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Jul 16, 2015

Weird Picks #21: Jungle Vayne

Hi everyone and welcome back to another episode of Weird Pick Wednesday! This week we're looking at a newly viable playstyle, Vayne jungle!

With the new jungle changes, Vayne's certainly playable in the jungle now. However, is she worth it over traditional junglers? Check out the scoop below!


Hi everyone and welcome back to another episode of Weird Pick Wednesday! This week we're looking at a newly viable playstyle, Vayne jungle!

With the new jungle changes, Vayne's certainly playable in the jungle now. However, is she worth it over traditional junglers? Check out the scoop below!

How to Play
Runes: Attack Speed Quints, Attack Speed Reds, Armor Yellows, Attack Speed Blues
Masteries: 21-9-0, AD jungler masteries
Abilities: W, Q, E then prioritize  R > W > Q > E
Core items: Ranger's With Devourer, Berzerker Greaves, Blade of the Ruined King, Phantom Dancer, Last Whisper, Randuin's Omen

Why It Works

Devourer Enchantment
The new devourer enchantment provides a "phantom" hit upon the "sated" status, which procs every other hit. This means that Vayne has the ability to use her W procs twice as fast, giving her a higher damage spike than ever before. Incidentally, Blade also procs twice during each of the phantom hits, meaning that her tank shredding ability borderlines absurd late game.

Devourer Meta
A normally very difficult champion to jungle due to her tendency to be counterjungled, Vayne has the ability to succeed in the new meta as many champions are more focused on farming for sated devourer rather than counter-jungling or ganking. That's not to say that it won't happen though...

Ranged Red Ganks
As a ranged champion, Vayne does have the ability to continuously proc red buff during ganks. This combined with her passive movespeed and tumble keeps her in range to deal damage.

Potential Pitfalls

Weak Front Line
Although she can build Randuin to supplement the front line, Vayne jungle generally means that your team's front line will be a bit meat starved.

Weak Until Sated
As an AD champion that ends up building essentially no AD until quite some time into the game, Vayne's early game is exceedingly weak. This means that any team fights and early dragons will likely end up in defeat unless the remainder of your team is comprised of some very good early game champions.


Vayne jungle is an extreme double-edged sword. Her early to mid game is a handicap if your lanes end up needing jungler assistance, but her late game is absolutely insane and truly broken with the devourer enchant.

Suggested Rating: Low Tier 2

What do you think about Vayne Jungle? Comment below!

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  1. Mac MorrisJuly 16, 2015

    You should do jungle Irelia next. Devourer fits in perfectly with her kit and she offers insane carry possibilities. With a maxed 'w' route her clear and sustain is crazy good now. Such synergy with the new devourer, and she should def be raised on the tier list. You prob forgot about her cus no one plays her, but she is actually more viable now than some 'meta' junglers. Just a thought.

  2. koolaidfromthehoodJuly 16, 2015

    i dont get what "warriors with devourer" means

  3. Jim PaponettiJuly 16, 2015

    purple jungle item with devourer

  4. ConfusedTeemoJuly 16, 2015

    Like I said to someone last week, that isn't a wierd pick. I reliable JG has been promoted by riot and devourer is the obvious choice on her as a botrk replacement

  5. Fr4ntic95July 16, 2015

    For me, she is in the league of Jax and Aatrox in term of viability so High tier 2 to Low tier 1. The fact she has no presence during the early game isn't the main point here..Warwick is op right now and is basicly useless pre-6..most sated-users are crazy late game champs and it's easy to mess up your early with a failed gank. The main point is that you bring double adc so double squishyness for teamfights. Where Kayle have her ult and possibly a zhonya, Warwick can build a Randuin-Visage (even a FH) and Jax can build a Randuin+Banshee (+FH), Vayne has nothing to soak up dmgs except maybe a GA or a scimitar.

  6. What about mastttahh yiiih.

  7. Fr4ntic95July 16, 2015

    Yi is a bit like Vayne...0 tankyness in his build path, one CC you dead, easy to mess up...but easy to penta once fed if you get the right team (idealy 2 CC-Tanks top-supp with good initiation, a aoe-apc reasonably fed to get everyone around 50% health in one combo and a focused adc..) and vs the right team (barely no stun or root).

