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Jul 24, 2015

Top 10 Easy Solo Queue "Fill" Champions

Let me start off with a little introduction. For those of you that don't know me, I'm SSJSuntastic, a (currently) Diamond 4 support main. My mechanics are pretty bad, and I play sleep deprived a lot. For these simple reasons, I'm dedicated to searching for the "next ez OP champ", as that's the only way I stay afloat on the ladder.

Below, I've compiled a list of champions that are not only performing exceptionally well in solo queue lately, but also have nearly brain-dead type strategies that anyone can pick up and execute with a few well timed words of "encouragement" from your teammates. Check out the full list below!


Let me start off with a little introduction. For those of you that don't know me, I'm SSJSuntastic, a (currently) Diamond 4 support main. My mechanics are pretty bad, and I play sleep deprived a lot. For these simple reasons, I'm dedicated to searching for the "next ez OP champ", as that's the only way I stay afloat on the ladder.

Below, I've compiled a list of champions that are not only performing exceptionally well in solo queue lately, but also have nearly brain-dead type strategies that anyone can pick up and execute with a few well timed words of "encouragement" from your teammates.

Although I tend to play one champion at a time, I always keep a few of these in my back pocket in case I need to fill a different role. Check out the full list below!


As a support main, I think that starting with this one makes the most sense. Support mains have three jobs:
  1. Map Control
  2. Initiation
  3. Peel
Pretty simple. Now to help you on this quest, I've picked out two tanky as f* champions that can perform all three roles and even more importantly, stay alive doing it.

Nautilus - Sometimes a yellow submarine, sometimes a green one.
  • Always make sure to right click champions as much as possible, one time each time your passive doesn't have them marked.
  • His passive is what separates "people playing Nautilus" from "Nautilus players" (or people who read this blog).
  • Perks: Super tanky, tons of crowd control, lots of free stats, low mana cost, one massive "skillshot".
Leona - So much CC, nearly impossible to get away from.
  • If you're not comfortable initiating, feel free to be a secondary initiator or do peel duty.
  • Try and let your AD carry auto in between your spells, again, like Nautilus, your passive is what will separate the good from the greats.
  • Perks: Super tanky, ton of crowd control, lots of free stats, low mana cost, two massive "skillshots".
Do you see a trend here?


I am no Doublelift. I am no qtpie (maybe a little).

Do not play Vayne. Do not play Lucian.

Ashe - By far the best cheese marksman in the arena right now.
  • Guarantee the hit on your ultimate. If they flash they flash. Don't try and "predict" the flash. Make them work for it.
  • You can play passive and farm, then be completely relevant using your ultimate.
  • Perks: Second highest range in the game, ultimate is pure utility, global map control with hawkshot, still useful from behind.
Jinx - The ease of which she can pick up kills via her ultimate gives her insane comeback potential. Her passive is OP.
  • Similar to Ashe, focusing on farm during her laning phase allows her to stay relevant late game with the massive range on her AOE gun and ultimate, even if you're behind.
  • Perks: Insane waveclear, blocks off chasers, survivability is based on speed (no fancy tricks, just run).
There was a time when champions with strong built-in flashes were the cream of the crop. However, Riot's balanced it in a way where champions that don't have it make up for it in other (easier to utilize) ways.

If you do want to play someone fancy with a movement spell, make sure you use it offensively AND defensively at the same time (by dodging something). This is how Riot balances these spells. If you can't, then don't play those champions.

Top Lane

Get big. Get Relevant.

  • Currently insanely good right now with the new Rylai build path, he is a solo queue beast.
  • Perks: Non-confrontational passive aggressive fighting, focuses on farm while others die around him.
Wukong - Who buys pink wards anyway?
  • Buy armor penetration items.
  • Aim for the squishies.
  • Squish them.
  • Perks: Invisibility, AOE CC, huge burst, built-in armor penetration, NO SKILLSHOTS


Junglers gank and get objectives. Farming is important, but if you could gank successfully every time and get every objective, then if you didn't farm nobody would care.

