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Jul 25, 2015

FOTM Report: Jungle Elise


With the latest buffs on Elise on Patch 5.14, she's absolutely surged to the top of the jungle ladder, seemingly reclaiming her throne as a top jungler from preliminary results over the course of the first few days of the patch.

However, let's take a look at her and try and see, just how OP is she?


With the latest buffs on Elise on Patch 5.14, she's absolutely surged to the top of the jungle ladder, seemingly reclaiming her throne as a top jungler from preliminary results over the course of the first few days of the patch.

However, let's take a look at her and try and see, just how OP is she?

How to Play
Runes: Ability Power Quints, Magic Penetration Reds, Armor Yellows, Magic Resist Blues
Masteries: 21-9-0, AP Jungle Masteries
Abilities: W, Q, E then prioritize  R > Q or W > Q or W > E.
* Max Q to be gank heavy, W to be farm heavy.
Core items: Rangers with Runeglaive, Sorcerer's Boots, Rylai, Liandries Torment, Abyssal Scepter

Latest Patch Changes


Stun duration up at all ranks. Spiderlings deal magic damage, scale better, move faster, and actually work.

E - Cocoon

STUN DURATION1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds  1.6/1.7/1.8/1.9/2 seconds

R - Spider Form

SPIDERLING DAMAGE ON-HIT10/20/30/40 physical damage 10/20/30/40 magic damage
SPIDERLING RATIO ON-HIT0.1 ability power  0.15 ability power
ITSY BITSYFixed a bug where Spiderlings wouldn't move or attack for 4 seconds after the initial cast of Rappel

Patch Analysis

Elise currently stands at an impressive 54% jungle win rate (although early in the patch).

She received the following buffs this patch:

  • 60% increase on level 1 stun duration
    • This gives her the ability to leave it at level 1 the majority of the game without any noticeable impact or drop in gank success.
  • Spiderlings: 
    • Scale properly with magic penetration;
    • Do more damage
    • Move faster
    • Allow Elise to clear jungle camps with full health 
      • Making her almost impossible to invade
      • Allow her to sustain in jungle for a very long time
      • Allow her to rush early dragons
  • Runeglaive deals double damage to first monster hit
    • Ultra high jungle clearing speed
  • Hunter's Machete gives 1 more mana per second while in combat
    • Elise generally doesn't use that much mana to begin with, but this definitely helps her.

Elise As a Champion

Classically, Elise tends to be a somewhat higher skillcap champion. However, at the moment here is her current status:
  1. Insanely fast and safe jungle clears
  2. Powerful towerdives with execute, gap closer, and drops aggro with web
  3. Crushes scuttlers with ease
She'll likely make an appearance in god tier on the next update for solo queue.

What do you think about Jungle Elise? Comment below!

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  1. knightcuddlebugJuly 25, 2015

    I hope she doesn't get nerfed. :< She was my very first jungler, and I love spiders.
    SSJ pls, Rito will notice and nerf her.

  2. Shepard GordonJuly 25, 2015

    I picked up Elise two patches ago and am thrilled that my new found champ is now in a good spot.

  3. ??????idkJuly 25, 2015

    Rito no nerf plzz. Elise is my favorite jungler.

  4. SLAAAYEEEERJuly 25, 2015

    well, everyone and their mother is playing devourer junglers because that's "op", while they're happily farming, Elise can do what Elise does: a ton of early ganks ("omg elise 5 ganks and yi 1 report this noob")
    Later in the game, she has a ranged stun to keep the Shyvana's and Xin Zhao's from killing her carries.
    For sure, she got strong buffs, but she's also very good vs most of the fotm junglers.

  5. Yukari YakumoJuly 25, 2015

    What do you think about armor per level and mr per level?

  6. Elise has been one of my favourite champions ever since her release, and coincidentally that was when I just started League (back in Preseason 3). Even now she's still a shadow of her former self, but I'm really glad that Riot finally put her back in the spotlight. Some of her major problems still exist, but these buffs have certainly boosted her already strong early game and I believe her current power overwhelms those of other popular champions currently. (With a 1.6 sec rank 1 stun, well, I don't think anyone can duel her at Level 3-4) Although her horrendous (long CDs, relative squishness, etc.) late game and confusing role definition (AP Bruiser, Assassin or Tank?) are still glaring problems, I am pretty pleased with Elise's current state. She might have a high skillcap, but that's what makes her fun and so satisfying to play. Hope Riot doesn't nerf her back into the mess she was in previous patches!

  7. MasterOfMetalJuly 25, 2015

    Loved it when mid asked if i needed a tent when i killed them the third time, as i was headed top to get another one off up there

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  9. SLAAAYEEEERJuly 25, 2015

    it's a standard ap page, but there are so many viable rune pages for Elise (every guide has another one)

  10. gross. naaastyyy :D

  11. Is good to hear that! Finally Elise is back!

  12. The queen is back in the game!

  13. flat runes are standard since Elise has strong early ganks, but if you prefer to farm scaling runes make sense, since your spiderlings can tank jungle camps for you.

  14. Tip to avoid nerf of your "main" champ:
    + stop playing that champ in the patch he/she is buffed.

    Reason: As you're a veteran who has quite experience with the champ and managed to keep 49% win-rate when he/she was nerfed to the ground - now with the buff you can easily make 55-60% win-rates (or even higher) with the champ. Whilst he/she is in the attention of the Rito's radar, that means a nerf right next patch. Worst case is that some good player post a video "OP" to youtube - a hype is created and a nerf is assured.
    If he/she is not nerfed in the next patch - he/she can be safe for a few next patches - and you can spam your main champ then.

    Besides, there are chances that new players (beginners/noobs) may try playing the champ knowing the buff - and expecting "easy OPness" - but they will get like 45% win-rate and your champ is safe for sure (or even buffed more in the future).

  15. Mister AugustJuly 25, 2015

    Elise gives me nightmares.

  16. Is there any video guide about Elise in this patch?

  17. Juan DiegoJuly 25, 2015

    All Hail the Queen

  18. One of my favourite too, and actually the first "high skillcap" champion that I mastered.
    As a selftitled master of the spider queen (pls deserve challenjour, bronzz team holds me back)

    I agree with almost everything you say about her except about the current lategame potential.

    I've now started to spam Elise in yoloq with a 12-2 record so far and imo she is just as viable early as in season 3 but in addition to that her late game has become monstrous. For the role definition: she is AP bruiser. Building Elise squishy would be just silly and if you go too tanky you lose the amazing potential to melt anyone like she is supposed to atm. WIth skirmisher, Liandries+Rylai and one tanky item of your choice she can pretty much go where she pleases. One of the many good things about her is that she fits almost any kind of teamcomp (much like Lee Sin). I have not found the cons yet.

    The conclusion: Sorry boys and girl but nerfs inc. This champion is way too hard to balance!

  19. Hopefully this means less devourer-afk farmers and more aggresive junglers to shut down elise or counter her ganks.

  20. LlorencioJuly 26, 2015

    Hmm I don't really recommend mpen reds for a jungler. Monsters have 0 MR, also attack speed reds are way better for elise, it gives her a faster clear.

  21. Jon JavertJuly 26, 2015

    I think, since her clear is awesome anyways, the m. pen really help her late game, her weakest area.


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