  8. B4ckslashJuly 16, 2015

    Pretty sure that's Ranger's with Devourer >.>

  9. SSJSuntasticJuly 16, 2015


  10. WW Isn't really that OP. Just shut him down early, don't give him a chance to press R and if he does get allowed use displacements/cc

  11. KingoftheSocksJuly 16, 2015

    I played vayne jungle quite a bit before the new devourer hit and I thought it was viable even then. I'm just enjoying the normals freelo as I'm too scaredto take it into ranked

  12. As a vayne main, i dont think it will ever become a half decent pick, she already suffers in lane, let alone jungle camps, her low damage early prevents her from clearing efficiently which leads to frequent recalls.

    This will make her devourer stacking speed much slower, making her irrelevant, not to mention theres no lane pressure when vayne is jungling because its 4 v 5 till like the 30th minute to pick up her items, no objective control also making her a trollpick with friends in normals

    My placement: tier 4-unlisted

  13. Trailblazer with devourer

  14. Jordan LewisJuly 16, 2015

    yeah maybe learn the game before posting blogs about it

  15. Joshua DurfeeJuly 16, 2015

    Uhh, if you're taking 30 minutes to stack sated, there's a problem. I played against this, and strictly farming, I watched the Vayne have 30 stacks in 20 minutes, which is about average (your faster clears like Shyv, Udyr, Yi, and Kayle are roughly 15-18 minutes). Coupled with the fact if you're farming, you should have BotRK roughly the same time Sated kicks in (this has been my experience straight farming on Yi), it's only about 20 minutes before Sated kicks in on Vayne. The biggest issue is as you said, and was stated in the post, if she gets counter jungled, she doesn't have much to fight back early game (later on, do you really want to try to hit a vayne with sated?)

    The other issue I see with this is it puts heavy reliance on your support and top laner to take high CC tank champions, so it lessens your counter picks in those lanes, however supports do well taking high CC tanks anyways, and top should be able to play bruisers, mages (in the case of Vlad, Ryze, Liss, and other miscellaneous mages), and tanks alike.

    That said, if you have a team willing to work with it, and ward (not solo queue, obviously), then it actually has the potential of being extremely strong.

  16. Mac MorrisJuly 17, 2015

    Well most (maybe all?) jungle irelias get both devourer and BotRK... so it isn't really so much a replacement as it is a optimal synergy. I normally go Devourer->BotRK->TriForce->Witts End/Tank Item->Tank Item. I'm just confused why it is so low on the tier list when it is really more effective than most of the champions ranked tier 1.

  17. Fr4ntic95July 17, 2015

    "shut him down early" unless you have been able to pick jung and do so...this is not the easiest thing to do in soloQ :D

  18. ConfusedTeemoJuly 17, 2015

    I reliable is at her strongest immediately after she gets her triforce(unless of course you snowball) having to build/choosing to build anything before it delays her power spike. Devourer is also pretty weak in terms of ganking in comparison to other items (warrior/runeglaive give a lot more burst and cinderhulk champs probably have a lot more cc than her+can start to tower dive). Also you aren't building her normally so it may be stronger/weaker than the typical irelia jg with your kind of on hit assassin build as opposed to bruiser.

  19. get attack speed yellows too cuz they're better than the AS blues and fuckit yolo swag

  20. Mac MorrisJuly 17, 2015

    All devourer junglers have a stronger early game if they go a different jungle route and Irelia can viably take any of the 4 jungle items. However by the time a jungle irelia farms up her jungle item + triforce she could have a sated devourer + BotRK. The devourer route is more time efficient and allows for her to quickly and safely jungle while having a much stronger impact in the mid game where she spikes anyway. No one plays irelia for the early game, and by the time she has her core items (triforce, BotRK, and sated devourer), she can easily outduel anyone on their team and turns into an insane team fighter or split pusher. This route allows for an Irelia to snowball easiest, and lets face it, if you don't plan on snowballing and carrying then don't play Irelia jungle.

  21. ConfusedTeemoJuly 18, 2015

    You completely misunderstood what I said and you are wrong about other things. Also build triforce 2nd on jg irelia not botrk. Tri force proc gives more dmg than 16% of an ad's health. If you going into games thinking you need to snowball and carry or even thinking "yeah! I'm gonna snowball this game!" you are setting yourself and team up for failure and it is probably why you are stuck in whatever elo you are in.

  22. JannaMainJuly 18, 2015

    I don't like it at all. Although it looks like it's a good idea, I dont think it is because people like WW and Shyv do the same thing while being tanky.