Warwick - From an initial incredulous "wtf Warwick God Tier" in week one of Patch 5.13, the complains quickly died down once people saw a few Warwicks run through three turrets and one shot the carry.
  • Build devourer, blade of the ruined king, wit's end, and then tanky tanky tanky.
  • Wait for teammates to be in position, ult someone delicious.
  • Perks: Massive burst even if your ultimate is interrupted, freestyle jungling without items, massive 6 second team attack speed buff.
Amumu - A noob's best friend. Did you know he has a top 10 win rate in plat+ too?
  • Farm to 6, don't miss your bandage. 
  • Feel free to ult single targets if it's a guaranteed kill. Don't put your ult on a pedestal.
  • Perks: One skillshot to rule them all, massive scaling into late game with short cooldowns and percentage based damage, really obvious and nearly undodgeable AOE CC (allows follow-up).

Mid Lane

This is honestly my worst lane. Mid lane is a lane where:
  • Ganks come from 5 different directions from any lane on the map
  • Everyone can 100-0 you instantly
  • Dying early often ends up with your opponent quickly power spiking to "LEGENDARY"
Here's how I approach this lane:
  • I'm going to get outplayed. Let's not fight.
  • Even if I don't get outplayed, their jungler is going to kill me.
  • Let me pick on people who don't see me coming.
This means:
  • Push in your lane.
  • Stay warded.
  • Stay out of sight and/or roam
Malzahar - King of hit it and quit it. Drop your magic space dust and hide somewhere laughing at the replay where your enemy laner continuously pings to be careful. Have you never heard of "The Fizz who cried Malzahar?"
  • Start with your Q, charge it three times in base. Try and hit your opponent with a Q. Level two, get E and send your voidling after him, might cheese a kill if they're not paying attention.
  • When you're level 6, make a point to keep pushing the lane and then walking somewhere that's not warded.
  • Perks: Easy waveclear, tank shredder means he can kill anybody with W + R and doesn't need to be picky with his burst, excellent seiging power with his dot and voidlings.
Heimerdinger - Nearly impossible to gank, super baiter.
  • Push to turret level 1, rush Zhonyas.
  • Build turrets spaced out so AOE doesn't kill them all at once.
  • Use your ultimate turret and Zhonya when they dive.
  • Perks: Strongest Level 1 pushing power, difficult to gank even without wards, insanely strong damage when turtling.


Even if you think you're good, there's always someone better. Playing champions that are easy lets you focus in on different tasks that aren't mechanically dependent. These 10 are my favorite, what are yours?

What are your secret picks for climbing the ladder? Comment below!

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  1. LetsGetItRollingJuly 24, 2015

    Loving all of your recent content! Pls keep it up <3
    Cheese champion number one: F the grandmaster iddlesticks. Do one good ultimate from the wraiths and its GG EZ. :D

  2. Lucas SampaioJuly 24, 2015

    Good list! I would also recommend:
    Adc caitlyn (really underrated, even if you don't have great positioning you can stay alive pretty easily in team fights because of your range. also, she's a great lane bully and doesn't depend on too much peel)

    Support janna (your carry will never die and he also gets a free AD boost every time you shield him. i also believe she has a low skill floor which means you can play her to a decent level without much practice. pro tip: NEVER GO MAN MODE "INSEC" JANNA)
    Top lane renekton (with basic fury bar control and AA resetting using W, you can cheese a lot of first bloods at level 2-3. he is huge in the early game, you can win most match ups easily, and if you got an early lead you will have a smooth transition to the mid and late game)

  3. Jungle
    I would say Xin Zhao, he has all you need for easy and OP ganks,

    Passive: Great duel 1v1 any one, even a Master Yi cant deal with it

    Q: enhanced damage with a knock up hard single target CC

    W: Heal every 3rd attack + more attack speed active, amazing for duels and pushing towers

    E: Gap closer with AOE "magic" damage + slow, great for ganks, chase or even escape if used right

    R: you are pushing a tower or dueling some one? dont want any one to bother you? press R, you are alone again for 2 more seconds

    I would say Pantheon, no skill shots

    Passive: Blocks any AA or a tower shot, helps to dive or duels specialy vs Tryndamere, Fiora and Master yi

    Q: pokes for days, and 100% crit if you opponent is low

    W: one target stun and gap closer + passive refresh, use it right and you will get your passive twice

    E: my favorite, wave clear, harassment and the passive part for your Q, AA crit, and amazing damage with the Black Clever since it stacks the BC passive so fast

    R: Free TP, Awesome ganks and roaming, AOE magiic damage, hard to land bit if did very rewarding

    I would say Annie, no skill shots

    Passive: 1 hour stun every 4 stacks

    Q: insane damage!! farming!! refund mana if kill!! refund half cd if kill!! WTF THAT RANGE!!!!!!

