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Mar 4, 2015

Weird Picks #2: Mid Lane Master Yi

Mainly a jungler, Master Yi has the potential to do decently well mid lane as well. Despite having essentially no escapes, his ability to outplay burst damage mages gives him the ability to succeed in the circumstances


Welcome back to the second stanza of the Weird Pick series, this time highlighting an old favorite: Master Yi. Despite the removal of his AP ratios on his Alpha Strike, with the influx of mages top lane, Master Yi still provides a viable, if slightly unorthodox source of AD damage mid lane.

Why It Works

Alpha Strike: His bread and butter, this move allows Yi to safely farm if behind, collect easy CS at turret, harass while CSing, and also dodge certain nasty spells sent his way.

Mediatate: Despite not having nearly as much room to run down his opponents mid lane compared to top lane, Meditate allows Yi to safely dive most mid laners for an extra tower shot and still get away scott free. This same move also gives him a quick auto attack reset, which makes him extremely bursty for a champion that most people see as a chaser. Lastly, it's obviously a source of sustain that makes him difficult to chip down.

Wuju Style: This allows Master Yi to scale very well into late game, and also deals true damage against mid laners that rush Seeker's Armguard.

Highlander: Many popular mid laners are very skillshot based and many also pack a slow; this move allows him to quickly skirt skillshots, saving his alpha strike dodge for a move that isn't normally dodgeable. 

What to Concentrate On

The biggest difference between success and failure mid lane as Master Yi is the ability to properly utilize your Alpha Strike as both a defensive and an offensive tool. Whenever possible, it should be used as a spell is cast at you (preferably their most dangerous spell). To get an idea of how this works, check out the video below by CowSep. Although he mostly plays Master Yi jungle, he does often take him into either mid or top lane as well.

What are your thoughts on Yi Mid? Comment below!

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  1. Yeah, definitely a cool thing. YI MID. Master yi seems kinda SOO Simple but really he is so complicated, most importantly timing and positioning... when to go in, when to use what for max efficiency... Dodging stuffs with Q

  2. I'm trying it ! :p

  3. Mac MorrisMarch 04, 2015

    Do Sion support next!! If picked with a high agro ADC like Vayne or Draven it is amazing!

  4. Aaseem D. KapilMarch 04, 2015

    CowSep is the reason I want to main Master Yi! I will highlander to Platinum this season on Garena server!

  5. Eduardo Fortino Velderrain ValMarch 04, 2015

    I NEEED CowSep's Hat

  6. MasterOfMetalMarch 04, 2015

    I am by no means a yi main (he's my second choice jg and i'm a mid/support player) and while yeah, Yi is crazy 1v5 penta at lvl 18 strong, no one takes into account that without blue he is super mana hungry, still if you can avoid being poked down by ranged opponents while farming without excessive use of q, and w sustain only when really needed your set, otherwise your oom in like 2 minutes

  7. disisdeathwingMarch 05, 2015

    if you can use q and w well enough, you can rekt quite a lot of people with yi mid.

  8. Steve MaddenMarch 05, 2015

    If you can't handle the Mana Consume with him then you can buy Mana items like muramana or even sheen for a bit Mana. But I know what you mean with Manahungry, his Meditiate costs waaaay to much

  9. sheen into triforce is pretty good. people will laugh at you and call you a troll if you try to build manamune on Yi however....
    Essence Reaver is also an option, although by the time you have enough gold to build it you likely won't need the passive anymore

  10. Felipe Masayuki ForteMarch 07, 2015

    He is extremely op with Caitlyn

  11. TerrowinMagikenMarch 08, 2015

    Can Yi still dodge all the things listed in the video? I feel like I've heard something about him no longer being able to dodge turret shots or other targeted abilities (like caitlyn ult).

  12. Mac MorrisMarch 09, 2015

    I could see that working because Caitlyn doesn't require as much peel as some other adc's... honestly Sion works amazingly with almost every adc because of his combination of poke, tankiness, and cc. The only reason we don't see Support Sion at a professional level is due to the fact that in order to play him properly you have to push lane hard... might have to try playing it with a Sivir sometime!!


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