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Jun 25, 2015

Weird Picks #18: Support Yorick


Hey everyone! Today's Weird Pick Wednesday brings back an oldie but a goodie, a personal favorite of mine, support Yorick! As a support main and former Yorick main, I support this message.


Hey everyone! Today's Weird Pick Wednesday brings back an oldie but a goodie, a personal favorite of mine, support Yorick! As a support main and former Yorick main, I support this message...just not in ranked.

How to Play
RunesFlat Attack Damage QuintsFlat Attack Damage Reds, Flat Mana Regen YellowsMagic Resist Blues
Masteries: 0-9-21, Standard Support Masteries
Abilities: E, W, E, Q then prioritize  R > E > W > Q
Core items: Face of the Mountain, Sightstone, Manamune, Iceborn Gauntlet, Frozen Heart

Why It Works

Strong Early to Mid Game Harass
With his insanely short cooldowns and extreme harassing potential, Yorick performs well in a poke type role or as an all-in role. His built-in sustain also allows him to trade efficiently and heal back up to full via his relic shield and E health.

Strong Ultimate
Similar to Zilean, Yorick's ultimate allows your team to make sure your AD carry can come back to life ready to take down the enemy team again. However, unlike Zilean, Yorick's ultimate can also be used for a quick burst of damage late game at 75% of the ally's AD.

Skillshot Blocking Power
Against supports like Thresh and Blitzcrank, there's nothing more satisfying than successfully saving your ally from getting hooked by instantly putting down a ghoul in the path of an incoming line. In any case, in most 2v2 situations, even if you do get hooked, Yorick is tanky enough to out-trade them in a melee range with his ghoul spam.

Potential Pitfalls

Yorick is innately a low CC champion. Even after picking up his iceborn gauntlet, he effectively has no way to stop any channeled spells, nor does he have an effective engagement technique. Late game, he's mostly an ult bot, and depending on how well your AD carry farmed and did in lane, this can be a very hit or miss type of scenario.


Yorick support is definitely a very satisfying role to play, and is fun when it works. However, his lack of any hard CC or channeling interruption ability does keep him far down on the priority pick list. Whereas some other supports without CC like Gangplank make up for it via team buffs and massive AOE slows, Yorick does rely a bit too much on someone else doing something useful.

Suggested Rating: Mid to Low Tier 4

What do you think? Want to try it out? Comment below!

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  1. cashbag2012June 25, 2015

    I think Yorick is a good support, but I wish this wednesday was yorick jungle :-/

  2. Mike MonahanJune 25, 2015

    amumu support with kalista ADC ideally?

  3. really weird pick yorick i was picking him since s1 support if i knew my adc would troll you got heal harras poke tankyness and engages with ulti

  4. Please SSJ, Shen support deserves to be at least tier 3. He is a very strong support.

  5. Yep.... Stuff like that. I recently had an elise sapporting me in bot. Wasnt half bad actually!!!! with my experience. After the 5.12 buffs to her. Nothing OP perhaps but not half bad.

  6. ValvravesJune 25, 2015

    just no i don't think its viable he'll get destroyed by a leona and will naturally push waves with his ghouls

  7. Saint Vicious played Shen support yesterday or something, it's pretty good.
    I play a lot of random shit so I can confirm :D

  8. Nicolas CageJune 25, 2015

    If you were going to play Amumu support, Kalista would probably be one of the preferred ADCs to pick.

    That said, I wouldn't recommend playing Amumu support. Why not play Leona, who does something very similar, instead?

  9. Spider QueenJune 25, 2015

    Why did people stop playing Yorick?

  10. Gabriel Thomazine DamettoJune 25, 2015

    because people can't test him on free week. I've never played with him YET!

  11. Gabriel Thomazine DamettoJune 25, 2015

    Maaan I've already said that. No one ever listens to me! rofl
    High 3. Ok his Q is free harrass. Ok his W is free defense. Ok his E is free taunt. Ok his ult can make a 2v1 situation whenever he wants! Counterjungle? Here I come! Top 1v1? Here I come! He's just as strong as Nauti.

  12. Gabriel Thomazine DamettoJune 25, 2015

    I don't know... he probably is pretty bad... I'd say a Safe/a ADC which has escapes, IMO. Ezreal? Corki? Yes, exactly. And his passive may make those ADC's which was high ap ratio be a bit useful.

  13. Gabriel Thomazine DamettoJune 25, 2015

    I've already seen a Yorick jungle pentakill. I don't know, but I read his kit, and he may be a decent one.

  14. g_squidmanJune 25, 2015

    I don't think that's how it works. First of all, nothing about his kit is "free" if you're taking damage to get close enough to taunt or poke. All the points about his ult are what make him useful in any Lane. It's nothing special about having him support. If you want that, you might as well have him top.

  15. No, just no...he's not just as strong as Naut. Not even close.

  16. Bryce PotterJune 25, 2015

    He's pretty bland, and not fun to play against. He has been out of the free week rotation for 3 years because of how blunt he is. He needs a rework, as he has little skill requirement, is mostly useless past laning phase, and has little interactivity or counter-play for the first 15 minutes of the game. He's a tanky AD Mordekaiser.

  17. ConfusedTeemoJune 26, 2015

    He has one of the most abusive lane bully kits in league. His main damage ability heals him and he can summon up a horde of ghouls to chase his opponent around. Even if you do work up the gall to duel yorick and then find some way to beat him, he still has an ult that will let him run you down and take revnge. Then teamfights happen. You can ult a carry then afk

  18. bernie sanders toucan16June 27, 2015

    AD Malzahar?

  19. bernie sanders toucan16June 27, 2015


  20. I Hate EzrealJune 27, 2015

    because his kit is way too oppressive and has no counterplay for the early game because his main spell scales of ad but deal magic damage aswell as healing him making itemizing efficiently versus him is impossible.
    Also after the early game he fall down and he's useless if not as an ult bot.
    Extremely oppressive early and extremely poor mid/late game makes him a bad champ design unlike renekton who has got some counterplay and his late game isn't useless

  21. TheBlackGhostJune 27, 2015

    hola vengo a apoyar yorick suport yo hace rato ya lo estoy jugando hasta en las ranked y me va bien algunos se rien de mi por usarlo suport pero el acoso que hace termina ganado la linea junto con el adc alli esta mi efectivad de partidas

  22. not as strong as naut but still underrated

  23. Bryce PotterJune 28, 2015

    I'm comparing how uninteractive and toxic their kits are. Yorick is very similar to Mordekaiser, where they both shove the lane and oppress their opponents, but don't do much otherwise because they lack the tools to really do anything meaningful. Mordekaiser builds AP, Yorick builds AD and tanky. I'm not sure where you're getting Malz from all of that.

  24. who is elise? lol she hasn't been relevant since they nerfed the crap out of her.


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