    W: mainly used for stacking passive, but also give the tanky stats you need to survive beside unexpected damage when some AA you

    E: AOE burst, AOE stun and wave clear

    R: Tibbers!!!!!!!! <3 AOE Damage, AOE Stun, AOE Nuke, Tank, Skill shot block

    I would say Miss Fortune

    Passive: you return to lane fast, you run away fast. you help a team mate fast, you are just the fastest ADC out of combat

    Q: Farm + Harassment at the same time, and the damage is insanely good and not a skill shot and applies on hit effect, and the 2nd target gets more damage, so annoying

    W: Passive deal more "Magic" damage per shot that also stacks with her R rank and the Active is Attack Speed plus instant movement speed, awesome for Escape, Chase and Pushing

    E: AOE slow and underestimated lane Poke,

    R: awesome in team fights, AOE damage that stacks with her W and does "Magic" damage, more effect with Black Clever since it stacks its passive very fast too

    I would say Sona, Mash every thing

    Passive: using it when ever you can make you a good Sona, unexpected damage so its awesome Harass on lane

    Q: nice poking, give aura that gives the ADC bonus magic damage, and makes her Passive do more damage

    W: Heals + a Shield for both of you and your ADC or the lower health teammate, the less health the more the heal, and gives your passive the effect to lower the target, its like a free Exhaust damage part

    E: Movement Speed buff that scales with you AP, gives your Passive a slow that also scales your AP, its like the slow part of exhaust too

    R: if you landed one in a team fight you won that fight, and the passive part help your Passive auras too

    these are my favorite for new players, sorry for the long post

  4. Always been a fan of Alistar, he's my go-to champ when bard is taken. The simple fact that you can actually push the ennemy adc away from his farm, over and over again, without being threatened that much by anyone, and the hard scaling to a powerful tank late game even if behind, with the combo peel/initiate... So yeah, there are great Alistars and I'm not one of them, but I'm anyway good enough to keep my win ratio with him pretty high. Without actually trying very hard.

  5. MasterOfMetalJuly 24, 2015

    True, exept for the 1v1 thing, i play Nocturne, Diana and Elise jungle primarily, or skarner if our team needs a tank, what you said is true i have seen fed xin zhao's 1v1, or even 1v2 effectively, but he loses every trade to nocturne or diana, and early a good elise will make him cry with her ability to stun someone then 100-0 them before they can move at level 3 should make sure he doesn't get fed, the rest are all 100% true though... exept i would say Raka over sona because spam w and win game, where sona is riskier because leona's everywhere love it when you try to poke, because that is a free kill for their adc

  6. InfratoxicJuly 24, 2015

    Orianna is my win-win champ. Has: AoE, spammable q, late game: someone wants penta?, really op wen mastered, allows your teammates for coming back, best jungler helper in the game. A wonderfull co-op champ.

  7. John MacKinnonJuly 24, 2015

    Darius top, they pick Jayce take ghost and ignite farm until 6 all in, dunk his face. J4 jungle build tank easy to reach squishes, easy ganks. Cait adc because of easiest positioning in team fights and lane bully. Support naut because it's easy. Main mid but I would say Annie or malz

  8. ConfusedTeemoJuly 24, 2015

    Since we are talking easy cheesy...
    ADC: Cait, Sivir(spells held op. Who needs a supp who knows how to zone)
    Supp: Leona, Sona
    Mid: Ziggs, Donger
    Top: Garen, Donger, Urgod (where he truly belongs, making melee hate life)
    JG: WW, Xin

    Easiest champs to play in lanes and all quite powerful I believe. Also all very safe (Except maybe Sona)

  9. Fr4ntic95July 24, 2015

    I would also add:

    Jung: Xin Zhao, Vi, Kayle (not bad too but you have to be fast on the ult)

    Top: Malph, Trynda, Fiora (the first is the most solid tank on top with a simple kit, Trynda and Fiora are two of the most snowbally "noob champ press-R" in the game).

