He really has no experience playing bot lane AD carry. Personally Soraka is my favorite support to have with my Caitlyn, and if I ever had a Heimerdinger support I'd be pretty pissed off.

  3. I'm not going to lie, I love playing Ezreal, but everything in those quotes is the divine word of God for him.

    Same with Soraka. As an aggressive laner, laning with a support soraka is like 1v2ing a lane without the benefit of having a solid gank or exp. It's like I'm having to carry her before I even get farmed. It's stupid. And then she only builds CDR or items like Shurelia's reverie. When I get stunlocked or silenced, I don't need "a heal every 15s", I need a heal that'll take me from 600 HP to 1000 or higher. Your WR combo can BARELY do that, and that's your freaking ultimate. Please, for the love of God, buy some AP.

  4. "one of the most game-changing ults"

    People love to throw this out there when talking about he ults for their favorite champions. If we are to believe everybody then every ulti is "one of the most game-changing ults".

    In all honesty Ezreal's ulti is subpar at best and with terrible damage output considering how difficult it is to land it, Ez Ulti is certainly NOT a "game changing ulti". That's a term you would use when considering ults that have effects that drastically affect team fights or laning phases like Mumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy or Fidd's Crowstorm.

    Ezreal is a fun, versatile but difficult champion but as far as AD carries go it is true that many AD carries out shine him especially when considering early/mid game.

  5. A pro player from one of the top North American teams has "no experience"? Even though he does play solo top, trust me, he has PLENTY of bot lane experience...

  6. That's a good point Rakyth, but at the same time early game Sona won't provide you that kind of protection against a ganker either. I'll admit the main reason I'm fond of Soraka is because she's a bit retard proof though, and I prefer knowing that the success of bot lane is in my hands when I play AD carry.

    Rowol, I'll admit I'm also a bit biased on that part and that for the most part Ezreal's ultimate will be used as little more than an easy way to farm minions across the map. There's always those games with an awesome baron steal + 3 triple kill with Ezreal that deserves a spot on the top 5 plays though! (Albeit probably mostly occurring due to opponent retardation)

  7. Soraka can be played quite aggressively if you're used to her. Free, unlimited harass in the form of a silence with a bit of damage? Yes please.

  8. True, if Soraka can do a little bit of damage, but Sona can do so much more without really sacrificing that much of her mana regardless.

  9. You cannot play aggressive with Soraka. You don't have any significant cc any other support could provide for ganks. Don t tell me auto attacking sorakas are a threat.

    It's a farm lane that you shut down by ganks or heal reductions. Soraka can t do anything against towerdives. Any other support could provide more defensive cc. You know, that cc that can be used aggressive as well. The armor buff is countered by focusing the target that hasn't been healed. It's that simple.

    Soraka provides free farm... That's it. Sona just outshines Soraka. Only handicap is obviously a lower heal. Nobody cares about mana in the first place, you re supporting auto attackers.

    Concerning Ezreal... Why would you pick him over Vayne or Graves? I own a skin, he's one of my favourite champions, but he's lacking obvious dmg like thosue two have it. Tbh Idk if he's weak or not. nc

  10. ezreal, you belong in a museum...

  11. Wow, these noobs saying all this crap about ezreal, just becuase it takes more caution and positioning to get the most out of him compared to other carries. It's also about timing and not just auto attacking and spamming abilities left and right. Lazy whiners go home.

  12. sometimes.. x) I've gone bot as Ahri with Soraka.. we've always destroyed them :'3 Orb of Deception poke is awesome while Soraka restores my mana.. -poke- -bush- -harras- Charm lalala~ time to jump and kill~ x) never failed x`) -plop- ♥

  13. Psst Unknown check the date for this. He is now considered amongst the (un)Holy Trinity of AD carries with Graves and Corki. Plus these guys are pro players talking about the very highest ELO not 1500 or whatever.


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