  23. Mac MorrisJuly 19, 2015

    You should watch some Trick2g then. The best way to win games is to carry yourself in whatever position you are in. Some champions are more 'snowbally' than others and that is something that is fairly common knowledge. As far as junglers go, some picks are safer than others. For example Graggy, Shyv, or Nunu give decent map pressure throughout the entire game and don't really fall off. Other Champions like Lee Sin, Eve, Irelia, or Nid require early kills and pressure to perform their job correctly. Lee Sin and Eve fall of late game, while Nid/Irelia miss out on their mid/late game if they do not snowball. In Gold tier and below I noticed that ultimately champion selection doesn't matter with playstyle. And yes sometimes a 'snowbally' pick falls hard and I do not have the mechanics to carry every game. If I did I wouldn't be stuck in the hell hole that is Plat 4. Too many assholes like you that think that they know the proper way to play every champion in every situation and do not take into account personal preference. After playing a shittone of Irelia jg over the last couple patches I have found that BotRK is more efficient in the current patch with the new devourer. For my play style I do not farm up an entire Triforce and then start ganking. The BotRK route allows me to gank earlier. Triforce is totally viable as a second item, but it doesn't work with how I play her. Ultimately you should go into every game thinking that you are going to carry. If not then how do you think that you are going to do? There is nothing wrong with having self confidence in your own ability, because that is the only thing that you can control during a game. Last patch I would agree with you and go Triforce rush, but with sated devourer working with BotRK better than Triforce as well as having better timings it is a personal choice for me to go that route. Naturally you could just go Runeglaive and Triforce (trolly and fun) or Warrior and triforce (safer and more standard). Also you can go Cinderhulk and triforce into tank but then again why not just play graggy, shyv, j4, or nunu who does the tank job better.

  24. ConfusedTeemoJuly 19, 2015

    Ooooooh, another Trick wannabe. Yeah, this conversation is over. Done with you kind of people.

  25. BigDolton .July 19, 2015

    Then ull get shrekt by jungle cuz u got 24 armor

  26. Mac MorrisJuly 20, 2015

    I don't see anything wrong with trying to play your best every game. Mechanically I am still improving and I am learning how to optimize my play style every game. I don't want to be like Trick2G cus he is kind of an ass but his videos have taught me a lot about optimization. I've found that the number one thing that people need to improve in their jungling is not wasting any time. If played properly a jungle is the position with the most carry/snowball potential. No other lane can impact the game like a good/bad jungler.

  27. Nicolas CageJuly 20, 2015

    I've tried it out, and I would like to report that it's absolutely insane.

    Her damage output is through the roof with the Sated Devourer. She does an absolutely massive amount of damage through the item.

    Highly recommended, though a bit situational.

  28. You need to play strong early champions, tanks or champions with CC. It's very easy you just need to know what to do :)

  29. Don't waste your time with him Mac, you made some excellent points. If you have the mechanical skill, then it is far better to try to carry and snowball solo queue games. Confused Teemo I go into every game expecting to carry the game if I play an adc (my main) or snowball if I play Jungle or mid. At the start of the season I was bronze 4 going 1-9 in my promos. I'm currently gold 2 and definitely not 'stuck'.

    Regards to Irelia jungle. The devourer into botrk is much better because of the synergy of the 2 items and that bilgewater helps with both clearing (sustain) and ganking (movement speed steal) more just a phage or sheen. Also, it will keep you relevant as the game progresses as you can build tanky after those 2 items and still deal a metric tone of both true and % HP damage.

  30. Mac MorrisJuly 22, 2015

    Yeah I totally agree. Triforce rush works but I found that the extra life steal is necessary to defend yourself from invades. Irelia is countered by strong counter-jungling, and apparently smart junglers like to punish Irelia in the jungle -_-. Plus BotRK is still an amazing item because it is still league of tanks on the rift. She still isn't the strongest jungler because she is so gold reliant to be relevant but devourer makes it a little easier to snowball. Low tier 1/high tier 2 IMO.

  31. i solo baron with full life afterwards. insane damage. i played her however as a adc so i still got enough farm. early 10 min are difficult and you got to play safe. only concentrate on farming. later 10-25 try to get dragon and that small creep running near baron and dragon. that how you should get quit fast your stacks. otherwise just smite any jungle creep and you get one. don't even need to oil them if you a don't got the time for or b are to low. then after 25min you gonna 1vs1 anyone. people say you need armour penetration. nah more like a lot life steal and crit. my view of playing smite vn now for couple times

  32. ปุณยวีร์ นวลละอองJuly 23, 2015

    she is very very insane strong


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