    Mid: Annie, Lux (both kits are pretty easy mode)

    Adc: Tristana (jump + reset OP) or Corki (a bit less noob friendly, but can replace tristana in the matchups she suffers the most + also a jump)

    Supp: Taric (great in the right comp), Soraka, Sona

  10. Yuri CuboJuly 24, 2015

    I am actually using Draven to climb the ladder... After you get the mechanics of the lane phase you can easy carry your team with lot of damage :)
    In jungle, my secondary role at moment, i m using backdoor champions like Udyr, Master Yi and Jax...
    In top i am mono champ and only use Gnar
    For sup, i think Leona is the easiest champion
    And in mid, in my opinion Cho Gath is a pretty good and safe pick

  11. Ryan ShurtleffJuly 24, 2015

    My go-to carry here lately has been mid Morgana. Her wave clear, sustain, and all-in potential are all insanely good and relatively safe via "W and walk away" and black shield. People grossly underestimate her damage potential in the mid-lane so I find myself getting early FB's quite often. Roam is also exceptional as you have some of strongest CC in the game.

  12. William HoangJuly 24, 2015

    As a wukong main, I agree he is easy to pick up and play decently, top or jungle, and has mostly good matchups with all the meta champs. I would add Annie for supp and mid too, with pretty much the best burst with point and click CC

  13. Daniel BarcelosJuly 24, 2015

    the best noob midlaner champion to me is Lux.
    Once you get your Unholy Grail, your spells become so spamable.... it doesn't even matter if you are bad with skill shots or the mana costs, they have really short colldowns so you can just use E until it hits.... almost a new Nidalee. And also there is her range.... just stay out of action for a few 4 seconds once you use your combo and then he is back again, that helps noob players (Me) to not feed during team fights.

    And also there is her ult and her W, one is instant, deals a lot of damage and is pretty wide so is easy to hit specially inside the jungle, the other is a guaranteed lot-of-assists in large team fights.

    There is no way to screw up with Lux.

  14. Jarett 'Panda' LogliaJuly 24, 2015

    Cho gath. Super sustain, moderately tanky,while still blowing up squishys.

  15. cloman100July 24, 2015

    well champs i play for me arent very hard. (in my opinion)
    Top: gnar(i guess a little) nasus(FARM) ryze vlad dar if i have to rumble mundo
    Jg: kayle nasus godyr karthus?(not in ranked though) vi zac yi fizz nid NUNU
    Mid: zed yasuo ziggs karthus vlad ryze ekko ahri lb annie kat karma?xerath
    adc: ashe cait jinx vayne lucian graves mf
    Supp: thresh janna ali annie

    if its how easy champs are
    top: ryze mundo
    jg godyr kayle/ nid
    mid: annie kat
    adc ashe mf
    supp janna annie

  16. Well every champion has a counter and Xin is not excluded from it, im talking an easy strong champ that can be easily mastered and help new players to improve!!

  17. Janna is probably the only champion I can play anyway.
    In jungle I feel quite comfortable with Shen but Amumu and Warwick are also ok.
    If I'm forced to solo lane, Cho'Gath.
    If I'm forced to adc, gg we lost.

  18. Mac MorrisJuly 24, 2015

    you should do a list of champions that you can 'fill' many positions with. Like Kayle (top, mid, jungle, support and *huehuehue* adc). Malz can top, mid, jungle, and cheese adc. Nunu can top, jungle, support, and occasionally cheese mid. Lulu is awesome top, mid, and support. Cho can top, mid, jungle, and cheese support. Just a few examples I know that there are many many more.

  19. Mac MorrisJuly 24, 2015

    And can go into any lane

  20. MasterOfMetalJuly 24, 2015

    They should just revert Xin Zhao to his release state haha

  21. Singed - BUILD RYLAI
    Malzahar is my favorite mid cuz he's so easy to play. Just make sure you're not against a Kog'Maw

  22. Gabriel Thomazine DamettoJuly 24, 2015

    try ashe or tristana, really easy to play.

  23. Gabriel Thomazine DamettoJuly 24, 2015

    My current picks:

    top: Nasus - Ryze - Irelia
    jg: Vi - Warwick - Yi - Amumu - Jax
    mid: Akali - Annie - Cho'gath - Lux - Morgana
    adc: Ashe - Sivir - Tristana
    support: Annie - Janna - Nautilus - Morgana

  24. Jonathan KlineJuly 24, 2015

    I mained Cho'gath for a long time. He's amazing for learning skill shots, since his Q is such a high-reward skill and is so hard to land consistently (punishes you for mistakes but keeps giving you reasons to try.) He's absolutely brutal against bursty melee champions, and his late-game is always relevant. An instant AoE silence (one of three in the game and the only one not on a meta support,) a 1-second knockup, and ~800 true damage ultimate. He is my favorite champion to counter Talon, Katarina, and other caster assassins.

  25. KeiisankiiJuly 24, 2015

    My personals:

    Top: Malphite, Quinn
    Jungle: Rek'Sai, Nocturne
    Mid: Viktor, Varus
    ADC: Caitlyn, Graves
    Support: Soraka, Janna

  26. Juan Ignacio ViƱuelaJuly 24, 2015

    Poppy is still my most comfortable option. I was only playing Poppy top, but now I tried Poppy jg with devourer and... holy shit, when you learned hard Poppy mechanics is very interesting how you can outplay "broken picks"

  27. could someone explain the new Singed build path? I've tried finding it but it's still Tear ROA > tank

  28. 4 skillshots? people don't even realise that the shield is for EVERY person on your team, not just yourself. In terms of lane mechanics, Malzahar and heimer, by virtue of their kits, require 0, as well as the ability to duel effectively and deal with ganks by shoving

  29. Jim PaponettiJuly 24, 2015

    I really wouldnt call trist easy. Yea you can go brain dead mode and just AA but to be good with her in lane, you have to know when to properly go in with her rocket Jump.

  30. Jim PaponettiJuly 24, 2015

    Heimer takes a lot of skill. Hes easy to play but hard to master.

  31. AstralFloJuly 24, 2015

    I'm midlane main and agree with Malz and Heimer to be a strong/safe pick but I'd also add Annie because of ease to play, insane burst and the fact that she still is useful when behind and isn't expected to insta-delete someone when behind even though she still does, for the supports, I'd also add Soraka, she is super strong atm and is easy to understand and really useful, and also is cheap and real good, for toplane I'd also recommend Nasus and Maokai as they have easy to understand mechanics, they are safe laners and are also really safe picks, although Maokai has better ranged poke and Nasus lacks ranged poke and suffers to Vayne top oh so much.

  32. Me. EZ top= Sion if used right. I mean basically a global ult and all you do is farm farm farm.

    2nd ez top is Vlad...

    EZ Mid= Annie. In low rankings when she gets to 6 she wins as most dont know what MR is at low elo. Even if THEY do, annie just roams to bot and picks up an instant double and snowballs.

    2nd ez- Kayle. Even if she goes 0-6 in lane, she is still useful if as not but a super bait target with her ult. If anyone is even decent with her, they can push lane, roam bot/top, and then come back to clear the creeps that will have pushed in by time shes back.

    ez jungl?- WW as mentioned

    Vi...both have free kill type of ults.

    EZ Support? Braum.

    EZ marksman? Ashe and sivir.

  33. Mister AugustJuly 25, 2015

    Well, I don't know if the champions I use could be easy to use and easy to win with for everybody, but... I'll add them. Speaking of what this post says... I'm agree with Leona and Nautilus being free supports, Amumu is almost free win in low elos, and Malzahar and Warwick. Damn, you're pretty clever... For Champions I use when I need to win, In order (Top/Jungle/Mid/ADC/Supp) (I'm also a support Main), they will be: Maokai/Shen, Xin Zhao/Nocturne/Gragas, Azir/Twisted Fate/Sona, Sivir/Graves/Corki and Morgana/Leona/Nautilus/Braum/Janna. They are almost what I exclusively use in Ranked. Including obviously their other lanings such as Sona Support, Morgana Mid or Nautilus Top/Jungle...

  34. I'm actually playing Tristana if I'm forced to adc and have about 50% win ratio with her, but in fact I still I feel like I suck (and my KDA speaks it as well). Tristana is good for me because of her great ability to melt turrents and amazing late game - even someone as bad as me in the role can actually be useful with her.

    Ashe, I think, is somehow similar (useful even if behind) and farming with her is really easy, so I suppose I should give her a try, thanks for the tip.

  35. i agree, but it's a different type of skill, knowledge on damage output, positioning the turret etc.

  36. Andrew TeeterJuly 25, 2015

    what do you build for poppy jungle after devourer? bork or trinity force

  37. when thinking about about filling other roles that aren't my main, this is a great idea

  38. My current champs

    Top: Singed- Wukong - Nasus
    Jungle: Udyr - Master Yi - Elise

    Mid: Zac - Kog'Maw
    adc: kog' maw
    sup: Thresh- Blitz

  39. Another point that makes Malzahar a great fill pick is that even when behind, he still does a ton of DPS between his %health W and his space AIDS dots. Just don't be too aggressive with your ultimate since Malz has terrible mobility and you die pretty fast once you get caught in a team fight

  40. When I have to go top I pick malphite. He probably won't bully anyone that's why he's rarely picked. But no matter how hard you lose lane with him, you can play def and get some decent farm without risking to feed your enemy.

    And when midgame starts you have the very best initiation ultimate in the whole game. I mean seriously, it's easy to hit if you don't make it too obvious for your enemy. And it can decide teamfights more likely than most other ultimates.

    The downside is that Malphite loses in relevance once his ultimate is down, compared to most other toplaners, but you still have some damage and utiliy that's all easy to use. Wukong has to outplay via stealth and jumps to do stuff w/o ultimate, and he has to be decently fed to do relevant damage. Malphite can apply slows and attack speed reduction without any mechanics.

    So if you are main jungle (like me) or support, and tend to lose toplane but still want to have HEAVY impact on teamfights, Malphite is the best pick imo.

  41. Top lane: Nautilus,malphite,swain,darius,vlad
    Rush roa and tank

    Jungle: Nunu,vi,warwick,amumu and nautilus
    Try to gank

    Mid lane: Annie,kassadin,brand,lux,akali,swain,vlad


    Support: My main :P But nautilus,janna,sona

  42. Jerfery ThorbadJuly 26, 2015

    this is what i thought i was clicking on and a really want to see it.

  43. My list

    Top: Maokai, Irelia and Gnar

    Maokai, super tank with tons of peel which is great in soloq
    Irelia, relatively tanky with huge midgame powerspike which allows you to win fights easily
    Gnar, annoying to deal with in lane, game-changing ultimate, eventually becomes very tanky with sustained damage in mini form or a ton of cc in mega form

    Jungle: Evelynn, Amumu, Warwick

    Evelynn, very versatile build path allowing you to adapt to your team's needs. Very easy to gank with and flank enemies
    Amumu, very easy to play, game-changing ultimate and %hp damage scales well
    Warwick, devourer into bork into full tank will allow you to become unstoppable, only con is you cant gank pre-6

    Mid: Varus, Annie, Kog'Maw

    Varus and Kog: take some time to get their core, but after that you are safe to poke from a very safe distance, allowing your team to push objectives and create favorable dives/teamfights

    Annie: Very easy to play with a lot of burst, not much to be said except that you shouldn't buy RoA if you wanna start bursting sooner (unless you're facing heavy poke or absolutely need more tankyness)

    Adc: Ashe, Sivir, Corki

    Ashe and Sivir, a lot of utility for your team, good map presence on Ashe and great waveclear on Sivir. Generally safe because of Ashe's long range paired with slows/stun and Sivir's spellshield paired with her ult

    Corki, great mid game powerspike allows you to win fights and take objectives to push your lead.

    Support: Alistar, Leona, Janna

    Alistar, weak laning phase and prone to getting poked, but if outside of it, his roams are awesome, he packs great cc and gets unkillable with his ultimate.

    Leona, tons of CC and free status on her W granting her a lot of tankyness. Roams are relatively good (if you hit zenith blade) and she punishes missposition very hard.

    Janna, passive laning phase and maybe a bit boring, but you have a lot of peel which allows you to win fights very easily and save teammates from otherwise certain doom.

    Obviously some of these aren't 'braindead' like in the post, but these are certainly very easy to carry games with, I belive.



Feel free to comment or leave a message :)